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December 17, 2005


I have been gone for awhile and wanted to update everyone. I found I am pregnant the last week of November. I am due in Aug 2006. We are so excited and Hannah is already kissing and hugging my belly Image I love it. I know Bethanne will enjoy it once the baby actually gets here and she realizes what is going on. I am planning and praying for 2VBA1C and will be discussing with my doctor me giving birth in the birthing center at the hospital. It is so nice there and would love to have the non-intervention approach there.

My friends and I got together yesterday for a Christmas party and it was great. I made white chili and brought cookies from the church cookie exchange I went to on Wednesday this week. My friend who hosted it made wonderful pinwheels and a veggie tray. It was such a nice time of fellowship and togetherness. The kids all had a wonderful time playing together. My friends loved the cross stitch samplers I made for them. I recieved some wonderful gifts too, but nothing is better than seeing my friends open their gifts and knowing that they truly loved them. I had such a wonderful gut (that is Amish for good) time making them 🙂

There will be more coming shortly but I need to go wash some diapers so I will post more later and hopefully along with some pictures.

God bless and Merry Christmas.


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