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A Life of Faith series

This sounds like a really good series for girls, I have one on reserve at the library for Hannah and they have clubs, activities at their website, there is a lot and I haven’t gone through it all yet but the website is It is a beautiful site.


God bless

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Finally pictures of quilt blocks

Hello.  This is Mary and I’s block for the swap we are doing via the T2CHK message board.  Last year with Mary’s help I made the Friendship Star block for the swap and I think if you look in my archives you will find a picture.  This year’s swap is the 9 patch.  I plan on putting these pieces in with the Friendship Star blocks to have one very special quilt made by all my near and far Sister’s in Christ.   We had to choose one medium to dark and one light to medium fabric and stick with florals and vines.

Mary’s block:

Upclose view of Mary’s block so you can see more detail of the fabric:

Now my block, this is the overall picture:

Now the upclose view:


I had to buy more fabric for Christian’s quilt so hopefully after church and after we finish putting everything in the attic after our re-organizing day I will be able to start his.  I will post pictures of the other fabric, it doesn’t completely match the other but I think it will provide a nice focal point, after I iron it.

God bless.

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No-go on the convention

Hello.  Well it’s a no go on the homeschool convention.  I have to get Christian’s car seat looked at so I scheduled that for 2pm still okay and can still make the convention until Hannah says her ears are still hurting and feeling like there is water in them so I make an appointment for her at 1pm  okay I was thinking I could still make it to the convention…..until I looked at Bethanne’s throat last night and saw white spots on the back of her throat   Can anyone say strep? toncilitis?  UGH!  so I call the ped office for the 3rd time yesterday and we have to be at the ped office by 12:45p.m. so Bethanne can be looked at, so we will be there until at least 3 with the two dr appts and the car seat check.  I think I shrunk Christian’s straps so they are tight and won’t go to the next slot, I was just wanting a clean car seat   Thankfully Bethanne does not a have temperature, which is good but she has all the other symptoms of strep so please pray that her fast strep test today will come back negative.  I would hate to have all three on antibiotics, especially just having Christian getting over the thrush from his last antibiotic.

I will update when we get home and I get time, and hopefully I will be able to put pictures up of my quilt blocks.

God bless.

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Home school convention tomorrow


I really enjoy seeing the visitors on my map to the right of my blog page!  Please feel free to leave a friendly comment so that I can visit any blogs that my visitors may have.

On to the real reason for this post………

I am going to a home school convention tomorrow morning!  This is my first one and best of all it’s FREE!!!!  Don is taking a vacation day so I don’t have bring all the children with me, although I may bring Chistian since he is still nursing but I will decide that later.  You can visit the website at to check it out.  I am praying that I find some used curriculum for our math and phonics that I can use.  Pray for me that I make it on time, my first seminar I want to get into starts at 9:30a.m. and that I don’t get overwhelmed.

God bless.

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Prayer for those touched by the massacre

I was saddened by the event in VA yesterday.  I was not aware of anything since I had the tv off most of the day, until my husband came home and asked me if my brother was at VA Tech.  When I told him I thought so he told me about the shooting.  My heart aches for those lives lost and their families and friends.  Praise the Lord that my brother wasn’t on campus during this whole thing.  Please keep those touched by this tragedy in your prayers, as they need them very much right now.

God bless.

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Joined Spark People


I joined Spark People last night and am hoping and praying it helps me to stay on track for weight loss.  I am praying for my cholesterol to lower itself and for that I am also taking Fish Oil and Garlic supplements, Cinnamon to regulate my sugar metabolism, Vitamin C for  aiding in my immune system, and my daily vitamin.  I am also going to begin using Flax Oil in smoothie drinks.  I want to make sure I am healthy for the children, Don and myself and not to mention any future pregnancies.  I would love to have a pregnancy that is not riddled with gestational diabetes, insulin shots, inductions, etc.  Please pray that this will get me motivated 🙂  You can mosey on over to see my blog at:

notice the beautiful quilt design?  No I am not that talented yet LOL but it gives me something to aspire too.

Well that is it for now.  I have crochet class this evening, if this migraine doesn’t get worse, and am hoping to learn how to crochet in a circle to make Don some juggling balls.

God bless.

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Resurrection Cookies

Hello.  This is something Hannah and I did on Saturday.  We made cookies called Resurrection cookies, each ingredient and parts of the cookies represents something to do with the last hours of Christ’s life, it was a good learning experience and very hands on.  If it hadn’t been 9p.m when I started this I would have included Bethanne and spent more time on them.  The neatest thing was putting the cookies in the over and leaving them in over night, Hannah was afraid they would get burned up.  Here are the pictures.

God bless.

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Begining Christian's Quilt

Hello again.

I started Christian’s quilt.  I have cut out the 4 1/2 inch by 4 1/2 inch squares to make the 12 inch block.  I am making a 9 patch, and hopefully will be able to make a twin sized quilt.

God bless.

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More on our Easter calendar


I meant to post as the week wore on but haven’t been able to with the sickies here so…….I am now updating our Easter calendar which Hannah has been doing.  We are now on Good Friday.  The description precedes each picture.

The first picture is of the whole calendar with the first two days, Palm Sunday and Monday filled in.

The next picture is of Palm Sunday with palms that Hannah and I cut out of green construction paper.  These probably are not good representations but as good as my palms were going to get 🙂  Sorry about the side ways picture.

This next one is of the money changers in the Temple when Jesus overturned the tables.  We cut out a table and added some pennies to the top

The next day was Passover on Tuesday.  This day we read about Jesus teaching in the Temple and of a lady who used expensive perfume to annoint Jesus and when His disciples disagreed with her He told them she was preparing His body.  We made scrolls out of paper and pipe cleaners and then Hannah drew on what she thinks Jesus looks like (and some think art, music, tv etc doesn’t affect a child’s imagery) and a woman with perfume.  Again sorry for the sideways picture.

Wednesday has no pictures as the activity states we are not sure of everything Jesus did prior to be crucified so Wednesday is blank.  Thursday we read about the Last Supper so we have a cup representing the wine or Blood, a piece of bread representing Jesus’ body and a hand to represent Jesus praying in the Garden.  Again sorry for the side ways picture.  I will have to try to fix them soon.

God bless and may we remember the Sacrifice given on this day, Good Friday.

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Update on our sickness.

Hannah and Christian had their appt this morning and it went well, well almost…..The ped said Christian’s croup is VERY much improved but it sounds like Bethanne is getting it, he re-checked Christian’s ears and guess what……another ear infection this makes number 3 or 4 **sigh** the ped said he thinks they may stop or let up with spring here and summer coming but if not then we may be looking at ear tubes for him. So at least the croup is better and he will start his antibiotic today sometime, we have to pick it up. Hannah did well on her blood draw, she didn’t cry until after the nurse had to stick her a 2nd time sad.gif we should have some results tomorrow and the rest next week. The fluid in her ears is still there and she failed the tapanogram (the test that tells how much the eardrum moves) she is still complaining of her ear hurting and feels like water is in there but the ped wants to wait and re-evaluate her in 6 weeks-if she is still complaining I may take her back in sooner. The ped said the same thing regarding her ears as Christian’s, Bethanne already has tubes in! UGH, how many children in one family can have tubes at one time!!! Anyway so that is the update, thank you for all your prayers. If I may ask that you continue them for Hannah’s fluid to go away, good blood test results for her and that Christian’s ears heal fully.

God bless.

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