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More comments from shoppers

on November 25, 2006



Well it happened again yesterday, Bethanne had a fit inside Walmart while we out being dissapointed by all the great deals stores were supposed to be having.  I proceded to take her and Christian to the van while Don and Hannah checked out.  I tried to get Bethanne to put her coat on, it wasn't very cold anyway, and I wasn't going to fight with her to get it on.  At this point she was hitting me, so I just walked out of the store.  An elderly woman saw and proceded to say “oh she is crying and has no coat on”.  At least she said it to where I could hear it this time.  Do people actually think they are helping us by making comments like this?  I was already frustrated and this didn't help my frame of mind any.  If she thought was I was doing was wrong then she could be the one to fight with her and get hit while forcing her to wear her coat!  I get frustrated when people feel this helps matters, I am actually thinking of writing a letter to the editor of our paper, which we don't get because of it's liberal slant, but just to let people know that it doesn't help matters when they are criitcizing or condescending to a mom when her child is having a tantrum and unless I am abusing my child then please keep your comments to yourself.  I just don't get why people feel they need to make comments, are they uncomfortable having a child be seen AND heard, do they not like to see a child have a momentary melt-down, are they of the viewpoint that moms with young children shouldn't be out and about?  I know for the most part these questions will never be answered and that is okay I just want people to realize nasty comments are not needed and do not help us any.  A kind smile or even a hug if the mom looks like she would welcome that would be nice and keep the mom from getting overwhelmed or frustrated.  I have my fair share of kids having tantrums and I just smile at the mom, walk away and give mom and child privacy.  There is no reason for me to stand there and keep watching so as to embarras the mom or to make comments which may or will make the mom and child more upset.  Why can't others just understand and follow this code of conduct too?  I just want to shut myself inside for the next month and wait until Christmas passes to do any shopping at all if this is what the Christmas is all about this day and age.


God bless.


2 responses to “More comments from shoppers

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hugs to you!!! We have all been there one time or another! Don’t give up! 🙂
    Love, Karen T.

  2. OhioSarah says:

    Thanks for stopping by and offering such great words of encourgament. I really appreciate it.

    God bless,

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