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October 2, 2005

on October 2, 2005

We had Bethanne's birthday party yesterday and it went great. The cakes turned out well too. Everyone was impressed with the food and the cakes since I don't usually bake so I think some family was surprised that I could make something like that Image She recieved lots of nice clothes, dresses for winter and fall as well as a couple of pant suits. She also recieved some toys and books, which she will enjoy. My mom bought her some cloth diapering supplies but they hadn't arrived as of last night Image

Bethanne developed some sort of allergic reaction to something after the first party. She had hives on her arms and a few on her legs. I called the on call nurse practitioner for our ped. group and she had me give her some Benadryl and keep an eye on her. The NP thought it was weird she had an allergic reaction and it was only showing up on her arms. Thankfully we didn't have a problem with any breathing and the hives are gone this morning.

Well I am going to close this entry now so I can go get ready for the day. I think maybe we may try to go to some open houses and pick up a couple items from a freecycler. So have a great day and I hope to talk to my friends soon.

This is the card I made for Bethanne's birthday, it is called Sunbonnet Sue;

God bless.


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