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Happy Birthday

Today is my brother’s birthday:  He is 24 years old!!!!!!  That is so hard to believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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It's a cool day and trying to be positive


Hannah and I have been attending VBS on Creation this week, today is our last day 😦  and I have really learned a lot and now feel better empowered with the Scripture given and other data to back up my Faith more completely, especially after the Spiritual attacks that have come lately.  Anyway it has been great and the speaker last night asked the question "what on earth have you done for Heaven’s sake?"  usually we hear this when parents are exasperated by their children or someone has been cut off in the streets (okay some think worse things).  This really stopped me in my tracks.  The other day my friends and I were talking about complaining and how it can bring us down-so true-but how to stop it, human nature can be hard to stop (with God’s Grace of course anything is possible).  The past couple of days there have been issues stemming from outside people (you will be happy to know I finally unregistered from that secular board that was being downright cruel).  I am weeding some of my message boards and am down to 2!  I was active on something like 6!  Not good for a mom.  Anyway so I am active on T2CHK and RUTH.  I am still a member at MOMYS and CMOMB but not currently active.  Don, my husband, cannot stand message boards but RUTH and T2 has been nothing short of understanding.  RUTH sent me flowers after the birth of Bethanne and Christian and even had a baby shower in a box for me for Bethanne.  Anyway I am now off topic.  Then I read a friends blog talking about being cheerful and happy.  I think God finally got my attention.  I have been down with the house situation, wanting to make sure I have my curriculum lined up for Sept., bills, etc that I haven’t take time to be joyful.  and it shows, my children are short with each, showing attitudes to us, and I am yelling more.  So now that God has my attention what am I going to do?  I am going to try with God’s help to not yell so much and instead of nit picking my husband I am going to just try to love him including the things I see as faults.  So there it is, I am not perfect 🙂  LOL  I need help and the One I need is God.  So if you all are reading this and you have the time say a prayer that I can become a better wife and mother and loose some of my short fusedness (my word).  I want my daughters to want to love being wifes and moms and what example am I setting if I am yelling and grumping all the time?  I want my son to want to marry a homemaker and be a great dad, what kind of woman will he marry if he sees me this way all the time?  I have to keep this in mind as I raise Godly children.

God bless.

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More thoughts on "Velvet Elvis"

Welcome back.


There are some things I kind of skimmed over, because for the sake of time I just cannot type everything out, that is why, if you are a strong Christian, grounded in your Faith, then please read the book for yourself.  I do not suggest buying it, because that puts money in the hands of Zondervan and Rob Bell.  I have an issue with anyone who says they are an evangelist but yet continues to make tons of money, more than they need.  So anyway on to the book:


"Notice this verse from 1 Corinthians: " ‘To the rest I say this (I, not the Lord)…’ " Here we have Paul writing to a group of Christians, and he wants to make it clear that the next thing he is going to say comes from him, " ‘not the Lord’ ".

So when a writer of the Bible makes it clear that what he is writing comes straight from him, how is that still the word of God?

Now I think the Bible is the most amazing, beautiful, deep, inspired, engaging collection of writings ever.  How is it this ancient book continues to affect me in ways no other book does?

But sometimes when I hear people quote the Bible, I just want to throw up.

Can I just say that?

Can I get that off my chest?

Sometimes when people are backing up their points and the Bible is used to prove that they are right, everything within me says, " ‘There is no way that’s what God meant by that verse.’ "

Several hundred years ago people used the Bible verses to defend their right to own slaves." Velvet Elvis page 42-43, 2005


