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My Birth Story

Hello.  I am going to try to recall what I can from when I gave birth to Christian.  I know most of us moms know we sometimes forget details (or maybe it's just me and the effects of the pitocin LOL), so here goes.


We arrived at the hospital at 6:30a.m. on July 26th and checked in.  My inlaws and SIL were waiting for us in the Woman's Center rotunda.  We were escorted upstairs to my room 2009.  The rooms are very nice and spacious where we deliver.  The girls, Don and I got settled.  Bethanne ate a pop tart for breakfast and Hannah took right off with her grandparents, Bethanne joined them later. I had Don take a picture of me with the girls while I was still pregnant as I had put it off for so long. My nurse came in and had me get changed into my gowns.  I had Don take another picture of me in my gowns holding my belly-I really like this picture.  The nurse said she was going to put me on the monitor and I told her I want to be mobile for as long as possible and she said that she would get the mobile unit as soon as she got my IV going.  I laid down she hooked me up and got the IV going with the pitocin and ringers lactate.  She then got the mobile unit.  It was funny because no one really knew how to get it hooked because she said most women come in and want the epidural as soon as they get in their room!  She said they use the mobile unit maybe once every six months.  So after the IV gets started I get up and walk, the girls take turns walking with me as does Don.  I can only go so far in each hallway because of the short distance that the mobile unit will pick things up.  I knew I was having contractions almost from the get go but they would almost disappear when I was walking.  I also had one little place in my belly that was oh so painful it was breath taking but thankfully it disappeared after awhile.  I took a break and got some Sprite to drink and chatte with Don for a little bit and my MIL and the girls came back to the room.  I got up and walked again.  I was still at a 3, so that was kind of disappointing.  My mom arrived around 10 or 11 a.m. and was really trying to get me to walk even though I was starting to get tired and the contractions were starting to really pick up.  I walked a little with my mom and my daughters and then returned to the room so I could lay down for a few minutes.  During all this the nurse would come and turn up the pitocin periodically.  I was getting hungry so I had a couple things of orange jello, the other flavors were all sugar free which I couldn't eat and I don't like orange.  Oh well it was food-sort of.  Things are picking up now, I can still talk and breathe through them but the contractions were coming quicker.  Since I wasn't progressing past a 4 at this point, I agreed to have my doctor break my water.  Ouch!  Even though I had wanted to avoid any type of medication I went ahead and got a dose of Nubain, that was around 1 or 2 p.m. it took the edge off for about an hour.  I was able to take a short nap but I still wasn't progressing any 😦  also at this point I was confined to bed because my water was broken so I was hooked up to the regular monitor, thankfully I was able to avoid an internal monitor-probably because my dr knows I didn't want one.  So I continued to breathe through the contractions as they picked up speed and intensity.  My mom came back and told us the Andrea Yates verdict was coming in so we tuned in to the news and I started crying when they jurors pronounced her innocent.  So I made Don change the channel because I didn't want to hear anymore news.  I was still stuck at around a 5 to a 6 and my dr came to visit and asked me to reconsider the epidural, he said he could tell I was beyond uncomfortable and just in case anything happened (he didn't want to put me completely out in case I needed a c-section).  I debated for about an hour then around 5 or 6p.m I agreed to the epidural.  I was afraid because the one with Bethanne took them 4 times to get it right.  The dr who did it this time was great and talked to me the whole time.  He got in on one try.  I was able to relax and talk to the girls.  I ended up laying to far back at one point and the epidural traveled up so it felt like I was having tremendous pressure on my chest so the nurse kept me upright and told me not to push my epi button for at least 30 minutes.  I started feeling better.  I think also around this time I threw up for the first time.  I started to feel the urge to push (thankfully the epi wasn't so much that I couldn't feel anything) and the nurse checked and said not yet your still a 7.  So I kept telling her I need to push, she kept checking me.  I turned on my left side for awhile, then my right and then on my back and the movement seemed to do the trick because I told her again I need to push and when she checked I had just a little cervix left but was officially at a 10!!!!  She told me to wait while she got my dr.  he was waiting around for me and another lady.  He came in got ready, Hannah decided to stay in the room and Bethanne wanted to go with her grandparents.  It was wonderful before I even started pushing Christian's head was already visible (I had a mirror).  Hannah took one look and was very shocked but she thought it was neat because she ended up staying the whole time.  Don says I pushed about 11 times.  The dr turned Christians head and then I pushed to get his shoulders out.  I was so glad that I hadn't pushed the epi button and it was wearing off because it was such a wonderful feeling.  After that the rest of him came.  He had the cord 1X around his neck and was quite purple.  Don and I looked at each other because we were so worried that every parent's worse fear had come true.  He didn't cry at all, just squeaked.  They laid him on my chest and Hannah thought it was wonderful and that he was cute.  After Don cut the cord they took him to the warmer and dried him off then brought him back to me.  It was so great.  He was alert and squeaking.  I didn't need an episositomy this time and only had one small tear.  His apgars were 8 and 9.  He weighed in at 8lbs 13oz and was 20 3/4 inches long at 8:29p.m EST.  My inlaws and mom came in shortly there after to see him.  Bethanne was just entralled with him-she couldn't stop touching him.  We got some pictures of the girls with him and then Don took them home and everyone else headed out.  I requested to have my IV removed after I cleaned up and the nurse agreed, usually it doesn't get removed until you are moved to the postpartum room.  The nursery nurse came in and did all her work in my room so Christian and I weren't seperated until I was moved to the PP room and even then it was only about 45 minutes.  The only time we were apart was when the nurses and ped had to do an assessment on him.  Nursing was kind of rocky at first as he kept refusing my right side, but once we got home and my milk came in I can't keep him off of it.  We were discharged Friday the 28th.  He weighed 8lbs 5oz.  It was a wonderful birth.  I do miss being pregnant but am enjoying having a little boy to love on now.


