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It is almost November!!!

on October 30, 2006



I can't believe how time flies!  It is almost November 1st and it doesn't seem like it should be Thanksgiving time yet.  Feels like I just had Christian and oh he is 3 months old!!!  Why do they have to grow up????  I love the whole baby stage, when all they need is mommy and we get to cuddle with them and it can even excuse why our house is messy 🙂  Their smell, their rolls, giggles everything is so sweet.  I love every stage even though some are more trying than others, they are still great and you get to enjoy the stuff they learn and reflect on it.  Hannah is 4 1/2 months away from being 5!!!!   My oh my, am I really a mom of an almost 5 year old.  It seems so unreal sometimes.  I am so blessed.


We are supposed to be having one day of Indian summer today it could get up into the 70's.  We will see if that comes true or not.  Maybe I can get the kids out for awhile today. 



Christian enjoying his belly time.

Bethanne and I goofing off with the camera.



Hannah posing for the camera.


God bless.




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  1. PrairieLadyCraft says:

    I can’t believe just how big Christian is allready! Sure a cutey! And the girls are getting so big also! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Anonymous says:


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