May I just start off by saying he wants to throw up when people quote the Bible?  What?  So that means if I were to meet the author and he asks me why we believe in not using birth control and I quoted Scripture such as "Be Fruitful and Multiply" or "Before you were formed I knew you" he would want to be sick becaus God couldn’t possibly mean that we shouldn’t control our family size.  Is he afraid that maybe the ones quoting Scripture are right and he is ultimately wrong because he wants God and the Bible to fit into how he feels he should be living by his own standards?  He doesn’t want to seem to take the Bible as the written word of God and to take it literally.  Now I know that some really bad groups out there, Nazi’s, KKK, slave holders, ACLU can use the Bible to fit their evil deeds.  Anyone can do this, but they don’t read the whole Bible.  They take what fits their goals, their ideas and leave the rest.  I have had people say that me wearing a headcovering isn’t for today.  When I say it’s in the Bible they then say oh, well that was for the old times we can’t possilby follow the Bible to a T in today’s world.  Why?  The Bible is a blueprint, blueprints are made to be followed.  If a construction company left out a supporting wall then the house would fall, isn’t the Christian life like that if a supporting structure is left out our lives fall apart.

I have read many books that are "amazing, beautiful, deep, inspired, engaging" though not inspired some just happen to be fiction, but they don’t rule my life and I don’t follow them.  Some have changed my outlook on the way I do see life.  The Amish fiction I read led me to read more in depth about head coverings and seeking the Spirit in this matter.  I don’t credit these authors I credit God for giving me the conviction to do so.  The Bible is Holy not merely some book that provides a good story, it is a Book that tells us how to live.  I know not everyone is on the same page as other Christians, there are baby Christians and mature Christians but the more we read the Bible and pray over what it says the Lord will reveal to us the meaning.  We cannot assume simply because what someone says is wrong because we don’t think that is what God meant.  Obviously, I believe firmly abortion is wrong in any instance, and this also comes from the commandment thou shall not murder.  Am I wrong for thinking that God means this to include the innocent pre-born children within their mother’s wombs?  No.  God goes on to say how He knows us before we are even formed!  How great is that?  For him to say that God couldn’t possibly mean that by how that certain person interpreted the Scripture is for him to assume he knows God better than others and that just isn’t true.  None will know God personally until we our true home, we are just doing our best by reading and praying and letting the Spirit convict us.

I know Paul wrote Corinthians and yes he wrote the part of headcoverings, should I ignore this because he wrote it?  No.  Should we ignore the Gospels because a mere man wrote them, they couldn’t possibly be true or what God meant?  No.  This is the Holy Bible, a sacred text, one that is inspired (meaning God gave these men the thinking skills He used-but yet they didn’t totally know him either) by God to the men who wrote them so in effect it His words going through them to us through the Bible.  We must turn back to the Bible.  We could use this argument for not tithing, well you know since the tithing part was written so long ago then it can’t possibly mean we are supposed to give, food is more expensive, clothing is expensive, I need to make sure my children are cared for.  We can find all kinds of excuses to NOT tithe but is that Biblical? No.  Is it right? No. 

I in no way support slaverly, racism, anti-semitism, etc and I won’t use the Bible to make excuses for those who do.  The Bible states we are all free there is no slave, no master.  See this is what people fail to do, they fail to look deeper into the Bible.  So yes those who do quote the Bible for their own evil deeds do make me sick but those who truly read and pray and know what God has convicted them of make me happy.  We are to hide God’s Word in our hearts, it is our armor against a dark world that needs light.

Again, like I said in my last post, I am in no way defaming Rob Bell and he is the one who says on the back of his book to not take his book without questioning it, searching it.  So that is what I am doing I am taking his book and measuring it against His True book.  to me it just doesn’t add up.

God bless.


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Thoughts on Velvet Elvis

I am currently reading Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell.  He started the Mars Hill church and is controversial, so because I have seen his NOOMA videos I decided to read his books.  The first was called S** God which was a good book in that it seemed very Biblically based, but when you get down to it I wouldn’t want a person who was searching for God to read this book until they were more grounded in the Faith and the same goes for this book as well.

The book compares a velvet painting of Elvis to the Christian Faith.


