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Right to Life

on July 22, 2007


Well I am finally awake after a long night at our county fair.  Hannah, my SIL and I worked from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Right to Life booth.  I am very much pro-life and am a firm believer in the banning of abortion for any reason.  This is not up for debate πŸ™‚  So anyway we set to work organizing the booth as it looked like the people who picked things up didn’t care in how they left things 😦  We had a late entry into the baby contest.  I am going to enter Bethanne and Christian on Monday.  We had many people donate to RTL, which was nice and I was able to get a few flyers to stick in the books at our library which are very much pro-abortion and pro-choice.   Hannah was a big help by cutting stickers so that children could pick them up in passing and help us in straigtening things up afterwards.  Well after our shift ended, we set out to see what else was going on.  The next stop on my SIL and I’s list was the Republican booth.  I signed up to work their booth next year πŸ™‚  Yep, I am die hard Repbulican.  Although none of the candidates with their pro-choice stance on the Republican ticket are getting my vote at this time.  Well we made our rounds in the Mercantile building, which is where most of the vedors/booths are set up.  We then went to the Arts/Crafts building-I got to see what I will be up against next year-my friend Mary won Second Premium for the quilt she made for her son.  Big CONGRATS! to her.  The quilts were beautiful, next year I will be entering the ones I do, which right now will be Christian’s quilt and my Friendship Star quilt which was part of the swap I did in 2006.  I will also try to do some of my cross stitch samplers, cards and scrapbook pages and enter those.  The rides were expensive but I paid $2.00 so Hannah could ride the Merry Go Round and I was allowed to stand by her.  We wanted to ride the ship but Hannah wasn’t tall enough, so we went off to see the animals.  We first went to the goats, then the horses where a very nice man pulled his horse name Jitterbug out of her stall so Hannah could pet her.  Jitterbug was a beautiful brown colored Arabian who is 21 years old.  Hannah was so happy.  We also viewed the cows and sheep and even got to see one being sheered.  We weren’t able to find the rabbit barn though.  I can’t wait to get Hannah involved in a home schooling 4-H group.  After all this was when Hannah rode the Merry Go Round.  I promised to get Hannah some cotton candy so we went looking for that and everyone was charging $3.00 for a small bag!!!!!  I told Hannah that I wasn’t paying that for a small bag when you get cotton candy for a $1.00 at stores.  She understood, I also couldn’t get any funnel cakes or elephant ears because the prices for those was more than I was willing to pay.  The hotdogs I bought for $1.00 were pitiful little things and I was starved when we got home around 10:30p.m.  My feet were killing me and even now, the next morning I have shooting pain up into my knee.  I didn’t wear my tennis shoes so that could be the problem, I wore my Crocs.  Anyway, we were all exhausted by the time we arrived back at the house.

I must say I completely understand now why fairs are viewed by some churches and people as being sinful and avoid them.  There were couples who shouldn’t have been doing what they were doing, tons of smoking (not a sin but YUCK for us non-smokers), cussing that was so numerous I couldn’t shield Hannah against all of it, the ‘music’ was very disgusting.  So I told Hannah if she goes to work the booth with me next year we will go to the booth, look at the animals and the crafts and then leave.  No midway at all, it truly isn’t something a Christian would enjoy seeing.  I am glad to not be going back this year.

So until my next post, take care of yourselves and may God bless you all.


2 responses to “Right to Life

  1. Amy says:

    Hey Sarah, I used to work at that same booth when I lived in your county! πŸ™‚

    Amy (from MOMS)

  2. Lightbearer says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I know what you mean – the fair we went to today was really low-key, no music, and a very small midway. I remember Greene County Fair and it is very big! We don't go on rides for the same reason. Maybe try another day and go early when it opens at 11 am. It is still a great time to see the animals the children wouldn't normally see. God Bless!

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