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Shout outs……

on July 13, 2007



Some of my visitors may have noticed I have a map on the right side of my page.  It tracks where my readers are and I am happy to see so many friends, even if I don’t know you personally or even online, I am glad you stopped by.


So I noticed that I have some visitors from: ** Leichhardt, Australia  **Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC, Canada  **Douala, Cameroon  **Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom  **Athens, Greece  **Parow, South Africa


Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten all my state side visitors, your visits mean a lot to me as well.  I find it nice and interesting that I have those who are way across the oceans visiting me.  Please try to leave a comment either in the cbox, by emailing me, or by using the comment box with pictures to let me know how I can ‘visit’ you-this goes for all my state side visitors, friends, and family as well.  My husband still has family Greece-Theopolos is the last name.  I would also to hear about your home countries, if  you get a chance.


May God bless  you all.


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