"By this I do not mean cosmetic, superficial, changes like better lights and music, sharper graphics, and new methods with easy-to-follow steps.  I mean theology; the beliefs about God, Jesus, the Bible, salvation, the future.  We must keep reforming the way the Christian faith is defined, lived and explained."  Velvet Elvis pg 12, 2005

"For many people the word Christian conjures up all sorts of images that have nothing to do with who Jesus is and how he taught us to live.   This must change.  For others, the painting works for their parents, or it provided meaning when they were growing up, but it is no longer relevant.  It doesn’t fit.  It’s outdated.  It doesn’t have anything to say to the world they live in every day.  It’s not that there isn’t any truth in it or that all the people before them were misquided or missed the point.  It’s just that every generation has to ask the difficult questions of what it means to be a Christian here and now, in this place, at this time."  Velvet Elvis page 12-13, 2005

Mr. Bell talks of change, how does the Bible change?  Does the commandents change?  What God gave to the writers to disclose to us change?  No.  none of this changes.  The Bible is the Bible, a standard for us to live by a set of laws.  Theology is always changing but this isn’t always good, this also explains why we have no unity anymore.  We have all split apart to form different denoms, if we were to go back to the roots of Christianity we wouldn’t have all the problems we have today with the Christian Faith.  We wouldn’t have churches approving of homosexual marriages or priests, we wouldn’t be having female ministers, deacons and elders, abortion would be abhorred across the whole church, birth control would be spoken against, loving others would be on the menu for the day.  Am I making sense.  Change has happened and it hasn’t been for the good.  We can’t change what God has ordained.  The way of salvation will always be the same-through Jesus Christ.  The Bible can’t change because it has already been written and the writers and editors are not here and God isn’t adding to it right now.  Yes many other denominations have other books that they equate with being inspired by God so they are on the same level but God has given the Bible for reproof and correction.  He didn’t give us the Bible so that we could fit His laws and commandments to how we want to live our lives.  We can twist His word to mean whatever we want.   So the Bible says wives are to submit, well then if she doesn’t I must get to beat her.  Men have forgotten that they are to love and submit to their wives as well as them as Christ has done for His church.  Why can’t we reform and go back to Biblical basics and get back to what God has asked of us to do in His Word, the Bible?


"Jesus at one point claimed to be "the way, the truth, and the life".  Jesus was not making claims about one religion being better than all the other religions.  That completely misses the point, the depth, and the truth.  Rather, he was telling those who were following him that his way is the way to the depth of reality.  This kind of life Jesus was living, perfectly and completely in connection and cooperation with God, is the best possible way for a person to live.  It is how things are"  Velvet Elvis page 21, 2005

Jesus is the ONLY way to Heaven, to salvation.  To me Chrisitianity is the ONLY true religion.  I am not here to discuss the many denoms of Christianity, if you have repented and asked Jesus into your life and live for Him then you are a Christian-I am not focusing on wether you consider yourself Baptist, Mormon, Jehovah Witness, Catholic, etc if you have accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior then that is what I am talking about.  What did I miss.  It is more deeper to me to know that my Lord is the One and Only.  Muslims believe that Jesus did in fact walk the earth but they do not belief that He is the way to salvation but only that He was a great man.  Jesus is perfect and this is what Christianity is built upon Jesus being the only way.  Why does this get so complicated.  Jesus lived in perfect harmony with God because he is Jesus!  Not because he lived perfectly but because He was perfect because He is God’s Son who died for us so that we may have enternal life if we accept His gift.


Now for my disclaimer.  I am in no way defaming Rob Bell but only discussing what I feel are errors.  This entry is by no way to teach or usurp authority over any man.  I am merely putting my opinion on my Faith on what has been written in this book.  I urge you to not take my word on it, read it yourself and see what I am talking about.  I will post more as I read more.  Believe me there is more that I want to discuss but I need to stop for now and care for my children, so more will come later.  Feel free to leave your comments about what I have written and I will do my best to respond to each one.  I know there will be differing opinions and we can all learn from each other, all I ask and pray is that you weigh what I have wrote and what Rob Bell writes about against the Bible then pray on it and let God lead you to what He wants for you.  If isn’t from God or from the Bible then it isn’t true.  Again like I said this is not an attack on any particular denomination of Christianity.

