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Update on our sickness.

on April 6, 2007

Hannah and Christian had their appt this morning and it went well, well almost…..The ped said Christian’s croup is VERY much improved but it sounds like Bethanne is getting it, he re-checked Christian’s ears and guess what……another ear infection this makes number 3 or 4 **sigh** the ped said he thinks they may stop or let up with spring here and summer coming but if not then we may be looking at ear tubes for him. So at least the croup is better and he will start his antibiotic today sometime, we have to pick it up. Hannah did well on her blood draw, she didn’t cry until after the nurse had to stick her a 2nd time sad.gif we should have some results tomorrow and the rest next week. The fluid in her ears is still there and she failed the tapanogram (the test that tells how much the eardrum moves) she is still complaining of her ear hurting and feels like water is in there but the ped wants to wait and re-evaluate her in 6 weeks-if she is still complaining I may take her back in sooner. The ped said the same thing regarding her ears as Christian’s, Bethanne already has tubes in! UGH, how many children in one family can have tubes at one time!!! Anyway so that is the update, thank you for all your prayers. If I may ask that you continue them for Hannah’s fluid to go away, good blood test results for her and that Christian’s ears heal fully.

God bless.


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