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More migraines.


 Well I have been having more migraines since Wednesday Feb 21st I have had a total of 3.  I am thinking now it is related to my soda drinking.  I was doing really good until Hannah’s birthday when we had dinner out then had soda at her party and once I started that it seemed that is when my migraines kicked in.  I took a pregnancy test, as my migraines seem to increase in the 1st trimester, but that test came back negative.  I also needed to know that so I knew wether or not I can continue taking my Imitrex tablets-which are a big no-no in pregnancy.  I would have liked to have been blessed again, but I am keeping in mind it’s in the Lord’s timing and His timing is best.

I see my dr tommorow morning and hopefully will see some weight loss.  I am going to have her check my cholesterol levels since it has been awhile since I have had that done.

Bethanne sees her ENT tommorow late afternoon to double check her ear tubes and make sure her ear plugs are still giving her a tight enough fit for bathing and such.

Christian ate cereal for the 1st time last night, the 24th!   You would have thought he was having a feast , he kept grabbing the bowl and putting the spoon in his mouth!  I couldn’t feed him fast enough.  I think enjoyed the fact it was made with mama’s milk 🙂 then I nursed him and off to la-la land he went and slept all night until about 6:30a.m.

We had an ice storm last night which resulted in multiple falling tree limbs in our yard from the dead tree next door, which no one who lives there seems to want to cut down!  So Don and I had to move the girls into bed with me so in case the whole tree or bigger limbs came down they wouldn’t be trapped under the ceiling, attic and the tree.  We are praying and hoping the neighbor notices the damage done to his yard and spouting and decides to cut it down.  Don says he may try to ask him-pray for this as the neighbor doesn’t seem to friendly.  When we woke up this morning you couldn’t tell everything had been covered in ice because it had all melted during the night!  This was an answer to my prayer as I lay in bed asking the Lord to put a hedge of protection around the house and us as we slept last night.  Praise the Lord.

Well I should probably go.

Oh yes, I am going to try to make the crochet class at the library tommorow evening which Christian is attending with me 🙂 I will update on how that goes and if I get some batteries for my digital I will take pics of what I made.  We are supposed to learn how to read patterns and make a afghan block.

God bless

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Come visit me on Friendster


I sent out an email to most of you but if you would like come and visit at Friendster, it seems pretty cool although I am not transferring my blog-it will just be a way to keep in touch with those friends and family who live a bit further away.  Here is my link:  Come on over and visit, leave me a testimony (because I am such a great friend  ) or a comment (just because you love me  )  or just join and become my friend.  If you are doing a random blog here and want to be my friend let me know where you ‘know’ me from.  Let me know by using my cbox comment box or emailing me that there is a problem getting to the page.

God bless.

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Birthday Party


Hannah had a great day yesterday.  I didn’t get to make her the homemade cake I had originally planned on as with the van breaking down we didn’t have time to run to the store to get the ingredients so she picked out a chocolate cake with white icing and blue flowers and piping which I used some candy letter and icing to write out Happy 5th Birthday on.  The homemade cake probably would have tasted better but I told her I would make it another day for a dessert and she was fine with that.  We did some decorating at the church with balloons and streamers and it was very special.  She recieved gifts that she can use instead of clutter our house with    Lots of crafting items and clothing   which is nice.  Things went better than expected, although it would be nice if we could just have a party at our house instead of having to carry everything to another location and also have everyone get along, but at this point only one is a far away dream   So all in all it was a good day and the girls got to play with their friends.  And to my friend Pam and her family-you were missed but we hope and pray everyone is feeling better now.

God bless you all.

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Happy 5th Birthday to my daughter!


Today is a special day, it is Hannah’s 5th birthday!!!   It is hard to believe she is 5 years old.  She has gotten so big and matured so much, it is incredible.  Her party is on Saturday.  I made her a nice cake for today and she has another picked out for Saturday which looks delicious. 

Here is the cake I made her today; although my cake doesn’t look exactly it still looks nice 🙂  Just click on the link for a picture and the recipe.  I can’t wait to eat it tonight after dinner.**14*442&wf=9&recipe_id=97892

Here is the cake that I am making for Saturday, well as long as she doesn’t change her mind**13*442&wf=9&recipe_id=97950

We are supposed to go to Chuck E Cheese for dinner after Bethanne’s ENT appt. but that will only happen if the backless booster seat fits in Don’s car with the other two car seats as our van is out of commission   

God bless.

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Camy's Loft

Hello.  This will be a sticky (no longer a sticky), meaning it will stay at the top of my blog for awhile, so scroll down past it to get to new posts.

There is a button above my slideshow to join Camy Tang’s Yahoo Group, she has periodic contests giving away boxes of books (yes boxes) and copies of her own books.  If you sign up please list me as your referrer, my yahoo id is hannahmom23  If you refer people then you get extra entries into her drawing.  Each time you enter a drawing list me as a referrer and then each time one of your referrals enter have them enter you as the referrer.  Extra entries, free books, what more could a book lover want?  LOL


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See my new comment box


Following in the footsteps of my friend, I have added a Cbox to the left hand side of my blog.  This will make it easier to leave comments for me instead of having to wait for the usual comment box to open.  I don’t know how long the comments are saved but it will be faster and easier for any visitors.

God bless.

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Beware of Gardasil!


