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Saying Goodbye to Bambi.



Well as most of you or at least some of you know, we had been having trouble with my cat Bambi using the bathroom in the girls's and DH and I's bedroom for the past three weeks.  We have tried finding a vet who would work out a payment plan for us and even the vet I have been going to for almost 17 years refused to do so, we tried to find a no-kill shelter and all we called were full or closed down, we posted flyers to no avail, and also my SIL posted a bulletin on her myspace page again to no avail and also posted him on freecycle-we tried and were not able to do it ourselves.  DH had to rip up all the carpet in the kid's room and replace the tiles.  We then found out he ruined two tiles under our oldest's bed and then 3 tiles under our bed and urinated on some of the kids' Christmas presents-thankfully they were in plastic shopping bags and were spared.  He also ruined our Christmas tree skirt.  We recieved a cage which he had been in since late Saturday evening with a litter pan, which he began using but then he started urinating on the towel I put in the cage for him to lay on.  Given this fact and the fear he may go back to his old behavior we choose to take him to the county animal shelter, unfortunately it is not a no-kill shelter.  It was hard to leave him behind hearing him meow and the woman in charge of the cats looking at me like I was some kind of evil person.  A man at the shelter told me how beautiful Bambi is and that since he is well behaved (for the most part) is declawed, neutered and beautiful he should be adopted fairly quickly.  Please pray that he is adopted by a great person who can work with him.  He is a great cat and deserves a great home that is able to give him the attention he needs and deserves.  Sometimes they take cats to PetSmart and they can get adopted through there but the man said he thinks he will be adopted from the shelter before he makes it to the store!  I am missing him tonight and think about him sitting in a cage with strange cats, no way to defend himself and no one to love on him and scared he will be put down.  I know it is way healthier for the children not to have to keep putting up with the urinating and defecating but it still hurts.  Here is a picture of Bambi:







Please do not leave me comments if you are feeling the need to criticize our decision or yell at me for using a shelter.  This has happened on another board. 


Again please pray that he will be adopted and not put down. 


God bless.



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Here are the pictures



I thought I would share the pictures we had taken at Sears.  Bethanne may look a little red in the eyes because she had a tantrum (I seem to be saying that a lot about her lately  )  The two of Hannah and Christian laying down is just them because we couldn't get Bethanne to participate.















God bless.


Holiday in the City



We went to Holiday in the City, you can view what it is exactly at   It was so busy we couldn't go anywhere.  The girls did watch some of the dog show and then we watched some of the parade, which techinally can't be called a parade when there are 10 to 15 minutes waiting time in between each part of the 'parade'.  The problem is the city feels the need to keep everything contained within one city block, but when the temperatures are near 60 degrees and tons of people are milling about, you just can't do that.  It is was miserable and Don and I were very exhausted with no more time than we spent there.  Next year we won't be attending unless they open things up more so that people have room to move about without being squished and shoved.  We stood next to a group of people who were constantly cursing, not a lot of fun.  The girls eventually wanted to leave because they were sick of standing and waiting for the parade to keep moving.  The only good thing was the little bit of dog show and the great fireworks display that we watched from our van.  I told Don it seems like they are celebrating Santa more than they are Jesus.  Someone we know asked Hannah if she knew who Santa is and Hannah didn't know how to respond as we have told her not to let the cat out of the bag so to speak to other children, I am so glad that she knows Santa as we know him here in the U.S. is a fake, although she does know the story of the real St. Nicholas and that he died way back when.


God bless.

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More comments from shoppers



Well it happened again yesterday, Bethanne had a fit inside Walmart while we out being dissapointed by all the great deals stores were supposed to be having.  I proceded to take her and Christian to the van while Don and Hannah checked out.  I tried to get Bethanne to put her coat on, it wasn't very cold anyway, and I wasn't going to fight with her to get it on.  At this point she was hitting me, so I just walked out of the store.  An elderly woman saw and proceded to say “oh she is crying and has no coat on”.  At least she said it to where I could hear it this time.  Do people actually think they are helping us by making comments like this?  I was already frustrated and this didn't help my frame of mind any.  If she thought was I was doing was wrong then she could be the one to fight with her and get hit while forcing her to wear her coat!  I get frustrated when people feel this helps matters, I am actually thinking of writing a letter to the editor of our paper, which we don't get because of it's liberal slant, but just to let people know that it doesn't help matters when they are criitcizing or condescending to a mom when her child is having a tantrum and unless I am abusing my child then please keep your comments to yourself.  I just don't get why people feel they need to make comments, are they uncomfortable having a child be seen AND heard, do they not like to see a child have a momentary melt-down, are they of the viewpoint that moms with young children shouldn't be out and about?  I know for the most part these questions will never be answered and that is okay I just want people to realize nasty comments are not needed and do not help us any.  A kind smile or even a hug if the mom looks like she would welcome that would be nice and keep the mom from getting overwhelmed or frustrated.  I have my fair share of kids having tantrums and I just smile at the mom, walk away and give mom and child privacy.  There is no reason for me to stand there and keep watching so as to embarras the mom or to make comments which may or will make the mom and child more upset.  Why can't others just understand and follow this code of conduct too?  I just want to shut myself inside for the next month and wait until Christmas passes to do any shopping at all if this is what the Christmas is all about this day and age.


God bless.


A great Thanksgiving



Today was Christian's 1st thanksgiving, although the only meal he enjoyed was mom's milk I think he enjoyed the day.  He is now in bed sleeping soundly.  My mom came over as well as my brother, Tyler.  My husband and I fixed a turkey, corn, rolls, stuffing, deviled eggs, veggie tray and a pumpkin pie.  It was a nice time.  I talked to my dad briefly today which was nice and I guess they had a good time at the family gathering, we choose not to go anywhere this Thanksgiving and just enjoy our time together.  Hannah and Bethanne really enjoyed watching the Macy's parade and Hannah liked the finale even though she knows the truth about 'Santa'.  I should have snapped some pictures but the turkey made me tired.


