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It's all about Christian

on June 19, 2007


I am posting some pics of Christian.  The first is his quilt top-I have not finished it but hope to work on basting it and tying it so I can learn to mitre the corners of the binding at my crochet class on Friday.  I had to take several different angle because it’s so huge.  It is a twin sized quilt that covers the entirity of Don’s and I bed which is a queen, so he will have enough to drape over the side of his bed once he gets into a twin bed πŸ™‚  I am using a navy blue flat sheet to cover the back, yardage for the back to use fabric would have run me about $30 or more so I went with a 100% cotton $10 sheet from Walmart.  It is so soft.


Now here he is eating Gerber beef stew.  I apologize for his lack of clothing but he got very messy and it would have ruined his clothing.


Here he is eating his first Happy Meal from McDonalds.  He got a four piece chicken nugget and fry with a apple juice.  The picture where he is screwing up his face is because of the flash on my camera.


I will try to update pictures of the girls sometime in the next couple of days.  It seems my blog is turning into a Christian museum.  Can you tell he is my first little boy πŸ™‚


God bless.


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