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No-go on the convention

on April 27, 2007

Hello.  Well it’s a no go on the homeschool convention.  I have to get Christian’s car seat looked at so I scheduled that for 2pm still okay and can still make the convention until Hannah says her ears are still hurting and feeling like there is water in them so I make an appointment for her at 1pm  okay I was thinking I could still make it to the convention…..until I looked at Bethanne’s throat last night and saw white spots on the back of her throat   Can anyone say strep? toncilitis?  UGH!  so I call the ped office for the 3rd time yesterday and we have to be at the ped office by 12:45p.m. so Bethanne can be looked at, so we will be there until at least 3 with the two dr appts and the car seat check.  I think I shrunk Christian’s straps so they are tight and won’t go to the next slot, I was just wanting a clean car seat   Thankfully Bethanne does not a have temperature, which is good but she has all the other symptoms of strep so please pray that her fast strep test today will come back negative.  I would hate to have all three on antibiotics, especially just having Christian getting over the thrush from his last antibiotic.

I will update when we get home and I get time, and hopefully I will be able to put pictures up of my quilt blocks.

God bless.


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  1. PumpkinsMomma says:

    I hope that you all are getting well now!

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