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Amish Trip Day 3

Hello. Finally getting around to posting about our third and final day on our trip to Holmes County, Ohio. We had to arise early, which wasn't hard since my friend and I woke up around 3am and had a hard time getting back to sleep, we were up at 6am to get ready for church. We let the girls sleep while we got ready then I got them up and got them dressed and ready to go downstairs. We got downstairs and had a nice breakfast of homemade granola (which I now have the recipe and can't wait to make again), juice and milk. Bethanne was given Cheerios. After breakfast we finished loading the stuff that we didn't get to the night before and then made arrangements as to who was riding with whom to church. Hannah was very excited as she and my friend got to ride in the buggy. My friend told me Hannah laughed, talked and giggled the whole trip there. I must admit to a little, fleeting jealousy when my friend wanted to ride in the buggy. So they left earlier and one of the older girls and Bethanne rode in the van with me. Hannah and the other in her group had just arrived a few moments before we did!!! That can tell you how slow the buggy really is, the actual ride in the van was no more than 2 or 3 minutes long. We got in to the garage where the service was held and got to meet some of the women and children and found some seats. Normally hardwood benches with no backs, they made sure I had a chair since I am pregnant. Some women were busy preparing the common meal (many delicious desserts) quietly while service was going on. The service started out with some 'singing' in German, then the first preacher spoke his sermon in English, we then had a prayer, the second preacher went back and forth between English and German so it was hard to follow. The girls did very good for the 2 1/2 hours we were there. The services actually run 3 hours but I started getting a migraine (it was very warm in the garage) and I could tell the girls were starting to get antsy. We left the service, wishing we could have said goodbye and tasted some of the delicious desserts that were going to be served, but we went to a restaurant in Sugarcreek and had a nice lunch then took off for home. We stopped again in Albany so we could get out and stretch and use the bathrooms. My friend took over the driving since my migraine seemed to be getting worse and then she drove us home. It was nice to be home but also sad to be leaving such quietude and a no t.v. environment behind.

God bless.

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Trip to Labor and Delivery

Wednesday April 5th we made a trip to the L&D unit at Miami Valley Hospital. Hannah, Bethanne and I had spent the day at a friend's working on a quilt for Bethanne and after I had loaded up my sewing machine and the girls and turned around from fastening Bethanne in to her seat I had a tremendous ripping pain across my abdomen which didn't recede for a couple minutes. I did end up being able to drive home but did call my dr's office once I arrived and since I still had a dull ache right about my belly button area he sent me to MVH L&D. We dropped Hannah off at her friend's house who lives close by the hospital. Don and Bethanne stayed in the waiting room since they don't allow kids in the triage room. The first nurse went through the questions and even asked if I was having a tubal ligation after this baby! She was kind of surprised when I said no. The next nurse at shift change was more friendly and hooked me up to the monitor, baby's heartbeat is fine so that means baby is too. My urinalysis and lab work all came back negative for any infections so they let me go home after about 2 hours there. The dr thinks maybe I had some really bad round ligament pains or maybe some of my scar tissue from the c-section 4 years ago. I have another ultrasound on the 17th so if anything shows up then but neither the dr or I feel that anything will. I am looking forward to having another great VBAC experience at MVH but don't want to visit the L&D unit again anytime soon. So if you all could pray that the pain go aways for the rest of the pregnancy and nothing else comes from it that would be great. I am taking it easy, not lifting my sewing machine, or the girls too much, so hopefully that will take care of things too.

God bless.

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