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Making Strawberry Jam

Hello.  I took the girls to get together with some of our friends to Wegerzyn Gardens today in Dayton.  They have a Children's Discovery Garden which is so very neat, it will appeal to even the kid in every adult 😀  We will have to bring a change of clothes or at least a swimsuit next time we go.  There are some water things the kids can do like a river where they can walk in and a waterfall to stand under!!!!  There is so much there also there are gardens for the adult.  Anyway we got there around 10a.m and arrived home about 3:30pm.  Hannah helped make some homemade Strawberry Jam, it is yummy oh my goodness I am glad they sent us home with the directions and recipe for doing it again at home.  I am including some pictures of Hannah actually helping make the jam as well as some of the stuff the girls got to today.  I will be adding pictures later, photobucket at this time is taking to long to upload images, please check back.


God bless


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Ponderings on a book

I have been reading The Rapture: In The Twinkling of an Eye by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins and have some concerns.  I wanted to post them here so I can remember them as I want to bring them up to my Pastor and his wife but also to get anyone who happens along ideas on what is being read by me in this book.  The stuff in the book is in red and my commentary or feelings (whatever they may be) are in blue.  I have put page numbers as citations and I am not taking any of the book parts as my own creation, I want to avoid any problems with plagarizing or anything thereof.


This may or may not be a spoiler for some of you so please be cautioned before continuing on :wink

” “But Pator Billings was not finished. He also told of the judgement seat of Christ, where the deeds of believers would be tested and rewarded–or not. “Just as our works cannot save us, neither can they cause us to lose our salvation. But it is clear from Scripture that they will determine the level and extent of our heavenly reward. So for those who say they have believed in Jesus just for fire insurance, just to stay out of hell, they would be wise to consider that everything they have ever done will be revealed in that judgement.” ”  page 132


I do not believe in OSAS, I know do but that isn't what I am wanting to discuss 🙂 although I do feel that that is what the authors are trying to get across here. What I am curious about is why they are talking about “the level and extent of our heavenly award”. I have never at any church been taught that there are levels to heaven (I know Mormons teach this) I have also been taught that if you believe in Christ and accept Him as your Lord and Savior and you live according to the Bible and His desire for your life then you will be in Heaven with Him when you die or upon the end of the earth, if you have truly repented of any sin in your life and worked to remain free of that sin and temptation then you are no longer held accountable for that sin, so to speak and you will have made it to Heaven. It sounds a lot like what I have been learning as I read about the Catholic faith and I have to say I disagree with much of it unless there is Biblical KJV Scripture to back up the summation that there are levels and different rewards for different people (aren't we all the same in His eyes anyway so how can any of be different than the next?).

The next part I came to also talks about levels:

” Irene was aware of blinking, and in the next instant she had been transported into outer space and then into what Pastor Billings had called the third heaven, into the presence of a vast and beautiful crystal city so overwhelming that she could scarcely take it in.” page 182 “The Rapture” by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins


I have come across some other references in the book as well that have disturbed me today.

“Anytime Irene was moved to communicate with God through Christ, she merely thought what she wanted to say, and God was in her and she was in Him, the conversation direct and instantaneous.” “The Rapture” page 195

And this one also:

“So this was what Pastor Billings had been teaching about recently. While salvation was free and granted by grace through faith, still the works of the righteous would be tested. God looked at sinful people through His perfect Son and saw only His perfection, so their salvation was secure, regardless of how their individual works were judged. But their rewards, their various crowns for service to Christ, would be determined wether the fire exposed precious gems and metals or resulted in ash from the wood, hay, or stubble of bad works or even good deeds done with bad motives.” The Rapture page 213

Okay I agree with the grace through faith obviously and that yes even if we have accepted Christ as our Saviour and live the life He wants us to live as outlined in the Bible and through prayer we still have to answer for anything unconfessed, etc. I still don't get how Biblical it is for each of us to get “various crowns” depending on how we lived because like I said in my previous post aren't we all the same in God's eyes as our sins the same lying is no greater than adultery and murder is no greater than lying, etc so how would He give each of a different “crown” based on that? If also what this says then the sinners are garunteed salvation too despite them accepting Christ. How can this be if they do not accept Christ and continue to sin then how are they secure in their salvation. I am starting to feel this book could really lead people astray in their walk. I just keep getting more irritated the more I read but want to see what else they claim in this book.


God bless.

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Late update for OB appt/Food ministry, etc

Hello Family and Friends,

I had my OB visit on Tuesday this week at 31 weeks 3 days pregnant!!!!   I also turned in the holter monitor that morning to the cardio.  I will not be going to my appt on the 27th with him because I feel better now and feel at peace there is nothing wrong.  I will be asking my OB to request the results though.  So anyway, Christian is still measuring on target for 31 weeks.  No weight gain or loss, BP is still great, blood sugars are under control.  My OB says I am still a very model patient 🙂  I will start taking the black cohosh and the evening primrose oil at 36 weeks so hopefully if things don't start themselves I can help them out.  We did discuss induction, we are all hoping that God will decide to let me go naturally.  He did say that he will schedule the induction for Aug 7th though if things don't happen before then because of me being on medication this time for the gestational diabetes.  My dr wants to make sure all is okay with the baby so he doesn't want me to go to far over my due date.  If anyone who visits my blog could pray that I go into labor on my own, we avoid an induction, I avoid any pain medication, and that the gestational diabetes doesn't turn into full blown diabetes once I deliver it would be greatly appreciated.  I am going to work on losing weight after this pregnancy so that if God blesses us again I will have a much less risk of developing GD and a lower risk of developing diabetes later in life.


The food ministry I started at church started this week.  We had a family in need of meals and we got it organized and off the ground sooner than was expected, which is fine.  I am glad to see it starting.  I will be having another lady take over for awhile before I have Christian so I can get used to being a mom of 3 but I will take back over or at least help chair it again.  I also am giving thought to discussing doing a book club with the ladies at the church where we would read either Christian fiction or non-fiction maybe on alternating months.


The girls also started the Summer Reading Program at the library, they have already been entered into the drawing one time and are already working on their second time.  I also signed up for the adult reading program, I am aiming for at least 5 books before July 30th so I can enter a drawing at least once.  This is a great time for the kids to sit back and relax reading, having some activities during the summer at the libraries as well as winning some great prizes.  Hannah has won gift certificates to the book store 2 years in a row.  They have some great prizes, plus it gives us something to do on hot, summer days.



God bless.

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