I am also going back to cloth diapering both of the younger ones.  Thanks to my friend who showed me how to fold a cloth diaper for a boy 🙂  So we did cloth all day today and some of yesterday.  Bethanne is taking some getting used to it but I think she is doing better.  It seems the covers I have for her are getting a little small so we may pick up some the cheap Gerber ones, since she is in dresses if a little leak happens it won't ruin her whole outfit. 


So that is my day and I feel truly blessed and am thankful for my family and our Lord, Jesus Christ for giving us the gift of Eternal Life.


God bless you all.

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What to do when people comment.



I was out at Hobby Lobby today with my three children and my SIL.  The children were doing well when my middle one decided to throw a tantrum.  There could be many reasons for this, I had to wake her up when we got there so she could have been tired, it was past lunch so she could be hungry, she may have wanted to go around with her sister instead of staying near me, etc.  So she threw herself on the floor and I picked her up.  I wasn't going to leave as I was almost done, for the most part.  There was a woman in front of me who kept watching me.  I walked away into another aisle where there was no one in and gave my daughter some hugs and talked to her, she did calm down as I held her and then calmly asked to “get down” so she could walk herself.  I heard the two woman in the aisle I was just in laughing so I knew they were making snide remarks about me.  When we left I told my SIL that I was sorry for the tantrum. She told me that a lady standing next to her (the lady had no idea she was with me and the children) said I hate it when people can't control their kids.  Fortunately she told me after we left the store and it was too late to around.  I was so mad that someone would make that comment, I wonder if she even has kids or if her kids are so perfect they never once had a tantrum in a store.  For those who don't know if you use the restrooms in Hobby Lobby you have to leave your stuff outside the bathroom, so you run the risk of everything being put away.  I notice she didn't tell me this.  I have to admit I do get upset at parents when they are screaming and cursing at their children but I have rarely gotten upset when I see a child having a tantrum as I can completely understand.  I had a lose/lose situation in which I could let her get it out of her system by me holding her and talking her down or spanking her in public and being accused of abusing my child.  Why is it that these people who have no idea why she was throwing a tantrum wether it be hunger, tiredness, etc feel they have the right to criticize, make fun and then draw other customers into it?  I just don't get it.  I just get so bothered by this, okay enough rant.  I am now going to take a deep breath and let it go (with God's help because if not I will stew on it for forever)


God bless.


Opening blog for comments



Well it seems the problem of the fake blogger has been taken care of so I will be opening my blog to comments once again-if I deem something inappropriate I will delete it with no second thoughts.  I welcome comments that are helpful, positive and Christian in there content.  Thank you for understanding.


God bless

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A new problem has cropped up



As the result of another bogus blogger this blogging site I have not allowed for any comments to be left.  I am sorry for this of those who are my friends and wish to truly leave sincere comments but at this point I can't allow it, once this bogus blogger who is posing as a mom on two blogs but who is actually a male is removed I will change my comment settings.  My information has been copied and pasted into another blog that is not my own, so please be aware of this.


God bless,


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Pictures added



I have finally added a couple pictures from the baby/child dedication, if you want to scroll down to view them please do.  I will add more as soon as I get the rest.


God bless.

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First night at Awanas



Well we finally made it to Awana's.  I had been trying to get Hannah to the church in Enon where it is held but things kept coming up that seemed like it was against us and well we made it last night.  Despite the rain, cold and darkness (I am scared to drive at night) we got there, thanks to my friend leading the way.  I found an easier way to get home and get back there next time too.  She really enjoyed it.  One of the boys in her class, Cubbies, goes to church and they are a large family-his mom is pregnant with number 8 Praise the Lord!  There are two other boys one of which is Hannah's friend and his mom is my friend, and another little girl.  She is very excited I have her first booklet which gives her two Scripture to memorize and the Cubbies motto then she will move on to her big book and can get her vest to put her patches on.  The only thing I don't agree with is the pledge to the Awanas flag, I think I may speak to whoever is in charge to see if Hannah can be exempt from that.  I don't mind so much the pledge to the American flag but even I question that some, we will see what the Lord lays on my heart for that issue.  Who says Hannah doesn't get socialization with being home-schooled.


I need to get back into things and start taking her back to the Keepers At Home meetings as well.  I have been so bad about that.  So that is something we need to get back into.


We have plans to send her back to ballet next year as well.  There is supposed to be a lady who teaches only home-schoolers and we are trying to find out who she is but so far haven't had any success.  The place where she was going raised their prices and instituted a dress code which would have caused us to go and buy her a whole new wardrobe for just ballet!  I understand the reason behind it but we can think of other things we need to buy before a new ballet wardrobe, I don't understand why kids her age need a dress code anyway.


That has been our day from yesterday.  I woke up with another nasty headache almost turned migraine this morning, but I think I caught it in time.  We have a busy day today:

go to get my glasses re-re-adjusted

stop by the park library and pick up yet another book (I have 4 to be read and 2 I am reading so that will make six)

stop by and go to my other appt I have scheduled

stop by the other local library to drop off a bok and pick up another

finish working on some Christmas presents

maybe go to another cities library and drop some stuff off there

get gas in the van


I don't mind being on the road so much but the girls don't like it because they don't get out a whole lot as I bring their aunt or uncle who waits in the van with them, makes it easier than getting all three in and out repeatedly especially for short-run-in trips.


Well I think that is it, gotta go, baby is crying and we are supposed to get my SIL at 9:30.


God bless.


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