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You know their getting older

when you see their teeth wiggling.  Yep, Hannah is in the process of losing her first tooth 😦  This makes me sad in some ways as I have to face the fact time doesn’t stand still and they will grow up.  Soon enough I will be seeing her start her own family, not going to rush it though LOL.  If I could just get her to bite into an apple, she says it hurts so she doesn’t want anything hard and voluntarily ate toast for breakfast, the tooth would probably pop out.  She is excited though as most of her friends have already lost teeth so she sees it as something neat and exciting.



God bless.

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Scrappin' Sunday #4

Well it’s here again…..scrappin’ Sunday by Amy.  I can finally post something I have finished, although I will have to load pictures tomorrow, sorry.
Just post your TA-DA’s for the week, your TO-DO’s for this coming week (plans/goals), and share pictures if you’ve got any. And for this week’s "bonus question": Share a favorite tip or technique that you’ve learned recently.

My ta-da’s are the fact that I do have some of my Christmas cards made up, some, at least for a Christmas card exchange I am in (not the same as a swap) are addressed and ready to go.  To-do’s are to make some more cards, take a group pic of the children and cut out Hannah’s ‘school’ picture to put in the cards.  I will try to post pictures tomorrow.  I haven’t learned a new technique but I do enjoy using the SU pastels and blender pens 🙂

Sunday Scrappin’


Feast 169

Okay I am on a meme kick and I found aother neat one here at  Friday’s Feast

What was your first “real” job?  My first real job was my enlisting in the U.S. Navy and serving from 1997 to 1998, yes I had a short term duty.

Where would you go if you wanted to spark your creativity?  To a site that gives ideas for card making, quilting, cross stitching or scrapbooking or a craft store.

Complete this sentence: I am embarrassed when…  I don’t understand something.

Main Course
What values did your parents instill in you?  Friendship, loyalty, not lying, there are others they tried to instill but most didn’t catch on until I was well into adulthood 😦

Name 3 fads from your teenage years.   teased bangs, holes in the knees of your jeans, and peg rolling the bottom of your jeans with your socks over top of them with Eastland penny loafers.

Well I hope you all enjoyed this. 

God bless.


Friday Fun meme

1. Holiday parties: fun or no?  fun, as long as I am surrounded by my kids, husband and friends
2. Holiday shopping: fun or no?  fun, as long as I have money, a good sale and not busy
3. Black Friday: fun or no?  no, I spent an hour waiting to get fabric cut today at Jo-Ann’s
4. Playing in the snow: fun or no? fun
5. What kinds of things are traditions for your family during the holidays?  going to Christmas Eve service, reading the Christmas story, seeing the lights, watching Chrismas movies like Miracle on 34th Street, It’s a Wonderul Life (thankfully no one has remade this) and Irving Berlin’s White Christmas, there are more and I could go on forever.


God bless.

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Great You Tube video

Here is a great video put out by TOS You Tube video on homeschooling

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Just wanted to say


for visiting my blog

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Thanksgiving Day-yesterday :)

I pray you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday, I know we did.  It was very cold here in Ohio and we eventually got that snow the meterologists had been talking about, although it wasn’t much.  We had a turkey, relish tray, pumpkin pie, apple pie, stuffing, rolls, and mashed potatoes.  Granted the pies, rolls, stuffing and potatoes were not made from scratch but I told Hannah definitely next year.  With me feeling stuffy with some ear pain and all three of the kids sick with colds I just didn’t have the energy to devote to doing a whole shebang.  I would also like to start hosting Thanksgiving dinner once we get into a bigger house and can accomodate a bunch of people.  I will gladly do the cooking if they all come here LOL.  So the girls watched a bit of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, it has been a tradition of my families to watch it, but they weren’t too interested-way too many commercials to make it meaningful.  So we watched Home Alone 3 which to me isn’t the greatest movie for kids.  Then my mom and brother stopped over and stayed awhile while our food was cooking and then they left so we could eat.  Later Don’s parents came over and stayed for a little bit, bringing left overs.  So overall it was a good day.  Normally I can’t stand to stay in the house all day but I did so without complaining which made for a happy husband.

God bless.


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Pictures of Christian

here is my little man.  Yes, he is eating a whole apple without choking–he has to be just like his big sisters.  The others are of him making one of his funny faces.  And the other is him napping and hugging his Heffalump toy from our friends Susan and Sophie.  He won’t nap with clothes on **sigh**




And one of Bethanne:



Scrappin Sunday #3

OOppps, sorry Amy I missed #2 😦  and here today is Monday.  I had a long day yesterday with ballet rehearsal and then Magical Night of Giving at a local mall-which I think something I sampled may have been sugar free as I had a massive sudden migraine attack and had to leave 😦  Sorry Susan and Sophie. 


So onto Scrappin Sunday:

Sunday Scrappin’


From Amy’s site "Remember, post your TA-DA’s for the week, your TO-DO’s for this coming week (plans/goals), and share pictures if you’ve got any. And for this week’s "bonus question": Are you making any Christmas gifts this year? If so, we’d love to know what and where you are on finishing the project. (I completely understand if you can’t post about gifts because the recepient might read your blog!) "

So far my ta-das are the fact that I have my cards cut out and planned.  My to-dos are to get them colored and put together and put in the mail.  I have a card swap I am doing for the RUTH message that I have been going to for several years.  I am going to try to make two different cards this year.  Also getting a picture of the children to put in the cards.  Sorry no pictures, yet 🙂  I also want to do some scrapbook pages I am WAY behind on all three.  As for Christmas gifts I can’t really post because I know some of my family peruse my blog, and not sure exactly who so for the sake of safety I won’t say or post pictures, after Christmas yes.  I love homemade Christmases, those are the best and of course cheapest LOL.

God bless.


Ad Council and Bullying too far????

I have had the local radio station on today so the children could listen to Christmas music.  This radio station has always been pretty good about what is played and I know that they can’t really say no to an ad council comercial but I was shocked.  Hannah told me she had already heard it once before while I was freshening up!!!  I couldn’t believe the things they put in this.  Not only did they take the name of God in vain, they used words such as tra** , freak, and calls her clothing disgusting and hideous.  This is supposed to be an ad about the dangers of cyber bullying but it was taken too far.  If you want to see what I am talking about here is the link:  under the right hand side labeled radio is a link called Megan, this is the one that I have a problem with.  I will be contacting them and voicing my opinion and if you are as upset and concerned that this is playing over millions of air waves to thousands of children every day, many times a day, write them.  We are trying to protect our children and to expose them unknowingly (of course not now) to this sort of trash talk is just not good.  Also if you hear it on your local radio I would suggest writing them too.


God bless.

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