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Happy 3rd Birthday to Bethanne

Happy Birthday my little girl.  I love you.


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Annoucements for the Nutcracker ballet

Hannah tried out last Saturday  for the ballet of the Nutcracker.  We found out today that Hannah made it!!!!  She will be in two acts of the ballet and she won’t be a mouse (she didn’t want to be a mouse)  We discussed the fact that if she didn’t make it then God had something else for her to do, so we think that God has given this time to Hannah because she enjoys ballet.  The neat thing is it looks like the costumes she will be in will not be too immodest.  She will be in the party scene and also the children of the nations (I think it may actually be called the Children’s Gallop)

The pictures below are some random pictures I found on the internet, I think Hannah will enjoy dressing in the frilly girly dresses 🙂


The Party Scene:


Tomorrow we also go to sign up for basketball.  I am trying to find a pair or have someone make some culottes for her as I won’t have time and I haven’t been able to find any at stores.


God bless.

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Another give away- **ends Monday**

Here is another give away……….this lady has a blog that I subscribe to and is very creative and caring.–ends-monday.aspx

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Here is a give away for a free Dyson vaccum.  Limited to US shipping addresses.

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Hannity video on Planned Parenthood

This is the video link (I can’t embed the video here from Fox News on Hannity about the Planned Parenthood conspiracy.  .  PP is taking tax dollars, regardless of the fact that most of that money comes from Christian, pro-life (even quiverfull families) hard working families.

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Well Child check up and other things

It’s been a few days since I had anything to blog.  We took a field trip with our homeschool group to Jungle Jim’s on Monday.  We were late but we got there in time to finish the tour and get some samples. The girls really enjoyed themselves and we got some different foods from around the world.

Christian had his well child check up yesterday.  He is 23 pounds 8 ounces!!!!  He is 31 1/4 inches tall.  So right on target for the chart the ped uses.  I wasn’t worried anyway.  He got his blood drawn for all the stuff they  test for and his measles vax, the only one he got because the others contained the aborted babies or they wouldn’t order the seperate mumps vax.  He did very good.  The NP is referring us to Children’s for PT for him because he isn’t walking yet.  He will cruise around the furniture and stand on his own and has attempted to take a few steps but he isn’t walking.  I never thought it was a problem but if he isn’t walking on October 26th I have to keep the PT appt!  I am kind of frustrated because the girls were walkers later about 13 and 14 months so I never thought they would need PT I don’t know.  Thankfully we do have insurance, but I still don’t think he needs it.  I know he will be walking by October 26th.

Hannah is still really enjoying school and had her first math assessment today.  She did very well except for counting, I am not allowed to prompt and she cannot look at the 100 chart.  So she started counting and she has issues with saying 13 she will say 12 and then move onto 14 because of her issues with the pronouncing it.  So I told her we will work on saying 13 so even though she can count higher than 13 I only gave her credit for 13 because of the trouble with saying it.  We are also going to hold back from moving onto the letter F in phonics because she is having trouble remembering all the sounds, like if I say "egg" for some reason she will say a when I say no she guesses until she gets the right one.  She knows the sound and can say it if prompted but she isn’t hearing the sound when the word is said so our next couple of days for phonics will be spent in review until she shows she is progressing.

We started AWANAS last Wednesday and Bethanne has her motto and key verse memorized, I am finding she is a very kinesthic learner.  Hannah has her motto, key verse and most of the pledge of allegiance memorized.

I think that is it.  I have to go do lunches and figure out why the twins are crying.

God bless


Flat traveler help

Don and I have decided to let Hannah have a flat traveler.  We haven’t decided if the traveler will be a paper doll or a small stuffed animal.  What we would do is package a journal and the traveler and a list of addresses for the package to be passed on and then the person would mail it on to the next person on the list.  I would like to see this go to each State in the U.S. and then every country.  So if you would like to help her out please email me or leave a comment with a way to contact you so I can get in touch and get your info.  DO NOT leave any personal mailing addresses in my comment sections.  If we have several people who are interested in each state then I will put those states together to cut down on mailing costs for everyone.  Once Hannah’s traveler passes on to you, you are responsible for letting me know when you get it and mail it out, make sure you mail it on to the next person, etc.  Please if you don’t feel you can do this then there will be another oppurtunity, but we want this to make it around as it will be a good lesson in geography and social studies for her that is exciting and hands-on.  You can include pictures, postcards, small souveniors (remember the person after you will have to mail on what the person before them enclosed, lets be nice) and of course write a little about what you did with Hannah’s traveler.  You can keep the traveler for a day or a week, but please no longer than a week so those who signed up don’t forget 🙂  If the envelope is in bad shape it may need to be replaced every so often.  We will come up with a name for her flat traveler and take of picture of him or her so everyone can see who they will be hosting at their house.


