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More books that I have finished


Here are some books that I finished in the past couple of days.


No Small Miracles by Norris Burkes (need inspiration that miracles still happen?)


The Christmas Candle by Max Lucado (very quick read)


Even Now by Karen Kingsbury (I could barely put this one down)


Cosmic Christmas by Max Lucado (Very quick read)


God bless.

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I think most of my friends know where we stand on this issue but a article was submitted through I digest I recieved and in case those who do not recieve it I thought I would put it here.  I think overall it's a pretty good article, given how liberal Newsweek is.  It is great seeing bigger families, even though sometimes we struggle we know that this is what God has asked of us.  We have been asked the “are you done” question, “your hands are full” to which I reply “not yet” and I think I will still have 10 toes 🙂  We have gotten the strange looks already from people who think we have enough and should stop at three and even family who think we should use birth control.  I am so much happier now that we have put our fertility and family size in God's hands not to mention I no longer have to worry if I am aborting one of my babies unknowingly.  A good way to look at this is, if you were a career person would you stop at just one promotion, no you would keep striving to move up the ladder and reach what the world deems as successful, while for me being successful is serving the Lord the way He leads me and if that means we have no more than 3 or if He blesses us with 10 more then I have lived and been promoted in an honorable job, would anyone turn down a promotion, no then why should we?  It is my job to store up treasures in Heaven and that is in fact what I am doing, and we already have a precious treasure waiting on us as well as a Heavenly Father who will wrap His loving arms around us and I can only pray that I will hear “well done good and faithful servant”. 


Well I could go on and one about this but I think I will stop as my children need me.


God bless.


Here is that article:

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Christmas shopping almost done



We started Christmas shopping this past weekend, so far we have Christian's completed except for a couple outfits and the stocking stuffers done.  We have to pick up Hannah's Easy Bake Oven and a couple dresses for her-it seems harder and harder to find modest dresses since we became dresses only.  We are still trying to figure something out for Bethanne, he tastes vary so wildly that it is diffcult.  My brother has some neat things called MagnaTiles which I think she would like but unless I find them at a second hand store we probably won't get them because we hate to order online since you have to use a credit card for most purchases.  I am going this morning to a neat consignment shop in Urbana where I hope to find a few dresses for the girls and some cute outfits for Christian.  I am also trying to find something called a Bebe Pod, not really for Christmas but just for him to sit in since he doesn't care much for the swing anymore and isn't ready for the exersaucer just yet.  Hannah has worked really hard to downsize some of her toys which doesn't seem like it makes a difference but it will over time, I think.


Hannah and I both had our eye appointments yesterday at EyeMart.  This is the first time, since I was in the Navy that I hadn't gone to my regular eye doctor.  He doesn't like it when I bring all the kids along with me, what would he do if I was still with him and had 10!  So anyway, Hannah did great and her eyes are fine so we are still unsure of what is causing her headaches (like mother like daughter).  The dr. did say she is a bit farsighted but that is normal in kids her age so regardless her sight is 20/20 Praise the Lord!  I had to get new glasses and I really like my frames, they are called rose.  I will be picking them up today sometime and I think I need Visine because my right eye (the same one I have trouble with) are constantly feeling so dry.


Enjoy your day and may you be blessed.


God bless.

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Baby and Child Dedication service



We had the baby and child dedication at church today.  My dad, SIL, two friends and their children were able to be there.  We started out as a regular service by singing some contemporary worship songs, then there was the children's service with a puppet then the children did Jesus Loves Me in sign language which was very nice.  It was awesome seeing Hannah up there signing the song.  Our Pastor did a small sermon which then led to the dedication.  We had Hannah, Bethanne and Christian all dedicated today.  It was very nice and it feels great to know that so many people are willing to see our children brought up in Christ.


I will post some pictures later.


God bless.


Here is Christian sleeping on my dad.  I love seeing him with his grandchildren, he is a great grandpa.




This is Hannah signing “Jesus Loves Me”.  I cut out the other kids as I don't have permission to put their pictures on the internet.  Her friend though that came for the dedication is standing to her right, and she did a good job signing for having only visited our church before.


I will try to post more pictures as soon as I get the others from my friend and sister in law.




Changing my comment settings


I have recently changed my comment settings as I have had a few uncalled for comments (at least ones I have taken offense to) that I have deleted as they are not coming from registered users so in order to deter this I have changed that only my friends who are registered users may leave comments.  If you belong to and want to comment, please feel free to add me as your friend so you can comment.  I know this is a public blog and while I love getting comments from other like-minded women and families I don't appreciate those that poke fun of my and my families beliefs or those who also use this blogging site.


Sorry for any inconveinance this may cause.


God bless. 

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Saddened by election results



Well Don and I are watching the election results coming in and we are upset and angered by what we are seeing.  It seems as the Democrats will be taking over 😦  This means no more chance of abortion or partial birth abortion being illegal, gay marriage legalized, among many other Christian morals at stake.  We need to be on our knees in prayer that God will come soon so we can be with Him in Heaven.  It is sad to see how much we as Christians are becoming more persecuted in the land where Christians once ruled how things in the government went.  Here in Ohio the minimum wage increase is passing which is bad for people like my husband and I because this will increase the cost of living which, even though my husband works for the local government, would actually qualify us for public assistance.  Thankfully the gambling issue is failing and the smoking ban are passing!


Also if you could all pray that Don's insurance which may be changing here in the next two weeks will still cover my excellent, pro-VBAC OB/GYN.  I don't know what we will do if he isn't covered as it is hard to get drs to do VBACs let alone VBACs that may need to be induced.  I am not willing to have a c-section just to appease a dr.s will when I know my body can do what it is supposed to do after two VBA1C.


I need to get off here and go do some reading I have 7 books to be read so I need to get busy 🙂


God bless you and keep you.

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So many books so little time

I really need to figure out how to add a reading list and reccomended reads list but until then I guess this will suffice 🙂


Helping the Thumb-Sucking Child by Rosemarie A. VanNorman  A great resource for us parents who have a thumb sucking child.  Some worldly sources are mentioned but overlooking them makes it a good resource nonetheless.  Non-Fiction


Return by Karen Kingsbury and Gary Smalley  This is the 3rd book in the Redemption series.  Very good and I cannot stress having tissues by your side during this series.  Fiction


Too Small to Ignore: Why Children are the Next Big Thing by Dr. Wess Stafford  I will begin reading this today and it looks very good so I am excited to read this one.  Non-fiction

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