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More crafting stuff

I went to crochet class last night and found out how to do a double stitch half shell border.  It is pretty and this picture does not do it justice.  The picture showing two are overlapped so they will fit in the picture.  I am finishing up the third and will start another set.  I also bought three things of yarn that I will begin making into an afghan!!  Woohoo.

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Easter Calendar


I am doing an Easter Calendar with the children.  It starts tomorrow, Palm Sunday and goes through Easter Sunday.  For each day we sing a song, although I am not sure of the tune, pray, read part of the Easter Story from the Bible, make a craft depicting part of the story from some sort of craft medium put it in the appropriate square, and then pray again.  I think this will really bring home the story of the true meaning of Easter.  We are also going to make resurrection cookies on Saturday.  I am excited to embark on this learning session with my children.

God bless.

Pictures of the Easter Calendar; Saturday the 31st.  I will post pictures as we add to the calendar.

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Check out the books I am reading……

Thanks going out to my friend Pam, who showed me what I needed to do to add the books I am currently reading.  I am happy to announce I figured it out and the list is now above my cbox. 
God bless.

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Christian has a tooth!!!!

I am happy (or maybe not) to announce that Christian has his first tooth coming through and is working on a second.  He is VERY cranky and also has a nice runny nose along with it.  He is handling it much more differently than the girls did, maybe because he is older and cognizant of the pain?  Nursing is also hurting him, but I am sure once it is through that it will be hurting me. 

Here are some updated photos of Christian, I will post some soon of the girls:

Christian actually took his arm of out his outfit on his own, which I thought was pretty creative given he was only 7 months old in this picture.

Here is my sleepy head:

This is him smiling after a filling snack of whole grain Cheerios!

God bless.


Help or advice needed.


I made some bad choices when I was in my young 20’s, namely getting tattoos.  I have been thinking of getting one removed, and at some point all of them.  I have one on my ankle and since I wear only dresses or skirts it is hard to conceal unless I wear socks all the time, which is what I do now.  I have a nice pair of sandals that I have rarely worn because of this tat.  I called a laser surgeon who will remove tattoos for $100.00 per square inch which would be about $300.00 and it could require follow up treatments so it could go quite higher than that.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get rid of them cheaper and maybe get insurance to cover it?  Should I just not worry about it as I worry what people will think when they see me out especially other Christians who could judge me for having that one tat showing.  Any kindly and caring advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

God bless.


What us as moms already knew…..


I am so glad that after Hannah we have decided to forego this bogus vaccine due to it being made with aborted babies  but after reading this I am even more happy about it.  My two brothers and I all had chicken pox, survived and are fine.  Well I do still have a few very faint scars but otherwise we are unaffected as adults.

Here is the link:


Here is the story from yahoo:

Effects of chickenpox vaccine fade over time

BOSTON (Reuters) – Merck’s chickenpox vaccine Varivax not only loses its effectiveness after a while, but it has also changed the profile of the disease in the population, U.S. researchers reported on Wednesday.

The study confirmed what doctors widely knew — that the vaccine’s protection does not last long.

And with fewer natural cases of the disease going around, unvaccinated children or children in whom the first dose of the vaccine fails to work have been catching the highly contagious disease later in life, when the risk of severe complications is greater, they said.

"If you’re unvaccinated and you get it later in life, there’s a 20-times greater risk of dying compared to a child, and a 10 to 15 times greater chance of getting hospitalized," said Jane Seward of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, who worked on the study.

The findings, reported fully for the first time in Thursday’s

New England Journal of Medicine, have already had an impact.

They helped prompt the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices to recommend a booster shot between the ages of 4 and 6. The panel also said in its June 2006 report that children, adolescents and adults should be given boosters as well.

No one knows how long the effects of a second shot will last, said the research team, led by Sandra Chaves of the CDC.

The United States has been vaccinating against chickenpox, also known as varicella, since 1995. But tests have show that the vaccine is not very effective in 15 to 20 percent of children who only receive one dose.

A second dose will certainly provide extra protection, but it is not clear how much. "Instead of 80 to 85 percent efficacy, we’re hoping instead to see 90 to 95 percent for the second dose," said Seward, acting deputy director of the CDC’s division of viral diseases.

The Chaves team used vaccination and illness data from Antelope Valley, California, northeast of Los Angeles, to track Varivax’s effectiveness.

