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Looking back on 2007

on December 31, 2007

Today is the last day of 2007!  I am finishing up the last of 6 years of marriage and marching into my 7th.  Our anniversary falls on January 1st.  A lot has happened over the last 12 months, well maybe not a lot but it sure felt like it at the time.

In January last year we celebrated 6 years of marriage, which in today’s world is becoming more of an accomplishment as more people divorce.  We have three beautiful, healthy children.  Which I am very thankfuly for, especially when I think of the parents out there who are not so fortunate, but are blessed none the less.  Children are always blessings no matter what.

February saw the 5th birthday of my first born, Hannah.  She has grown so much this year.  She has come thru when I have been so sick I can’t get off the couch and she finally, after much tears, lost that first tooth.  She got $2, we saw it as special since it was her first, under her pillow.  She sold wreaths and crafts at our home school group’s craft fair.  She started kindergarten and loves it.  Spoke up and told me she didn’t like the first curriculum we were using so we switched.

My dad and step-mom also celebrated 6 years of marriage.

March was my DH bday, can’t tell you how old he is.

In April, we lost my very loved Grandpa.  Here are the posts related to my Grandpa and

In May on Mother’s Day my brother married a wonderful lady whom I am proud to call my Sister-In-Law.  She is a wonderful woman who the Lord definitely blessed my brother with.

In June and July were my brother’s Tyler and Ryan’s birthdays and of course my little man’s 1st birthday, Christian turned 1, wow he is growing fast, it seems like he is actually growing faster than my girls.  The 4th of July was hard as it was my Grandpa’s birthday and he wasn’t here this year to celebrate with us.

August saw my 29th year here on earth.  Yep I will be soon be 30!!!!  LOL  Now I have to stop teasing my wonderful friends about their old age 😀

September Bethanne turned 3!  Oh my goodness, I just can’t believe it-she is turning into a lady with a somewhat rough exterior but with the Lord’s help that will change.  She would be what some would call a tom boy but in dresses LOL.  September was also when I began babysitting my friend’s twins.  Both girls began AWANAS, Bethanne being a Cubby and Hannah a Sparky.  Hannah also had ear tubes put in this month.

October was the tryouts for the Nutcracker in which Hannah was given two parts, the Party Scene in Act I and The Homeland Scene in Act II.

November gave us a wonderful Thanksgiving which we spent at home.  Along with more rehearsals.  I gave my notice regarding not being able to babysit anymore, too "far behind" according to DH in school.

December saw us the end of rehearsals and the culmination of all our hardwork, especially Hannah’s when we got to see the finished product of The Nutcracker.  We also had a blessed Christmas and were able to spend Christmas Eve with family and Christmas Day at home with my mom and brother.

Of course there were the colds and flus and trips to the dr.  There were times of tears and laughter.  Doesn’t God tells us in His Word that there is a time for each of these things?  Yes.  As we enter a new year at times I find myself wondering what will the tears be brought on by this year, will we laugh and rejoice at a new birth in our family?  Will we cry at the loss of a loved one or pet?  I don’t know but God carries it all in His hands and He will know what we need when the time comes wether it is to mourn with us or to rejoice with us God is there and He alone will see us through. 

So with that I will leave you with Blessings for the New Year that you and your family will see happiness, health and that God will be with you through out all phases of this New Year, 2008



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