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More altered clipboards

Here is the OSU one I made for my friend’s auction tomorrow evening.  I am putting a minimum of $10 on it for both the board and the post it note holder:  The BUCKS on the side is wooden letters I painted.



The one for my MIL:  (**if you know my MIL DO NOT tell her, it’s for Christmas)



God bless.


ETA:  The post it note holders can be used to hold recipe cards as suggested by my friend Susan last week.  They won’t be able to be decorated like the ones above as the recipe card would cover up the paper design and any outside embellishments would cover up your recipe.  This will keep your cards free from food residue and splashes though.  The holders are just those cheapy plastic frames they come in many sizes, turned upside down and around.


Some freebies

Here are some great freebies:

American Vision Free CD and booklet

Christian worldview mag-free

Free Modesty Lapbook-must register


I hope you enjoy these freebies as much as I have.


God bless

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Update on me

I have an appt. next Tuesday for a fasting blood sugar test.  We are also struggling with our insurance on coverage of diabetic testing supplies.  I am praying that my fasting level on Monday at 135 was a defective test strip.  I worry that if I am a true diabetic now how this will affect any of my unborn children as well as my own health.  So for those who visit my blog, if you feel led please say a prayer and that this scare will also get me back on track with my diet.


God bless. 


Update:  Okay, so the DME place gave a brand new monitor along with lancets and strips.  The owner told me that if my insurance would not cover the monitor he will let me have it for free.  I was able to walk out of the store with the stuff before they even contacted my insurance.  This store is great and so very nice.  They are family owned and he said he doesn’t want to see anyone go without the things they need.  Well I needed it… fasting this morning was 145!!!!!  Definitely elevated, and symptomatic of type 2.   Not good especially right before a Pampered Chef party which will be chocolate and of course the holidays.  My appt still stands for Tuesday.

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To my brother in VA

Just wanted to say:

Love you and God bless,

Your sister.

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CT scan update

I don’t know if I had posted that I was going in for a CT scan last Tuesday.  I have been having repeated sinus infections and no amount of antibiotics or nasal sprays are clearing me up so I went ahead and had this done, thankfully no contrast YEAH!!!!!  So my results were……………………nothing.  There is no reason medically that I still have congestion and sinus pressure, so I will have to look at another reason.  Dairy?  My weight?  I did check the T-Tapp book out of our local library and it seems like a good thing, you can begin to loose inches in just two weeks on their book camp.  It is also supposed to help with diabetes (some have even been able to go off all meds and insulin), high cholesterol, joint and back pain, among other things.  So we will see.  The book came with both the 15 minute and the 45 minute workout.  There is nothing to buy, your body works as the resistance and it works ALL muscles not just some isolated muscles like areobics or weight training would do, so you looked toned not bulky.  I still want to look like a woman 🙂 please pray that this will work and a woman in the book has done all the standing exercises throughout her entire pregnancy!  So if I become pregnant it will be a great workout and hopefully no gestational diabetes YEAH!!!  Pray that I can stick with it.


God bless.