If you prefer to email me I have set up a special email for Hannah just for this project which will be used until our traveler returns home it is


If you would please also include if you are willing to send overseas.


God bless.


Surgery updates and other stuff

Hannah’s surgery went well yesterday.  She did get kind of weepy after getting back in her room but I do the same after coming out of anesthia.  She is now back to her old self.  She doesn’t like the ear drops but hey I didn’t either. 

Chrisitan took his actual first step yesterday!!!!  He was so proud of himself he had to sit down and clap 🙂  He will be into everything before I know it.

Hannah and I got our library cards today in the mail.  I joined another library, my fifth, that has the Rosetta Stone foreign language program online for free.  For those who don’t know RS is a high priced language program that a lot of homeschoolers use.  Adults can also learn as they have an adult curriculum too.  We can buy the work book for $10 which I may consider after I decide for sure which language I want to learn.  Right now Hannah wants to learn sign language, which Don is slowly teaching her and she is picking it up.  My mom wants her to learn Spanish, it may be denial on my part, but I refuse learn it myself and don’t want my children learning it, as I feel we are slowly turning ourselves over to the Hispanic population that are here illegally.  Please, I mean no offense to those who are born here or came here legally and have learned English, are citizens and are Americans, I mean those who are here illegally and refuse to learn English.  I don’t feel it is right for anyone to go to a foreign country and demand that they speak my language and I refuse to learn theirs.  I wouldn’t go to France and expect everyone to speak English, I would expect them to think that I do know French and to speak it well enough to communicate.  So anyway, I don’t want to cater to that mentality in our country, not to mention I am not learning the language to get a job, but to only learn something so maybe one day I can travel there.  Right now at the top of my list are to learn, German, Gaelic, Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek and  Indian.  Don still has family in Greece so that would be fun to correspond with them in their language or should I meet them one day.  I am part German and Irish descent so that is obvious as to why I like those languages.  Aramaic and Hebrew so I can know the language that my Savior once spoke.  So anyway I am on a quest to decide which language.

Our Keepers group will be starting soon and although I can’t make the next two meetings I will be doing the stuff here at home.  I checked out a few kids cook books that Hannah and I can use to come up with menu plans.  Yes she has to plan, make, serve and clean up the meal-with my help of course.  She has to make 5 breakfasts, lunches and dinners. 

AWANAS starts on Wednesday!!!!  The girls are very excited.  Bethanne will be an official Cubby and Hannah will be a Spark.

We are signing Hannah up for basketball at an area church. 

I have two homeschool meetings coming up along with trying to plan a field trip, taking field trips, maybe doing the history fair, Don wants to help with the science fair, and being a book reviewer for the group’s library.

I have also signed the girls up for some parks and rec programs starting in October, well if there are spaces open!

On top of that we are entering our third week of babysitting!!!!  I told Hannah I will be giving her a couple dollars a week for helping me with the babies.  She is a great helper.

We are going to a Pow Wow tomorrow so I will post pictures of that.  We are still in the process of trying to decide on a church.  Anymore it is hard to find a truly Biblical church that is giving in to the contemporary, emergent, word faith, etc movements and it is frustrating.  I know not all churches will align with all our beliefs but we want a Biblical church and one that we are being forced into putting our children in the nursery or Sunday School.

School is still going good.  I am looking forward to getting my FIAR.  Hannah is doing really good so far with AI and Saxon.  We did miss Friday due to her surgery but come Monday it will be full swing again.

Well I think that is it………

God bless,



P.S.  Oh and about that socialization?????????

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***Update*** about the Fair

Hello.  I know some of you may not get a chance to read comments left at mine, or at other’s blogs, so I wanted to make sure that I passed along the news that the American Indian reenactor who was burned the first day of the Fair is now at home with his family and doing well.  Praise the Lord!!!   If you do get a chance I had a very nice comment left from a man closely involved with the Fair so please take a moment to look at the comments under the Fair at New Boston post with the pictures.


God bless.

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Curriculum changes

Hello.  Well we are well into the school year for the most part.  Hannah is doing great with the Saxon Math and is doing the 1st grade workbook.  We started Alphabet Island today.  The Interlock proved to easy for her so until I can everything worked out with my Volume 1, I just bought Five in a Row Volume 1 off of ebay so I will be giving that a try.  Until that arrives we will concentrate on math and phonics.

God bless.


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