God bless.


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Please pray.


There was a story that made national headlines here in Ohio.  The city is about 4 to 4 1/2 hours away from where we live, but being a mom it would have hit home where ever I lived.  A mom to a young son was kidnapped and her body has believed to be found.  She was due to give birth to a daughter in the begining of July.  The boyfriend has been taken into custody.  This is so tragic for this family, please keep them all in your prayers especially her son as he witnessed this whole thing and then was left alone until his grandma found him at their house.  Here is the link:   Apparently they will be charging the man with murder of both the mom and the unborn baby.


God bless

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Library security guards……

The children and I went to the local branch library where we have been going consistently for almost 2 years and we have never had a problem before.  Almost as soon as my SIL, the children and I walked in to the library it seemd as if the security guard had a problem with us.  While I was getting Hannah’s and Bethanne’s books counted for the summer reading program I sent them back to the children’s area, the guard watched them like it was something horrible.  I have done this many times before, the childrens area is blocked off to where I can see everything going on from the desk and my SIL was in the video section right in front of the kids area.  Well Bethanne was excited, she and Hannah both enjoy the library, so she ran from the kids room to her Aunt, we were the only children in the room and my SIL the only one looking at movies at the time.  Well as I was helping Hannah with a computer game my SIL brought Bethanne over to me and said the security guard told her to quit running.  I said okay and thought that would be the end of it.  Bethanne went over to a little play truck that kids can sit in to read books and was looking through the books then she went to the table to sit down the stool tipped over on her and smashed her fingers.  So I left Christian in the stroller and picked up Bethanne, she was crying like all children do when they smash their fingers.  So I am comforting her and pointing out books she might like, trying to distract her, well our friend the security guard came in and watched me.  I looked up at him then went back to searching for books and he left.  So I gathered the girls and told them that I wanted to look for one book for myself.  So I put Bethanne down as I couldn’t carry her and push the stroller, she was still upset but not crying anymore about her fingers so when I held her hand she flopped down on the ground and gave herself nurse maids elbow.  It is very painful and can last for hours.  She started crying again.  I found the book I wanted went to the check out counter and picked out her prize.  My SIL met me at the counter.  Bethanne was still crying but no one in the computer area seemed bothered.  The guard came up to us and told me to leave.  I calmly and politely told him I was checking out and then I would leave.  He said no, one of you need to take her out.  I turned around and finished checking out and then left.  I am not going to have my SIL who is not the one to care for my children take my hurt daughter outside.  I was appalled by the treatment the SG gave us.  There were other children who were unsupervised at this time we were leaving that were not being watched over by the SG and their parents were busy on the computer not paying one iota of attention to them.  My SIL called and complained and she was told they have a noise level, when she explained that Bethanne was hurt, they said it didn’t matter!  The librarian also went on to tell us that if the Bailey family has a problem then maybe we shouldn’t come back.  I have tried to call 4 times since yesterday and all time the branch manager has been unavailable, I am begining to think they are screening her calls.  I only want to issue a complaint about the security guard.  I have called the director but he is out until next week.  I am upset by the treatment we have recieved, but this isn’t the first time I thought something odd was going on such as favoritism. 


Sorry for my rant but I needed to vent.   Please pray that I am able to resolve this issue.


God bless.


To my visitors

Hello and welcome to my site.  I notice I have quite a few people looking at my blog fron all over the world, that is so great!!!  I would love to know what you think, please feel free to leave comments either on my slide box located to the right of my page and under my avatar you can even upload your own photo to it so I know what you look like, my cbox also located to the right but further down the page or you can just leave comments below each post that I make.  I enjoy sharing and enjoy feedback and advice.


God bless.

