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Depressing van news

on February 12, 2008

Okay, well some of you know that we bought a Ford Windstar a few years back, shortly after we had Hannah because we knew our family would be growing, even if at the time it was our timing and not God’s.  Lesson learned: never, ever buy a van or any car from a sales lot that is by a back country road.  We were in a hurry as Don had just sold his car and we needed something FAST!  So we bought it and got what we thought was a good deal.  Since then the van has been in shop more times than he or I could count.  It went in the shop for the last time yesterday.  Yep, chances are it will never return home to our house.  Don called me just a little bit ago to tell me that the repairs would cost us $2,300 almost half of what we paid for it and the blue book value of our van is only $1,200.  He already has an offer for someone to buy it for parts.  Now we wonder what to do?  We had a five year plan which meant that next year we would buy a new van, this year was devoted to paying off most of our credit card debt.  It seems sometimes just when you get your head above water and start to tread, however very slowly it may be, you are once again flooded.  This is very depressing.  There is no way that the children’s car seats will fit in the Nissan Sentra so we can’t go anywhere as a family until we get a van.  Please pray that something will come through for us and that things will work out for us.  This post isn’t meant to be a gripe session just letting steam off but trust me go to a reputable sales place should you ever be in the need of a new car or van.  We have our suspicions that something was wrong from the get go since the sales guy let it go so cheaply, expensive lesson learned.


God bless.

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  1. Amy says:

    Oh, I'm sorry to hear this. Cars are such expensive things! I'm pray that an answer comes along quickly for your family.

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