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Update on the testing

on October 21, 2006



I forgot to post updates, I am so sorry.  Hannah's EEG results came back normal and we are discontinuing the counseling.  She is still complaing of the the sensation that first sent us in for the EEG as well as almost daily headaches, we aren't sure if they are sympathy related to mine or if they are truly headaches.  I hate to doubt her since I know how debilitating mine can be.


Christian's x-ray showed nothing out of the norm either so the ped said they will just keep an eye on things. 


We are looking at a house today at 1p.m. EST.  We still haven't heard anything from the other option we have open to us.  Please continue praying for this. 


Don and I put the travel crib next to my side of the bed last night and talk about a tight squeeze.  I no longer have room for my one craft tote so that is now under the crib.  We need more space, soon.


Until next time,


God bless.


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  1. stillearning says:

    And I’ve been praying for your house situation. I was wondering about you yesterday as Jeanne mentioned to me at lunch that you were looking at the house. I hope something works out for you on the house issue. God Bless, Pam

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