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Christian Rolled Over!

on October 31, 2006



Yesterday was a momentous day for Christian.  He woke up from his nap screaming so I sent Hannah to check on him while I finished something and she said “Mommy come quick, Christian rolled over”  well I didn't quite believe her but yes he sure did.  He got from his back onto his belly but couldn't figure out to get back over and boy was he ever upset about it!  He is also teething like crazy, he has been sleeping with me for the past two nights, not good since last night I had another major migraine attack.  He has so many rolls that I put a bib on him to keep him from chafing under his chin and neck.  I expect one day soon we will have a little tooth come through.


Last night, a lady stopped me at the grocery and asked how old he was and when I told her 3 months she was shocked because he is so big.  She then asked me if I breastfeed and I told her yes.  I am so happy that someone noticed how big and healthy he is from being fed only by mommy.  It is a great gift we women have been given to provide all the nourishment our little ones need through the first year of their life.  I am going to delay giving Christian solids until he is 6 or 7 months old so that I can delay him weaning.


Well that is it for today, be blessed.


God bless.


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