God bless.


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Christian will be arriving….

sometime tommorow.  My dr decided to go ahead and induce me tommorow morning.  We all have to be at the hospital at 6:30a.m EST, so another early morning.  I am holding at a 3 but he is a little concerned on baby's size since I haven't really progressed any since last week.  My OB said he will be there to deliver.  He is also planning on breaking my water, and that got things moving fast with Bethanne so that is fine.  Hannah is very excited and I am excited to see what Bethanne does when Christian comes out.  They will both be in the room and even though they won't be seeing anything I want them there as Christian is laid on my belly.  Even though I am going to be induced I am praying for no epidural this time, with Bethanne it took four tries before it took correctly, so I can do it all 'naturally'.  I know I need sleep tonight but I will probably be so anxious and excited to see my little bundle.  I can't believe in less than a day I will be a mom to 3 blessings.  How great a God we serve!!!!!  Please pray that this second VBAC goes as well as my first and I am able to avoid an epidural.  Also please pray that Christian is as healthy as he seemed on the ultrasounds and that Hannah and Bethanne enjoy seeing their baby brother.


God bless.

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38 week appt—maybe baby????

Please pray today could be the day, maybe.  I am having my 38 week appt here in about an hour EST 8:45am.  I have been having quite a bit of pain so maybe that is a good sign.  Please pray that my dr decides to keep me or at least I am more progressed than last week.  I will update when I can.


God bless and Good morning.