I have recieved an update regarding Gardasil.  This is a troubling vaccine that really should be taken off the market, but that won’t happen because the company who makes it will be making millions of dollars on it.  It is scary that the law makers want to step in and make it mandatory even if the children are in private school!  This is just plain scary.  I know that right now the legislation is geared toward Texas and California but it seems like once stuff gets passed out West it comes East and eventually affects us all.  Praise the Lord that we will be homeschooling, but I can’t believe the State wants to mandate what we give our children.  I have read reports where girls who had the vaccine given to them suffered from unconsciouness, seizures, and some paralysis! 

Here is the email I recieved from Children of God for Life; the typing errors are taken from the email and are not mine.  The link at the end provides some interesting reading on the vaccine as well.

Trouble for Texas Catholics: Governor Violates Parental Authority – Cowtows to Merck
Children of God for Life – For Immediate Release, February 5, 2007



(Murfreesboro, TN) Children of God for Life is urging Texas Governor, Rick Perry to reverse his decision mandating Merck’s new Gardasil HPV vaccine for school children in Texas. In an unprecedented move, Perry showed his gratitude to the bankrolling efforts of Merck by issuing an Executive Order requiring the shots for girls as young as 9-11 years old. 


“It is an outrage that Governor Perry is forcing this vaccine on families”, stated Children of God for Life Executive Director, Debi Vinnedge. “His actions clearly contradict the advice of every major medical, ethical and pro-family organization in the country.”


Numerous groups such as the Catholic Medical Association, the American College of Pediatricians (ACP), Focus on the Family, the National Catholic Bioethics Center and the Pro Family Law Center all agree that use of the controversial vaccine is a decision to be left with the parents – not the State.


On Jan 22, the ACP stated, “HPV is spread only by intercourse. Keeping children out of school because they have not been vaccinated with the HPV vaccine is a serious, precedent-setting action. It replaces parental medical decision-making with government regulation.”


Last year, Focus on the Family’s Linda Klepacki likewise warned, "The (FDA) panel has placed strong pressure on state governments to make HPV vaccinations mandatory. If that happens, state officials, not parents, would become the primary sexual-health decision makers for America’s children. That’s the way things are done in dictatorships, not democracies."


But Children of God for Life notes the situation in Texas is far more serious for parents there than in other parts of the country.  In 2005, Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott wrote that private schools not receiving State Funds could refuse vaccine exemptions – and that would include Gardasil.


"Since Abbott made that decision, dozens ofTexas children with legitimate medical and religious exemptions have been expelled from Catholic schools", stated Vinnedge. "Generally, those exemptions have been for aborted fetal vaccines, although that’s a valid exclusion under recent Vatican directives.”


“But their latest Gardasil mandate presents a new twist to a very bad situation”, Vinnedge continued. “Federal Law prohibits favoring one’s religious beliefs over another’s. Therefore, it could be legitimately argued that allowing the HPV vaccine exemptions while denying those for abortion-derived vaccines would be discrimination. Texas Catholic schools will have three choices: force all students to get the HPV vaccine, abandon its no-exemption policy for Catholics or face Federal lawsuits.  Perry’s assurance that State law protects parents’ decisions on Gardasil is a farce!”


Vinnedge urges Texas legislators to take immediate action if the Governor does not reverse his decision.


Meanwhile, the AP reported last week that Merck contributed $6,000.00 to Perry’s re-election campaign, while one of Merck’s Vaccine Division top officials is a Board member of Women in Government, the agency lobbying for mandates nationwide.


More on the HPV mandates:

Well that is all I have for today, so…..

God bless.

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Update on medication issues


Well after speaking with both my OB’s nurse and my GI’s nurse we have decided not to use any medication.  Given the fact that the zelnorm cause carcinogenic tumors in lab rats who were breastfed by mommy rats I won’t be nursing with that medication and I won’t give up breastfeeding.  The other medication is not really safe for pregnancy, especially the first few weeks- but then what medication really is?  So I am just going to take a natural fiber supplement instead of relying on unsafe medications.

On another note, we have decided to try and buy organic as much possible, including milk, veggies, etc.  We are tired of having the girls and soon Christian getting the hormones and pesticides that come along with regular milk and eggs and veggies.  Beware that cloned meat will be hitting the market soon so make sure you read labels with great care as it doesn’t seem like the FDA will be doing much to label or warn consumers.

God bless.

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I have been tagged.

Hello.  My friend Dawn tagged me so I guess I am supposed to tell you 6 weird things about me so here it goes:

  1. I enjoy writing old fashioned letters to pen pals.
  2. I used to be a 7UP dot at Kroger to earn extra money
  3. I went through many stages such as gangster, country, goth, etc  I wanted to be liked badly by the wrong crowds 😦
  4. I am a firm believer in breastfeeding and natural childbirth (maybe not so weird but I am having trouble coming up with stuff)
  5. I worry about the oddest things, such as falling on ice, scraping my nails against something and bending a nail (when I have them)
  6. I wanted to have masculine jobs like attorney, truck driver, police officer and so I joined the Navy because I was into the feminist  mindset 😦

Okay well I think that is it.

God bless.

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Good outcome


Well I had it done and it wasn’t so terrible.  All is well and the dr didn’t find anything Praise the Lord!!!  She did prescribe a medication but I am not sure if I can take it with breastfeeding or should I become pregnant again so I am waiting calls from my OB before I fill it.  Also it isn’t recommended if you take it with abdomial adhesions, which I have from my c-section in 2002.

I just wanted to update you all. 

God bless.

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