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Wanted to share my crafting space

As most of you know, those who are family and friends, we are outgrowing our two bedroom home so I am unable to leave my crafting supplies out to where I have free access to them at all times so I wanted to share how I have managed to organize my crafting space.  The cabinent is almost all scrapbooking supplies, the drawers are my sewing stuff, rotary cutter, etc.  My cutting mats go behind that against the wall.  I have an extra surplus of paper which is what is in that plastic shopping bag.  The small pink bag contains a cross stitch sampler I am working on.  On top of the cabinent is my knifty knitter, some extra quilt fabric, other cross stitch supplies, my rubber stamps and my light box.  The black case next to the plastic drawers contain my scrapbooking paper.  As for my sewing machine which I didn’t take a picture of it is set up on a tray table which I put away when I need to in the closet in the hall 🙂   The wicker looking tote is my yarn bag for my crochet projects.  

 It works.


God bless.

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It's all about Christian


I am posting some pics of Christian.  The first is his quilt top-I have not finished it but hope to work on basting it and tying it so I can learn to mitre the corners of the binding at my crochet class on Friday.  I had to take several different angle because it’s so huge.  It is a twin sized quilt that covers the entirity of Don’s and I bed which is a queen, so he will have enough to drape over the side of his bed once he gets into a twin bed 🙂  I am using a navy blue flat sheet to cover the back, yardage for the back to use fabric would have run me about $30 or more so I went with a 100% cotton $10 sheet from Walmart.  It is so soft.


Now here he is eating Gerber beef stew.  I apologize for his lack of clothing but he got very messy and it would have ruined his clothing.


Here he is eating his first Happy Meal from McDonalds.  He got a four piece chicken nugget and fry with a apple juice.  The picture where he is screwing up his face is because of the flash on my camera.


I will try to update pictures of the girls sometime in the next couple of days.  It seems my blog is turning into a Christian museum.  Can you tell he is my first little boy 🙂


God bless.

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We had an exciting night last night, around 11pm as I was finishing the last episode of House, M.D. the entire house went dark.  There was a complete power outage for our block and part of the block behind us.  It got hot very quickly as well.  I ended up driving to my brother and when he didn’t answer went to my SIL’s house and thankfully she was awake and called the power provider.  They gave us an estimated time of having our power back by 1:35a.m  thankfully it came back on about 1/2 hour after I got back from having my SIL call them.  We are thinking there was a major wreck that knocked out the power on our grid as our neighbors next to us had power but not the ones across the street.

We are expecting severe storms through out the day today.  Most of you know how much I enjoy a good thunder and lighting storm 🙂

It was found out on Wednesday that Hannah still has fluid behind her eardrum, this is 2 1/2 months after the ped’s initial diagnosis although she had been complaining longer than that.  The claritan did not clear her up, and now I wished I hadn’t given it to her because the ped told me they do it because it clears the nose so it’s a guess that it will work on the ears but there is no proof.  So I gave med to Hannah that had nothing to do with her getting better 😦  She is being referred to an ENT and hopefully they will respect my wishes that I want her going to the same ENT that Bethanne goes to.  This is only affecting her right ear so they may put a tube in just that ear.  I am waiting to hear from the ENT as from what I  understand the ped office has not made the referral yet.  Thankfully her hearing is not affected but she did fail the tampanogram which tells how much movement her eardrum is doing. 

Christian is huge at over 21 pounds and 29 inches long!  He is a fast crawler and I can see him starting to cruise very soon.  He can say Hannah, ma and dada as well as some other consenant sounds.  When I make a meowing sound he will mimick me which is so cute.  He is also begining to completely wean I don’t know if that means my milk is changing which could suggest something else or if he just isn’t interested anymore.  He also has been caught climbing out of his high chair.  Life is exciting with a little boy 🙂

I think that is about it and thank you for reading.


God bless.


P.S.  Once again don’t forget to check our my friend’s blog about her adoption fundraiser.  🙂

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