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Trip to the L&D yesterday July 21st



I again started having contractions, a few woke me up in the middle of the night but nothing to terribly bad, in the morning.  After talking to Don and a friend they both advised me to call my doctor.  He wanted me into labor and delivery, so Don again came home from work and we packed the girls and drove the 45 minutes to the hospital for the 3rd time this week (one regular appt. and two false starts).  We get there and they get me hooked up to a monitor.  It turns out I was also very dehydrated so I have to keep drinking several of those large pitcher things they give you through out the day until I deliver.  Chrisitan was moving a lot but I think he could feel the u/s waves as the monitor picked his heartbeat and the now non-existant contractions.  They were every two minutes apart on the way there and then turned into some little cramps at the hospital.  My OB's partner came in to check me and I am still 2-3cm but 70% effaced-I am still happy about that as I have never been that effaced either on my own.  We could tell he was kind of debating on wether or not to keep me.  He said if I was 4-5cm or if I was 2-3 AND 90% effaced he would keep me and break my water and see if that would help things along but he didn't want to try that right now.  So we came home.  I am thinking we may just have to keep my Tuesday appt. but if we do then I am praying that I am more dialated or effaced so maybe he will break my waters in the office.  So as we wait I am drinking water, doing laundry, changing bed sheets and making sure all is in order so things will be in order when I go into labor.  Oh the nurse I had was so great, she knew my need to have a completely natural labor.  It was nice to be listened too-I still can't get over the difference from the hospital Hannah was surgically removed at and the hospital we use now.  Praise the Lord for that difference.


God bless.

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Another trip to dr. and am in labor



Last night I was having a back ache and some mild contractions, today they were steady and admist the mild ones had a couple strong ones (doubled over) lots of concentrating.  So we decided to go ahead and go to the dr again to get checked.  Don left work and we took off.  There is no change from yesterday although the dr was impressed my contractions were 4 minutes apart!  He said I am in the latent phase of labor so yes, I am in labor 🙂  He did say to come back when they get stronger or if my water breaks.  Please pray they get stronger.  My dr said he would expect to see me tonight or sometime tommorow.  I am so happy.  I am still having contractions although I don't think they are as close but they do seem to be getting a little bit stronger.  That is it, I just wanted to give a short update for those who I can't call or email right now.


God bless.

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19 days to go and in labor (I guess)


I suppose I am officially in labor Clapping My appt went so good Prayer I had the u/s first and the tech did the measurements and said the baby seems to be around 8lbs 3oz give or take a pound. Given that Hannah was 8lbs 2oz and Bethanne was 9lbs 3 1/2oz that seems fine to me laughing I didn't get any pictures. She was surprised when she went to look as there wasn't any cervix in the way Clapping I forgot to mention that the u/s tech was able to see baby 'breathing' so we know that his lungs are developed and all systems are go. So then I had to wait and get called back to see my dr. He listened to his heartbeat and all is great with that. Then he checked me, imagine my surprise when he told me I am 2 to 3 cm dialated!!! Clapping Clapping I asked him if he was being serious and he said yes. Okay given that I have never, ever gotten this far before I am extemely happy and surprised. My dr says that it can be anytime now and he told me to follow the directions on the bottle for the use of the Black Cohosh so I will be taking that 1 tablet 3X a day. My dr is also extremely optimistic about this VBAC since it is my second and I am apparently going on my own. party guy   My contractions aren't painful but I expect them to pick up as things progress the next few days.

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Excitement abounds!!!!! 20 days to go!!!!!!!

Wow!!! I am getting so much more excited and find myself wondering more and more if this pain or that will the one contraction to start things I go to see my OB tommorow and have my last u/s just to see how things are going and I will be taking my bag with me-just in case I should happen to need it while I am there. If I don't and get to come home then I will hopefully start the black cohosh tommorow after seeing my OB. I can't wait to see this little one. We have bought the girls some special surprises for the hospital so if they get antsy they have something neat to pull out while waiting and I will be making their bag today with the toys, some snacks, etc. Grandparents have been notified that they could be getting a call anyday-we are allowing them in the waiting room so if the girls need a break but the girls aren't to leave the hospital. YEAH!!!! Hannah is getting excited. I had my husband put his hand on my belly last night because I felt movement and what I thought were kicks my DH said nope, those are hiccups!!!! They came at regular intervals and was awesome, the girls never had that so I could feel them so it was neat, he had some this morning too and that woke me up. I just can't wait to hold him