The shots cut the number of cases by 85 percent between 1995 and 2004. In 1995 just 1 percent of the 2,794 reported cases were among children who had been vaccinated. In 2004, there were far fewer cases — 420 — but 60 percent were in vaccinated children.

While 73 percent of the youngsters who became ill in 1995 were under age 7, the rate dropped to 30 percent by 2004 because the children who got chickenpox tended to get it at an older age.

And when vaccinated children were infected, they tended to be sicker, probably because they were older.

"Children between the ages of 8 and 12 years who had been vaccinated 5 years or more previously were two times as likely to have moderate-to-severe breakthrough disease as were those who had been vaccinated less than 5 years previously," the researchers wrote.

Last May another vaccine made by Merck to act as a booster for adults, Zostavax, was approved.

The chickenpox virus remains in the body for life and can be reactivated as shingles, a rash that can cause pain that persists for years.

Chickenpox is often considered a harmless childhood disease, but before vaccination, 100 children died each year from complications of chickenpox in the United States alone.


I pray this had informed and helped others make the decision not to recieve the vaccine or the booster.

God bless.

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Christian's first layout


Well I finally got motivated to make a page for Christian’s scrapbook.  I got the general idea from a Stampin Up catalog and changed it around to how I wanted it.  The journaling square in the bottom right gives his birth stats.  Behind the picture of me I put a small journaling block which tells the story behind the picture, I attached a small bit of blue ribbon so one day Christian can pull it out and read about it.  I love journaling so that one day should I forget I can remember by re-reading it.  Now I need to catch up the rest of the children’s books.

God bless


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As promised…..

Hello.  Well I am part way finished with my first dish cloth!  I have to go to class on Friday to lean how to put an edging around it but otherwise it is finished.  The color of the yarn is called Seashore by Sugar ‘N’ Cream.  It was made of making a foundation chain stitch the chain stitch one up turn and then single stitching to the end.  I will post more pictures when I completely finish it.

Upclose view of crocheting.

View of how it looks now.

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Chose curriculum; well child, updates


Okay well Christian and Hannah had their well child visits.  Christian handled the vaccines a bit better than before but his leg still swelled afterwards.  I becoming more and more cautious of the whole vaccine thing.  Christian is over 2 feet tall and weighed in at 18lbs 3oz and that was last week by now he is probably heavier with the way he still nurses and enjoys his carrotts and cereal.  He is healthy though but now he has a cold-which I think was brought on by the rotovirus vaccine since it is live and oral.  Hannah’s visit went well also.  She goes back in a few week to have her ears rechecked as there was some fluid behind the ear drum and I have requested a cholesterol check on her given my and DH’s family and personal history of heart problems and high cholesterol.  The NP said that sounded like a good idea.  To make Hannah more comfortable I have scheduled my cholesterol test before her so that she can see what will happen and how mommy can handle it. 

I am really excited about the Weaver curriculum.  Also I realized that I picked up part of a phonics program at Goodwill the other day, it’s not the whole program so I am searching for that.  But considering I only paid $1.49 and according the website that sells this program it goes for upwards of $200!!!!  Quite a savings.  Hopefully someone on Freecycle will come through for me.  LOL

I am still having migraines although I have been migraine free for 2 days now!!!!  I still worry about when the next one will hit though-us migraine sufferers always wonder and worry about when the next attack happens-almost as bad as the attack itself. 

I am a long ways on finishing my dish cloth for Friday’s crochet class.  I am stuck again.  I am still trying to figure out how I am suposed to have it finished in a week with everything I need to do.

Well I think that is it so I am signing off…….

God bless,

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I went to crochet class tonight and after a rough start it got better.  I am the slowest one in the class but all the other ladies were very encouraging.  I started my dishcloth with a chain stitch and then turned into a double stitch.  I am supposed to have my dishcloth done by next Friday but we all know how things get put on the back burner with 3  little ones to take care of so we will see how far I get.  I may have a VERY small dishcloth LOL  After I finish that I get to move on to the granny square, I think, which I can then make many squares and turn them into an actual afghan!  I am excited.  Next, knitting.  The teacher said I should wait until I master crochet first though so I don’t get confused-good advice indeed.  On another positive note I did not have a migraine yesterday!  Keep praying, they are working.  I think I may request annointing at church?

God bless.

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