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What to do when people comment.

on November 21, 2006



I was out at Hobby Lobby today with my three children and my SIL.  The children were doing well when my middle one decided to throw a tantrum.  There could be many reasons for this, I had to wake her up when we got there so she could have been tired, it was past lunch so she could be hungry, she may have wanted to go around with her sister instead of staying near me, etc.  So she threw herself on the floor and I picked her up.  I wasn't going to leave as I was almost done, for the most part.  There was a woman in front of me who kept watching me.  I walked away into another aisle where there was no one in and gave my daughter some hugs and talked to her, she did calm down as I held her and then calmly asked to “get down” so she could walk herself.  I heard the two woman in the aisle I was just in laughing so I knew they were making snide remarks about me.  When we left I told my SIL that I was sorry for the tantrum. She told me that a lady standing next to her (the lady had no idea she was with me and the children) said I hate it when people can't control their kids.  Fortunately she told me after we left the store and it was too late to around.  I was so mad that someone would make that comment, I wonder if she even has kids or if her kids are so perfect they never once had a tantrum in a store.  For those who don't know if you use the restrooms in Hobby Lobby you have to leave your stuff outside the bathroom, so you run the risk of everything being put away.  I notice she didn't tell me this.  I have to admit I do get upset at parents when they are screaming and cursing at their children but I have rarely gotten upset when I see a child having a tantrum as I can completely understand.  I had a lose/lose situation in which I could let her get it out of her system by me holding her and talking her down or spanking her in public and being accused of abusing my child.  Why is it that these people who have no idea why she was throwing a tantrum wether it be hunger, tiredness, etc feel they have the right to criticize, make fun and then draw other customers into it?  I just don't get it.  I just get so bothered by this, okay enough rant.  I am now going to take a deep breath and let it go (with God's help because if not I will stew on it for forever)


God bless.


2 responses to “What to do when people comment.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just wanted to say I approve of the way you handled the situtation with the kids in Hobby Lobby. YOU ARE SUPERMOM!!! Just turn that frown upside down! And I can’t believe they take your stuff when you are doing your business in the john. I couldn’t wait to read about that! As for you allowing people to post comments again I am SOOO excited. I can’t believe someone would leave offensive comments on your site like that. Actually, I happened to read some of the comments and they didn’t seem so bad! As for the GOP commentin GOP=Going out of Power, They are…sometimes change is a good thing and we will just have to take this change and accept it. Although you will probally delete this comment because seem to fail to see the whole picture, I hope it somehow challenges to think outside the box you sit within. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  2. OhioSarah says:

    I am sorry you felt you had to post anonymously, I would think if I were so sure in my beliefs that I would be more than willing to share my name. But I would like to address your comment. Thank you for letting me know that you agreed with the way I handled the situation and I agree that yes, it isn’t right for them to assume the items are to be put back when someone is in the restroom (I prefer this word to the term used in the comment). Again I am glad you are excited about leaving comments but like I mentioned in a recent blog entry that I appreciate them to be respectful and Christian. I know not everyone will agree with me and that is fine as I will pray for those who don’t and I am saddened by your loss of your Faith you once had. I am curious as to how you know about the GOP comment when I have since deleted it and it is not mentioned in any of my other blog postings? Only the one who wrote it would know about that comment, unless you are one of my approved friends and then they wouldn’t say something like that to begin with. Yes change is good, when it is a change for the best. I am not going to put down any one political party but that fact remains that most democrats approve of murdering babies by abortion and partial birth abortion, ignoring the working class even when they say they are for the working class, sending jobs overseas example John Kerry and promoting fetal stem cell usage among other things that go against the Christian, Biblical standpoint. No I won’t be deleting this comment because I want my friends and family who visit my blog to see how others who aren’t Christian see us and our beliefs. Unfortunately, I do see the whole picture, in that the world is truly coming to an end and I welcome the coming of the Lord to rapture His people. If I am accused of “not seeing the whole picture” or “not thinking outside the box” because I shun most worldly things, then so be it, it is not my job on earth to please others but my job is to bring my children up to love the Lord, love my husband, and please my Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. I am proud to say that I am happy with the box I sit in and I am sorry you feel that I am so narrowed minded because I follow the teachings of God.

    May God bless you and be with you always.

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