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Late Entry: 36 week appt and more

Hello.  Well I had my 36 week appt on July 12th, it went fine.  Christian is still measuring right on time and my BP and weight and blood sugars are great also.  My OB's partner won't let me start the black cohosh so I will have to discuss it with my OB at my appt coming up.  I am kind of worried that he isn't comfortable with VBACs.  He was surprised my OB induced me the last time with Bethanne.  We went to Predators story time at the libary that morning and the girls had fun.  Bethanne had a temper tantrum but it was easily dissolved once I let her get her own green crayon.  The girls were entered another 3 times each for the drawing that will take place this next week.


On Thursday we went to Breakfast with Clifford at another library and the girls got their pictures taken with a person dressed up as Clifford.  They had a book mark the kids could color.  I was also informed by a child no older than Hannah that both Hannah's and Bethanne's coloring and pictures were ugly!!!  I was appalled at the child's audacity as her mom was standing right there.  I am assuming the girl was 'socialized' in the public school setting with no discipline at home.    So next time someone tells us the girls need socialized in school I will be sure to say “oh yes, so they can learn to be rude to adults and disrespect other children”.  I did tell the girl “these are my daughter's and anything they color is beautiful” and we walked away.  They also had a Clifford toss where the kids got to toss bones into a cardboard cut out of Clifford.  The girls enjoyed themselves.


It has been VERY hot here.  Today it is 93 the last we checked and probably almost at 100% humidity.  Not to much fun to go out and do stuff, at least while pregnant.  Hannah has been wanting to go out but it is so hot it is almost impossible.  Don is thinking I will be going into labor soon, we shall see.  The pains have been getting worse, I am also getting quite a bit more insomniac acting, back ache is worse in the morning, more trips to the bathroom, and VERY hot even in the a/c.  I am not complaining but if anyone can tell me if these are dead give aways for labor I would appreciate it 🙂  as my first was a forced c-section and my second was an induction, so I am unsure of what real labor starts or even feels like.


Well I think that is it for today, my next appt is July 18th at 1p.m. EST at which time I will see my OB and discuss with him my dosage of black cohosh and I will be also having my last ultrasound.


God bless.

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30 days to go!!!!!

Today marks the end of a month, we now only have 30 days till we see little Christian (this is going by the induction date of Aug 7) he could come sooner

My 35th week appt was yesterday (the 6th) and all is well.  I have gained some weight but not to much  my blood sugars are good (my OB's partner asked if they were my real numbers).  I did have the Group B Strep test done yesterday and he also checked me-I am not dialated (I usually don't anyway) but things are soft YEAH!!!!  He and his nurse both asked me if I was still on for the VBAC and I told them yes, this is one lady who won't have another c-section unless it is really, really needed.  Baby is still measuring right on for where we are at in the pregnancy 🙂  but I do have another ultrasound on July 18th as well as my dr appt.  I am going every week now, my next appt is July 12th.  I can't wait to see this little one; one more time while he is still residing inside me 🙂  I am excited to see him though and cuddle him.  The girls will be there to see him come into the world, although Hannah is worried about the blood but I told her he will get cleaned up and all will be fine.  She doesn't remember much from when she was with us during Bethanne's birth.  Please pray that God allows all things to go naturally so I can avoid a pitocin induced labor and that I can stay home as long as I possibly can.  A home birth would be great but according to the insurance that is not possible 😦 


God bless.

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Do you need a homemade card???

I can help.  I enjoy making cards and would love to extend that to others.  You can visit my photo bucket album at:   There is a card with a black cat so I want viewers to be aware of that, I did some cards in a class I took and it is just for a general idea of what I have made.  You can also visit my business website at:   If you visit feel free to leave comments on my comment page of the website.  Also please note the different email address for the cards, I don't want any card emails getting lost in my personal emails.


God bless.

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