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Fall is here, finally!!!



Well fall has finally reached Ohio, it is cool enough to have the A/C off and the doors open as well as enjoy the nature surrounding us by getting outside more.  The temperatures have been cooler and it is wonderful.  I have signed up to do a workout accountability so maybe that too will get me moving more.  The leaves are doing the wondeful color change that the Lord has provided-isn't it wonderful to see all the hues of orange, gold, red and greens all mixed together to form a canvas with which God has to work with!!!?  Everything smells so clean in fall, we are eagerly awaiting the holiday festivities that follow.  This is also the time of year I enjoy baking, pumpkin rolls, cookies, apple pies, pumpkin pies, anything pumpkin really. 


Bethanne is turning two at the end of the week.  I can't believe she is getting ready to be such a big girl!!!  Where did the time go???  If only we could keep them on our laps and ready to cuddle, but then we wouldn't see them grow in their faith and accept Christ, which is what we are all aiming to do here, right?  We aren't doing parties this year, so we will get some pizza for us and I will make a cake.  Bethanne picked up the Funfetti kind from Pillsbury or something.  Then family and friends can come over to visit if they want.  I am praying that she doesn't get a whole lot of toys-their room is filled to the brims even with downsizing some of the toys-clothes, paper, crayons, that magic color stuff from Crayola, and books would be nice instead of toys that don't get played with for very long anyway.  She is wearing a size 4 to 5T now!!!!  The lengh is great on her and she looks so girl in her dresses.  She is wearing Hannah's old hand me downs, which were barely worn as fast as they grow.


We have some fall activities coming up.  I notice we seem to do more during the fall than any other time of year.  I love not having the heat, which is a migraine trigger, to hassle with.


If you could pray for Hannah, she is having a test come up-at my husband's request I am not posting much about it, but pray that the results come back that nothing is wrong.  Also if you could pray that I find a neurologist that knows how important breastfeeding is and won't get me to quit, who is a Believer, and will treat me with respect to our beliefs of no b/c, breastfeeding, and most of all as woman who knows memory loss and increase of severity of pain isn't normal. 


I think that is about all for this glorious fall day.  May God hold you in His hand and bless you all.


God bless.

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