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First night at Awanas

on November 16, 2006



Well we finally made it to Awana's.  I had been trying to get Hannah to the church in Enon where it is held but things kept coming up that seemed like it was against us and well we made it last night.  Despite the rain, cold and darkness (I am scared to drive at night) we got there, thanks to my friend leading the way.  I found an easier way to get home and get back there next time too.  She really enjoyed it.  One of the boys in her class, Cubbies, goes to church and they are a large family-his mom is pregnant with number 8 Praise the Lord!  There are two other boys one of which is Hannah's friend and his mom is my friend, and another little girl.  She is very excited I have her first booklet which gives her two Scripture to memorize and the Cubbies motto then she will move on to her big book and can get her vest to put her patches on.  The only thing I don't agree with is the pledge to the Awanas flag, I think I may speak to whoever is in charge to see if Hannah can be exempt from that.  I don't mind so much the pledge to the American flag but even I question that some, we will see what the Lord lays on my heart for that issue.  Who says Hannah doesn't get socialization with being home-schooled.


I need to get back into things and start taking her back to the Keepers At Home meetings as well.  I have been so bad about that.  So that is something we need to get back into.


We have plans to send her back to ballet next year as well.  There is supposed to be a lady who teaches only home-schoolers and we are trying to find out who she is but so far haven't had any success.  The place where she was going raised their prices and instituted a dress code which would have caused us to go and buy her a whole new wardrobe for just ballet!  I understand the reason behind it but we can think of other things we need to buy before a new ballet wardrobe, I don't understand why kids her age need a dress code anyway.


That has been our day from yesterday.  I woke up with another nasty headache almost turned migraine this morning, but I think I caught it in time.  We have a busy day today:

go to get my glasses re-re-adjusted

stop by the park library and pick up yet another book (I have 4 to be read and 2 I am reading so that will make six)

stop by and go to my other appt I have scheduled

stop by the other local library to drop off a bok and pick up another

finish working on some Christmas presents

maybe go to another cities library and drop some stuff off there

get gas in the van


I don't mind being on the road so much but the girls don't like it because they don't get out a whole lot as I bring their aunt or uncle who waits in the van with them, makes it easier than getting all three in and out repeatedly especially for short-run-in trips.


Well I think that is it, gotta go, baby is crying and we are supposed to get my SIL at 9:30.


God bless.



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