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MOM Exercise Challenge Update.

Well I guess since it’s Monday I better check in.  I hope that the other moms did better than I.  I only got in two workouts.  I decided that after having kicked one child on the arm and about running over the one that was running circles around me that it would be best to do it before they get up!  I need to get an alarm clock that won’t wake the whole house when it goes off so I can wake up a little earlier than everyone else.  Like I said before I refuse to exercise in front of DH so I can’t do it after they go to be either!  So I got in two days the past week.  I have two of the Leslie Sansone walk videos in at the library I just have to drag myself out into the cold with three children in tow and get to get them.  It is easier to get them in the van now that we have two sliding doors!!!  Yes, we are moving up in the world.  Just kidding.  By the way DH’s shirt that hasn’t been able to button is now wrapping around him-that means-yes he is now loosing weight as well!!!!  WooHoo.  He is excited and made me give him a high five before leaving for work LOL.  I can tell I am still losing too but I wish that the stomach rolls would disappear.  So that is my update.  I am not exercising this morning either, hopefully tomorrow if I go to bed early enough.  It’s also troubling when the bottom of your tennis shoe is falling off UGH!

God bless.


Stampin Up! party

My friend Amy, visit her at Tiny Blessings, is having a Stampin’ Up party that if the weather cooperates I will be going to tomorrow!  Thankfully I saved back some of my spending money Don gave me from our tax refund and he gave me a little extra to cover tax and shipping.  This is also the time of Sale A Bration, so for every $50 spent you get a free stamp set!!!  How cool is that?  Remember my post about Paper?  Well Amy said she will keep careful watch to make sure I buy no  more.  Would I love to have some of the DS paper?  Yes!!!  But alas I look behind me and see the paper I do have and yikes, okay no more paper.  Also if a hostess has a $300 party she gets a free set along with the other sets and merchandise she can earn!!!  This is great.  For a $300 party you can now earn two free stamp sets (usually it’s only one) plus the other free merchandise!  I am excited.  I can’t wait to see what Amy and her demo have planned for the make and take, gotta love make and takes.

So what am I buying?  I am buying things that I can actually use 🙂  how’s that for a change.

This is the Build a Flower set                                                     Dazzling Diamonds Glitter



Tombow Multi Purpose Adhesive for the glitter                    The round tab punch and the scallop circle

                                                                                                        punch.  This is just the sample.


And the free set I will recieve will be perfect for the scallop punch: So Many Scallops_  This will pair perfectly with the punch and my round tab punch will go with my hostess set from my last party.  So hopefully DH doesn’t think I am spending money that will be waster.  Oh, I can’t wait to get it and make more cards!!!!


God bless


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Do not call

Okay I am frustrated and slightly irritated.  For the pas week we have been getting all kinds of automated calls concerning free tickets for cruises,  health insurance, or of course your "please hold for an important message" and then after waiting so I can tell a real person to quit calling me they robot hangs up on me.  So I *69 and get the call number and find out the number is either discontected or has been scrambled so as not to give away thier identity.  Yes, I have registered our phone number with the do not call registry but appartently it doesn’t work.  I understand that our creditors and such can still call but these are robots calling my house and bugging me.  I did talk to one lady who was mad that I requested to be put on their do not call list.  You call me uninvited and then get mad when I tell you to not call me!!!  What is this sudden blitz of telemarketing calls?  I used to do this for a job and hated it, cold calls and such and it really is rude.  I am not rude to these people I just have better things to do than waste my time answering phone calls from robots or unsolicited ads.  So for my friends who call and get our voice mail it is because I don’t want to talk to them, leave me a message and I will call you back.  Since I have children answering the phone I am now leery of what people are spouting into the phone when they answer.   Okay vent over!


God bless.

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Moms of Many Exercise Challenge

You will see a new blog roll on the right side, it is the Quiverfull blog roll, blogs made up of moms and families who live and agree to the Quiverfull lifestyle as God has convicted us to live.  I recieved an update today regarding an exercise challenge, I definitely need accountability so this is a good thing.  I think this is also the reason why, despite praying and trying, God has not blessed us again this month.  My weight is not good, won’t say how much and that can definitely have a negative impact for pregnancy and getting pregnant.  So I will be joining in on the challenge, there is a button on the right either above or below the blog roll that will you take you to the blog of the lady who is doing the challenge.  I have been doing good, but with Don home today I didn’t get a chance to exercise (I hate exercising in front of him, don’t ask, I don’t know why) but starting again tomorrow I will be doing Leslie Sansones Walk Kick video.  The videos are simple and you get a good sweaty workout in.  I am going to be seeing if the library has any of her other ones in like the 3 mile walk that you do right in your living room!  When you live in Ohio with extreme cold and extreme heat exercising inside is a bonus 🙂

God bless.


I have a confession……

I am addicted to….









scrapbooking paper.

It became evident today when I bought an under the bed storage box for my paper.  I have one of those rolling totes things and well I didn’t really have a place for it and I have some paper.  Well after emptying it out I have A LOT of paper.  The entire bin is full!  I will have to take pictures.  Don can’t believe how much paper I have, I didn’t realize it either.  I was planning on buying some paper at my friend’s SU pary this weekend but uuummmm at the request of Don I better not.  I am going to stick with a few items I do need, like punches I have been wanting and maybe some inks, but I have a lot of those too.  I just can’t believe it.  I truly have a problem, but hey it could be worse.  This just gives me incentive to get caught up on pages and cards 🙂  Bring on the challenges.

God bless.


Friday Feast 179

Fridays feast has returned hop on over to Friday’s Feast to join in with your own feast.


