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A great Thanksgiving

on November 23, 2006



Today was Christian's 1st thanksgiving, although the only meal he enjoyed was mom's milk I think he enjoyed the day.  He is now in bed sleeping soundly.  My mom came over as well as my brother, Tyler.  My husband and I fixed a turkey, corn, rolls, stuffing, deviled eggs, veggie tray and a pumpkin pie.  It was a nice time.  I talked to my dad briefly today which was nice and I guess they had a good time at the family gathering, we choose not to go anywhere this Thanksgiving and just enjoy our time together.  Hannah and Bethanne really enjoyed watching the Macy's parade and Hannah liked the finale even though she knows the truth about 'Santa'.  I should have snapped some pictures but the turkey made me tired.


I am also going back to cloth diapering both of the younger ones.  Thanks to my friend who showed me how to fold a cloth diaper for a boy 🙂  So we did cloth all day today and some of yesterday.  Bethanne is taking some getting used to it but I think she is doing better.  It seems the covers I have for her are getting a little small so we may pick up some the cheap Gerber ones, since she is in dresses if a little leak happens it won't ruin her whole outfit. 


So that is my day and I feel truly blessed and am thankful for my family and our Lord, Jesus Christ for giving us the gift of Eternal Life.


God bless you all.


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