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Losing weight, sickness, house

on October 25, 2006



Don and I have decided that this Friday will be the day we start on a more healthier lifestyle.  We both need to loose weight.  I am very disappointed in the way I look and know that any future pregnancies will be hard on my body if I don't loose weight.  The risk of diabetes for me has become a very real threat both gestational and full blown diabetes, not something anybody wants to deal with.  Not to mention the weight can work against God blessing us again by making it harder to get pregnant (not that it's been a problem yet) but still the issue is there.  If I could loose 105 pounds I would feel much better, but even 50 pounds would be a welcome weight loss.  I am not putting how much I weigh or what losing 105 pounds would put me at because then you all would know how much I weigh now.  I will say that medically speaking I am obese-which is upsetting to me.  I used to be fit, when I was in the Navy and weighed 145.  I don't really want to focus on numbers but I do want to loose some of the weight on my arms and around the middle (for those who don't know that is the most risky place for women to gain weight at).  So if you all would lend me any inspiration or prayers that you can to help me and my DH in this endeavor that would be great. 


Now onto the sickness.  Bethanne poor thing has had a terrible cough although the ped ruled out bronchitis and strep (Praise the Lord) it is hanging on.  Now she has an icky runny nose and I noticed dried and mucousy draninage in her ear this morning.  She has tubes in both ears.  She is now complaining of her ear hurting so I have given her the prescription decongestant/cough and tylenol  to help her as they can't get her in to the ped until 6pm this evening which would mean an after hours charge of $50.00 pluse the $10.00 copay!  So we have to wait until at least tommorow sometime.  I am now feeling some coughing and stuffiness coming upon me, ugh!!!  I really dislike being sick while breastfeeding, it seems to make things feel worse.  Hannah is still complaining of a headache quite a bit lately so I have given her Motrin since I am afraid to much tylenol will affect her liver.  I can only take her word on the headaches and being that I know first hand how bad the pain can get I don't want to doubt her and have her in pain but then I also don't want to be giving her so much medicine which could cause rebound headaches or other health related problems.


The house thing seems to have fallen through.  The one we looked at won't work out.  And the other plan we had lined up, the person seems to be avoiding my DH by not returning calls, not answering the phone when DH knows she is there, she also did not talk to us at church on Sunday.  DH said he will call some other 'we buy ugly' houses people and see what we can work out.  I am feeling very crowded as it is almost next to impossible to get my and DH clothes out of the closet as well as getting Christian's stuff out of the drawers next to the bed. 


We can only pray things get better as we strive for wellness, weight loss and a bigger house.


God bless.


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  1. PrairieLady says:

    Deciding to start is sometimes the hardest part!
    Check my blogs older pages, there’s tons of hints to keep you going that aren’t pregnancy related!

    Can’t wait to see before (Do take these, it’s very very hard but you will be really glad later you did it!) and the After pictures!!!

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