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on October 11, 2006

Hello.  I wanted to let my readers know that the unspoken prayer request for my son, Christian was for the x-ray he was having.  The ped. was concerned because of the protrusion on the back of his head and was thinking maybe his skull was fusing prematurely.  Thankfully we found out the same day (Monday) that all is normal although I am still waiting to hear what the neurologist written report says.  I feel this is a non-issue now thank the Lord for that.


Hannah's EEG went good.  The nasal spray they gave her made her a bit more giddy than usually happens so they did have to completely sedate her.  It took 3 times to get a vein for the I.V.  I felt so bad for her.  We are still awaiting the results and hopefully will hear something tommorow or Friday at the latest.


I am wanting to trace my families history so if anyone has any good links for doing that if you would please email me or leave a comment and let me know.  I have some history from my dad's side, which is quite interesting as we have German, Irish and American Indian (Cherokee).  My mom's side is a bit more sketchy.  Thankfully my husband's grandma is into researching families so she has agreed to help me as she can.  I am looking forward to seeing who my family is.  It is interesting as well because my husband's family has Cherokee too.


Well that is it for now as it is 11p.m. and I need to get some reading and sleep in before one of the children decide they want to wake us up.  Christian has been doing good and sleeping from around 10pm till 6am before he wakes for a feeding, although I think he is on a growth spurt because he is eating constantly through out the day, although some may be pacifing since he doesn't use a pacifier and rarely sucks on his fist. 


Good night and God bless.


Oh I wanted to share the address where cards may be sent in support, prayers and condolences to the Amish families in PA.  The Fire department is supposed to forward all mail to the appropriate person in the Amish community.

Amish Families

c/o The Bart Fire Company

Box 72

Bart, PA 17503


I also have some info for those who want to contribute financially to both the Amish and the family who did the shooting, if anyone wants that please feel free to email me.


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    ((((((((((((((Sarah))))))))))))))))) Just ready this! Any updates?
    Love, Dawn

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