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October 30, 2005


The girls went trick or treating last night. Bethanne was a ladybug (the cutest one in my book Image) and Hannah was a unicorn (and considering there was only one other girl dressed as a unicorn she was by far the cutest Image). Bethanne rode a lot in the wagon which was fine and Hannah walked quite a bit and they both recieved a lot of candy. It was cold out that night too. We finished up a little after 7pm and went home after visiting with my in laws for awhile.

I am in the process of baking my very first apple pie!!!! I have never made one before and this one looks really good. I could use some more practice on making the wavy pattern on the edge. I cut out apple shapes and put on top of the pie crust. I don't like apples but Don does so I figure I would make him one and I might even try a piece Image. I will take a picture and hopefully post it soon.

I finished the books One Tuesday Morning and Beyond Tuesday Morning by Karen Kingsbury. Both were very good tear jerkers. I have now started Sisterchicks say Oh La La by Robin Jones Gunn.

God bless.

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October 24, 2006/2nd entry

Hello. Well here is another card that I did tonight. The leaves and words are rub ons, which are so fun to use Image I made a matching envelope in gold vellum for the card. This is another for my friend's silent auction benefit. I hope they bring good money for the benefit. I will post the other two I made (she is getting five) tommorow as I am waiting for the glitter to dry on the one.

It snowed here today Image I love snow and even driving in it. Of course it was those pretty, fat flakes so it didn't stick but it was pretty nonetheless. Bring on the snow!!!! Image

Well I am signing off now and going to bed Image Hannah had me up at 5am this morning Image

God bless.

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October 24, 2005

Hello Again.

I went to the Barn Sale at Crafts 2000 today and it was great! You could choose from a $10.00 or a $25.00 bag and whatever you could get to fit in that bag w/o it splitting open is yours for that price. It was so worth it. My friend and I got there right as it opened. Let me tell you what I found for $10.00…..I am so happy with the deals I found. 5 Linea ready to embellish pacakages and one complete Linea kit with the floss and all You can visit and probably find out more these things range in price from $14.97 and up!!! Scrapbooking papers and vellum. A strechable book cover that I am going to use for my Bible. Ladybug ribbon. Metal Leaf and Metal Leaf sealer. 3 paint markers for Don. A painting technique book for Don. Kraft paper. DMC pearl floss (probably about 20 skiens, they usually cost around .97 each) Cand molds. Two huge blocks of soap to melt and make my own soaps. Two daydream cross stitch kits. Pink ribbon cards and stationary kit. 4 tubes of aida cloth (the stuff you use to cross stitch on). Three huge cross stitch kits ranging in price from $26.00 to $36.00. Three smaller cross stitch kits ranging in price from $4.97 to $15.97. I also was able to get a couple small votive candles and a toy for each girl!! I couldn't believe it! All that for $10.00 Don and I are thinking of going back on Friday to see if anything is left and see what else we can buy in the way of Christmas gifts and such. I would love to buy the rest of the scrapbooking paper and vellum and any other left over cross stitch stuff. While Don wants the rest of the art/painting stuff. I would love to grab the rest of the floss 🙂

Okay well that is my day and my little one is crying so I better go and check on them.

I am attaching a picture of another card.

God bless.

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October 23, 2005

Hello and once again welcome back to my blog. I just wanted to add a quick note so I don't forget myself, Bethanne had her first Happy Meal today, fries and a hamburger. She really enjoyed it.

The above card is one I made the other day for my friend's silent auction fundraiser. I am making a set to donate for the auction.

Also check back soon as I hope to be posting some recipes that I have been making using Splenda 🙂

Thank you for visiting and

God bless.

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October 12, 2005

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog again Image

The girls and I went to the homeschooling day at The Air Force Museum. They have two times a year and it was a lot of fun, albeit my having a migraine for most of the day. Hannah participated in the activity and story time called Wee and the Wright Flyers, there is also a kid's book by the same title but I am not sure of the author but will post as soon as I find out. The website for this is: once there you can click on the link at the left that says Home School Info. There were families there from Indiana and Kentucky. The Museum itself is worth the drive and the best part is it is FREE!!!! not much of that now a days Image They have an IMAX theatre but I am not sure of the price and they also have a gift shop.

Also if you would please visit my website at and check out my cards I would greatly appreciate as I am trying to gather money for an overnight trip to Holmes County if November.

God bless.

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October 9, 2005

Hello I just finished a couple more books Image The first one is Levi's Will by W. Dale Cramer. This is a great book about a man's relationship after he leaves the Amish faith. The other is by Wanda E. Brunstetter and it is called The Shopkeeper's Daughter this is also an Amish fiction book and very good, it is the begining of a series by this author. Another book by her and it has 4 stories in it is entitled Lancaster Brides. Wanda has a website,

God bless

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October 2, 2005

We had Bethanne's birthday party yesterday and it went great. The cakes turned out well too. Everyone was impressed with the food and the cakes since I don't usually bake so I think some family was surprised that I could make something like that Image She recieved lots of nice clothes, dresses for winter and fall as well as a couple of pant suits. She also recieved some toys and books, which she will enjoy. My mom bought her some cloth diapering supplies but they hadn't arrived as of last night Image

Bethanne developed some sort of allergic reaction to something after the first party. She had hives on her arms and a few on her legs. I called the on call nurse practitioner for our ped. group and she had me give her some Benadryl and keep an eye on her. The NP thought it was weird she had an allergic reaction and it was only showing up on her arms. Thankfully we didn't have a problem with any breathing and the hives are gone this morning.

Well I am going to close this entry now so I can go get ready for the day. I think maybe we may try to go to some open houses and pick up a couple items from a freecycler. So have a great day and I hope to talk to my friends soon.

This is the card I made for Bethanne's birthday, it is called Sunbonnet Sue;

God bless.

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