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More migraines.

on February 25, 2007


 Well I have been having more migraines since Wednesday Feb 21st I have had a total of 3.  I am thinking now it is related to my soda drinking.  I was doing really good until Hannah’s birthday when we had dinner out then had soda at her party and once I started that it seemed that is when my migraines kicked in.  I took a pregnancy test, as my migraines seem to increase in the 1st trimester, but that test came back negative.  I also needed to know that so I knew wether or not I can continue taking my Imitrex tablets-which are a big no-no in pregnancy.  I would have liked to have been blessed again, but I am keeping in mind it’s in the Lord’s timing and His timing is best.

I see my dr tommorow morning and hopefully will see some weight loss.  I am going to have her check my cholesterol levels since it has been awhile since I have had that done.

Bethanne sees her ENT tommorow late afternoon to double check her ear tubes and make sure her ear plugs are still giving her a tight enough fit for bathing and such.

Christian ate cereal for the 1st time last night, the 24th!   You would have thought he was having a feast , he kept grabbing the bowl and putting the spoon in his mouth!  I couldn’t feed him fast enough.  I think enjoyed the fact it was made with mama’s milk 🙂 then I nursed him and off to la-la land he went and slept all night until about 6:30a.m.

We had an ice storm last night which resulted in multiple falling tree limbs in our yard from the dead tree next door, which no one who lives there seems to want to cut down!  So Don and I had to move the girls into bed with me so in case the whole tree or bigger limbs came down they wouldn’t be trapped under the ceiling, attic and the tree.  We are praying and hoping the neighbor notices the damage done to his yard and spouting and decides to cut it down.  Don says he may try to ask him-pray for this as the neighbor doesn’t seem to friendly.  When we woke up this morning you couldn’t tell everything had been covered in ice because it had all melted during the night!  This was an answer to my prayer as I lay in bed asking the Lord to put a hedge of protection around the house and us as we slept last night.  Praise the Lord.

Well I should probably go.

Oh yes, I am going to try to make the crochet class at the library tommorow evening which Christian is attending with me 🙂 I will update on how that goes and if I get some batteries for my digital I will take pics of what I made.  We are supposed to learn how to read patterns and make a afghan block.

God bless

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