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February 3, 2006

on February 3, 2006

I am going to start this post out by the most recent and then going back. I have been terrible about keeping up with this thing Image.

As for today, have you ever had such a bad itch that no amount of scratching would get rid of? Image I experienced it last night, maybe because of the pregnancy but oh my goodness it was bad. I couldn't reach it so Don had to scratch it for me, this morning it flared back up so I ended up having to enlist the service of my oldest daughter to put some lotion on my back where the itch was thriving. I am thankful she has such a servant's heart most of the time and didn't mind but actually enjoyed it. Oh sweet relief! It is wonderful.

I had an ultrasound on the 31st. All is good with the baby although the tech refused to even take a look see to find out what gender that baby is Image so we will have to wait until the next ultrasound which more than likely won't be until April unless my OB orders another one for his own records.

My youngest had ears tubes put in her ears on Jan 26th, she did so good Image You would never know by seeing her that day that she had ever gone through surgery, no matter how minor. The only fight we have now is getting the ear plugs in for bath time but that is one I am willing to 'fight' if it keeps these ear tubes in for awhile. I think it would help if we have custom made ones done so I am going to look into that.

Have you ever just pondered God? How is it that He chooses to bless us so much right when we need it? No matter how much I wanted this baby sooner God has His reasons for waiting until November to allow me to once again carry another sweet blessing. I am reading the book Sister Freaks by Rebecca St. James and it has really moved me. There is a lady in there who had three children and was pregnant with her fourth when she and her husband felt the calling to go into foreign missions. How wonderful is that? Her drs kept telling her how dangerous it would be to deliver there, etc and she still left. She loved God and trusted Him so much that she put her entire life in His hands. Oh to be able to have such a testimony. I have talked with Don before about doing mission work overseas and he would said we would think about it in the future. I so want my kids to learn how to be servants in a selfish world, to be like Jesus. Just wanted to get some thoughts down as I have been mulling over this book.

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