I love things in nature, it didn’t use to be this way.  I dreaded it when my mom would say lets go for a hike or some such thing.  I mean I truly hated it.  I didn’t appreciate being together as a family, I was too cool for that, right?  What is someone saw me, nevermind that no one I knew would be where I was or that we were in a whole other city or even different counties.  Now though I value the sights found in nature and marvel at what God has created.  I love to watch waterfalls and to listen to the water falling over the edge, I love to watch the foliage change in the fall and spring.  We have so many colors to look at and delight the eye, oranges, reds, greens, browns.  Not to mention a whole new set of smells, to me eveything smells fresher in the fall.  I don’t know what it is I have always delighted in the new smells of fall, it’s a crisp smell that seems to heighten the senses and make everything seem cleaned and changed.  Some people would say no it’s spring when everything comes alive and seems clean, but I have to agree to disagree, because to me fall is my favorite time of year.  To me fall is the perfect time for cook outs, camping trips, walks, anything that some people love to do in the spring and summer for me I love to do it in the fall.  Maybe it’s the fact I don’t enjoy heat and humidity and those things can and do make me sick and the fall I can sit back and enjoy the colors changing, fresh air and being outside without the fear of having to keep migraine medicine nearby, I don’t have to worry (as much) about my children and I getting sunburned or bitten by whatever insect is flying by.  No to me fall is so wonderful.  I think God gave us each a season that we truly appreciate, and for me that season is fall.  I long to be outside, it doesn’t even have to be doing something active, just outside sitting while the children play.  To be outside under trees while they change color and leaves drop is a wonder to me.  The more I learned about how things work in nature in school I think detracted from the way I thought about nature, I know God made it and it is wonderfully made and that is all I need to know.  It is awesome to see the power in each season and know that God made it just this way.  There is no need to worry over the so called global warming because God already knew all of this, He alone knows which tree will be the first to change color, He alone knows how many gallons are in the sea at any given moment, He is awesome.  He has given me the fall for me to enjoy the bounty of His riches which He has bestowed upon us all. 

May you be blessed this wonderful fall day!!!!

God bless.

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Altered Clipboard

It’s almost time for Christmas and what is better than a homemade gift????  One with a picture LOL

Here is what I worked on last night and finished earlier today, it is called an altered clipboard.  I painted the front and back with matching acryllic paint then took printed scrapbook paper and modge podged it to the bottom half.  I used chipboard letters to spell "MOM" then sprayed sealed it all so that is remains intact for several, hopefully very long years.  After that I added the corkboard to which I will add a picture of my mom and I when I was a little girl. I will use thumb tacks for attaching the picture so she can interchange them should she wish to do so.   I tied ribbons to decorate the clip on it., which Hannah helped me in doing-she ties great knots.  Next to it is a handmade post it note holder.  The paper matches the paper on the clipboard and the letters are chipboard in my mom’s initials.  I am now working on one for my mother in law and will post pictures as soon as I get it done, hopefully tomorrow.



God bless.

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Review of a lapbook from Hands of a Child

My daughter, Hannah, and I just completed her lapbook called In The Garden:Flowers and Insects  HOAC lap book  it was so much fun and even though some of it was simpler it was reviewing what we have already studied, always a good thing.  The book came in ebook form, which was nice and is something I can access.  It is broken up into 5 days of activities and while it took us longer than five days due to the babysitting and other happenings in life we did complete it.  Hannah’s favorite part was drawing the butterflies wings with her hands as well as making a picnic blanket complete with a lot of ants.  She enjoyed decorating it with her own touches and she begged to do it each day. 

HOAC has really great lapbooking products so if you are short on time or ideas then this is the place to turn.  The customer service is great, and to be able to review a lapbook and complete it for free is a priceless gift to homeschoolers who otherwise would be unable to buy a project pack.


Here are some pictures of the completed lap book, please forgive the sideways pictures I don’t have time to flip them.



God bless.


Who Owns the Sun by Stacy Chbosky

This is the book we read last week in Five In a Row.  It was a pretty good book although I had to add some things that didn’t point out God but Hannah started teaching me after awhile if I forgot something 🙂  Since the book was about slavery we discussed slavery, did some searchs on the Underground Railroad, there were many stop south of us and we think we may try to visit some in the near future.  We also made hoe cakes.  Field hands would mix corn meal with water and heat their hoes in the fires and cook the cakes on them, we found a recipe for them and Hannah and Bethanne did not enjoy them.  They weren’t bad if you added butter, in my opinion.  Oh, by the way ours were made in a skillet although Don did offer to get our hoe out-that would have been a true learning experience.

Making the batter: that is blue marker on her arm by the way, oopps.


The finished batter:


The finished hoe cakes:


Just because pictures

I took some "just because" pictures the other day……here they are……



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