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A freecycle blessing!!!

on July 11, 2007

Hello.  I posted on my local freecylce group for fabric and yarn.  The fabric for quilting and the yarn for the making the hats for the preemies at local NICU hospitals.  Well I had a lady who gave me a whole garbage bag full of fabric.  Another lady gave me three bags full of yarn, some of which was still brand new.  The yarn is soft enough to make the hats for the babies.  I am so happy.  I will try to take pictures today of the fabric, yarn and the hats I already have made thus far.  I can’t wait to donate them.


God bless.


One response to “A freecycle blessing!!!

  1. PumpkinsMomma says:

    it is great! it's wonderful to get free stuff. I love what you are planning to do with it too!

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