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More thoughts on "Velvet Elvis"

on June 26, 2007

Welcome back.


There are some things I kind of skimmed over, because for the sake of time I just cannot type everything out, that is why, if you are a strong Christian, grounded in your Faith, then please read the book for yourself.  I do not suggest buying it, because that puts money in the hands of Zondervan and Rob Bell.  I have an issue with anyone who says they are an evangelist but yet continues to make tons of money, more than they need.  So anyway on to the book:


"Notice this verse from 1 Corinthians: " ‘To the rest I say this (I, not the Lord)…’ " Here we have Paul writing to a group of Christians, and he wants to make it clear that the next thing he is going to say comes from him, " ‘not the Lord’ ".

So when a writer of the Bible makes it clear that what he is writing comes straight from him, how is that still the word of God?

Now I think the Bible is the most amazing, beautiful, deep, inspired, engaging collection of writings ever.  How is it this ancient book continues to affect me in ways no other book does?

But sometimes when I hear people quote the Bible, I just want to throw up.

Can I just say that?

Can I get that off my chest?

Sometimes when people are backing up their points and the Bible is used to prove that they are right, everything within me says, " ‘There is no way that’s what God meant by that verse.’ "

Several hundred years ago people used the Bible verses to defend their right to own slaves." Velvet Elvis page 42-43, 2005


May I just start off by saying he wants to throw up when people quote the Bible?  What?  So that means if I were to meet the author and he asks me why we believe in not using birth control and I quoted Scripture such as "Be Fruitful and Multiply" or "Before you were formed I knew you" he would want to be sick becaus God couldn’t possibly mean that we shouldn’t control our family size.  Is he afraid that maybe the ones quoting Scripture are right and he is ultimately wrong because he wants God and the Bible to fit into how he feels he should be living by his own standards?  He doesn’t want to seem to take the Bible as the written word of God and to take it literally.  Now I know that some really bad groups out there, Nazi’s, KKK, slave holders, ACLU can use the Bible to fit their evil deeds.  Anyone can do this, but they don’t read the whole Bible.  They take what fits their goals, their ideas and leave the rest.  I have had people say that me wearing a headcovering isn’t for today.  When I say it’s in the Bible they then say oh, well that was for the old times we can’t possilby follow the Bible to a T in today’s world.  Why?  The Bible is a blueprint, blueprints are made to be followed.  If a construction company left out a supporting wall then the house would fall, isn’t the Christian life like that if a supporting structure is left out our lives fall apart.

I have read many books that are "amazing, beautiful, deep, inspired, engaging" though not inspired some just happen to be fiction, but they don’t rule my life and I don’t follow them.  Some have changed my outlook on the way I do see life.  The Amish fiction I read led me to read more in depth about head coverings and seeking the Spirit in this matter.  I don’t credit these authors I credit God for giving me the conviction to do so.  The Bible is Holy not merely some book that provides a good story, it is a Book that tells us how to live.  I know not everyone is on the same page as other Christians, there are baby Christians and mature Christians but the more we read the Bible and pray over what it says the Lord will reveal to us the meaning.  We cannot assume simply because what someone says is wrong because we don’t think that is what God meant.  Obviously, I believe firmly abortion is wrong in any instance, and this also comes from the commandment thou shall not murder.  Am I wrong for thinking that God means this to include the innocent pre-born children within their mother’s wombs?  No.  God goes on to say how He knows us before we are even formed!  How great is that?  For him to say that God couldn’t possibly mean that by how that certain person interpreted the Scripture is for him to assume he knows God better than others and that just isn’t true.  None will know God personally until we our true home, we are just doing our best by reading and praying and letting the Spirit convict us.

I know Paul wrote Corinthians and yes he wrote the part of headcoverings, should I ignore this because he wrote it?  No.  Should we ignore the Gospels because a mere man wrote them, they couldn’t possibly be true or what God meant?  No.  This is the Holy Bible, a sacred text, one that is inspired (meaning God gave these men the thinking skills He used-but yet they didn’t totally know him either) by God to the men who wrote them so in effect it His words going through them to us through the Bible.  We must turn back to the Bible.  We could use this argument for not tithing, well you know since the tithing part was written so long ago then it can’t possibly mean we are supposed to give, food is more expensive, clothing is expensive, I need to make sure my children are cared for.  We can find all kinds of excuses to NOT tithe but is that Biblical? No.  Is it right? No. 

I in no way support slaverly, racism, anti-semitism, etc and I won’t use the Bible to make excuses for those who do.  The Bible states we are all free there is no slave, no master.  See this is what people fail to do, they fail to look deeper into the Bible.  So yes those who do quote the Bible for their own evil deeds do make me sick but those who truly read and pray and know what God has convicted them of make me happy.  We are to hide God’s Word in our hearts, it is our armor against a dark world that needs light.

Again, like I said in my last post, I am in no way defaming Rob Bell and he is the one who says on the back of his book to not take his book without questioning it, searching it.  So that is what I am doing I am taking his book and measuring it against His True book.  to me it just doesn’t add up.

God bless.



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    hey Sarah! I'm finally reading your thoughts on this book… when your done with it could I borrow it? lol. let me know I can pay for postage and would send it back when I'm done 🙂

    Melanie (

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