Name one thing that is unique about you.  Okay I really don’t know.  If anyone knows something unique about me let me know LOL


Fill in the blank: My favorite _________ is __________ but I like _________ too.  My favorite book is Gone with the Wind but I like Les Miserables too.


What type of wood do you have for your home’s furnishings?  Does particle or pressed wood count.  We can’t afford real wood.

Main Course

Who do you talk to most often on the phone?  Most often would be a tie, it’d have to be DH at work, my friends Pam, Susan and Mary.


What level of responsibility do you have in your job?  A lot, I have to make sure to clean up hazardous spills, apply first aid and hopefully no CPR, I also stand in as a counselor, janitor, friend, baker and cook, craft leader, outing supervisor and education specialist as well as Spiritual advisor.

God bless.


Happy 6th Birthday Hannah!!!

Happy 6th Birthday to


We love you.

Strawberry Shortcake & Custard
Hannah asked me something last night I’d thought I’d share:
last night in the car she asked "I know I’ll be 6 tomorrow but what time tomorrow?"
I told her "as soon as you wake up you will be 6 or I could make you wait until
12:31 p.m. which is when you were actually born"
She said "So when I wake up I will be 6?
Me "Yes"
Hannah "That means I’ll be as tall as S*****"  (that is one of her friends)
Unfortunately I had to explain to her "it doesn’t work that way honey"
And in true fashion of her thinking it through she replies "well then how did I get this big?"
This morning she told me she did indeed grow because she feels bigger.
Out of the mouths of babes……
God bless.
Strawberry Shorcake images from Mean Ducks Strawberry Shortcake Graphics
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Works for me Wednesday

This is my first time joining in on What Works for me Wednesday, this weeks is being hosted over at Don’t Try this at Home  and since I have been working on simplifying (hey, shout out to Amy over at Tiny Blessings as her word for the year is simplify) on the way breakfast and lunch and even sometimes dinner go.  I like simple meals or at least meals that I can do prep work before hand, crock pots are my best friend, but DH doesn’t like to eat food from a crock pot everyday of the week, believe I have tried it.  So okay, the other day I made mini pizzas, here’s how:

1 pack of English muffins

1 jar of pizza sauce

favorite pizza toppings.

Spread out English muffins on a cookie sheet, spread some pizza sauce on the muffins, then top with the toppings (I only added cheese and pepperoni, next time I’d like to add some sausage and maybe mushrooms for Christian and I).  Put cookie sheets in freezer then once frozen transfer to a storage container or freezer bag then all you do is pull them out and bake them in the oven when you are ready to eat!  They are crunchy and yummy, and best of all I can eat one for lunch!

The other thing I did today to simplify and also cut back on portions is to make a batch of cookie dough.  Yep I make cookie dough to cut back on portions LOL.  Okay what I did was lined cookie sheets with wax paper and using my scoop I scooped out balls and put them in the freezer.  I baked some for a dessert after lunch and dinner for today.  Once the balls are frozen transfer to a storage container or bag and pull out what you need when you need it.  No more mixing dough and then pigging out on a bunch of cookies and realizing they only lasted a day!

So this is what works for me and if you have any other ideas or recipes for freezing please leave me a comment with them.  We are trying to limit carbs and sugars so if you leave me a recipe please keep that in mind but no artificial sweetners.

God bless,



Another card

Okay, well Don says he wants my paper and craft stuff contained so what better way than to use it!!!  LOL.  I have looked all over for a cheap way to store my paper and haven’t been able to find a solution.  Right now I have one of those black rolling totes but it’s so full it actually no longer stands up straight and I have way more paper than it will carry, seriously, I am a paper collector.  So I made another card today, Don also asked why I am making so many cards?  I am on a card kick, next month it will be crochet, next will be quilting, next will be cross stitch, no not really but it feels like I sometimes go through spurts with my different crafts/hobby/home arts.  So from a tutorial Splitcoaststampers tutorial I made this Criss Cross card.  I haven’t made the band yet but I will think on it if I even want to add one.  Let me know what you think, band or no band?

Stamps are SU! Vases in Vogue retired (yes the words are upside down)  SU stampin pastels and blender pens for the flower.



God bless


Depressing van news

Okay, well some of you know that we bought a Ford Windstar a few years back, shortly after we had Hannah because we knew our family would be growing, even if at the time it was our timing and not God’s.  Lesson learned: never, ever buy a van or any car from a sales lot that is by a back country road.  We were in a hurry as Don had just sold his car and we needed something FAST!  So we bought it and got what we thought was a good deal.  Since then the van has been in shop more times than he or I could count.  It went in the shop for the last time yesterday.  Yep, chances are it will never return home to our house.  Don called me just a little bit ago to tell me that the repairs would cost us $2,300 almost half of what we paid for it and the blue book value of our van is only $1,200.  He already has an offer for someone to buy it for parts.  Now we wonder what to do?  We had a five year plan which meant that next year we would buy a new van, this year was devoted to paying off most of our credit card debt.  It seems sometimes just when you get your head above water and start to tread, however very slowly it may be, you are once again flooded.  This is very depressing.  There is no way that the children’s car seats will fit in the Nissan Sentra so we can’t go anywhere as a family until we get a van.  Please pray that something will come through for us and that things will work out for us.  This post isn’t meant to be a gripe session just letting steam off but trust me go to a reputable sales place should you ever be in the need of a new car or van.  We have our suspicions that something was wrong from the get go since the sales guy let it go so cheaply, expensive lesson learned.


God bless.

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