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About the Bible study and other things

Hello.  I did start my study but had no time to post until now 😦  I have been very busy, or so it seems LOL.  So for now I am going to put aside hosting a online Bible study and focus on my own Bible studies and when things settle down host another one.  If you are interested let me know what you would like to study and I will look into it.  I will not study some of the ‘evangelists’ out there so I want things that are Biblically sound 🙂 

Well I go tomorrow night for my 4H volunteer training.  I won’t have Cloverbud training until next spring!  But this training will allow me to teach other things than just Cloverbuds and such.  I am a bit nervous but excited.  It will be nice to be able to teach the children without having to have someone watch to make sure all is okay 🙂  I also had my fingerprints done this past Friday so once they get that back I only have to wait until they recieve my references 🙂 and I will be done and once I pass the background check (okay who here has doubts?? LOL) and they recieve that news I will be an official 4H volunteer.

I also went in to tour our CPC (Crisis Pregnancy Center) aka PRC (Pregnancy Resource Center) to start the volunteer process there.  I am not sure how much time I will put in – I know I don’t want it to interfere with home life.  It will take 20 hours of training to actually be able to meet with clients so I may just work behind the scenes for now washing donated clothing, sorting the clothing into gender and seasons, mailing out flyers/brochures, etc.  I am allowed to do the 20 hours of training in spurts when I can but it will take me awhile – but AWANAS will be ending in May.  4H meetings will be over after the fair.  So that will free up some time.

Hannah finished her soccer season.  Her team didn’t win one game, but that is okay, they tried and that is what matters.  I told her that I will let her take a tennis camp which runs from June 2 to June 5 and is a half an hour in the evening.  Basically it just teaches the basics of tennis and such and of course she can wear her skorts and dresses 🙂  She does want to do soccer in the fall which actually begins in August, the most hottest month in Ohio.  Then of course she wants to sign up for the basketball team she was on in January again as well.  I’d like to make some culottes for her this time around to keep with the modesty issue.  At least I should have time to learn LOL.

I have found some good deals on our curriculum this year.  For Bethanne I am going to do Saxon Math K which a lady agreed to let me have for free just pay for shipping I just had to buy the meeting book, and some other basic skills.  Hannah will be doing Alphabet Island Level 2, Saxon Math 2 which I will be recieving the teacher’s manual for $15 I did have to buy the workbooks and meeting book but it was still cheaper than buying everything brand new, I also picked up an ABEKA history program for $5.00, and we will be continuing with our Five In A Row studies which Bethanne can join in and Christian can listen to the stories.  I have been buying the books with some good deals on ebay, which is nice not having to wait for weeks on end to get the books at the library.  So this is our homeschool year thus far.  I have been blessed buy such good deals and am glad that I have had the resources to sell to get the money to buy our curriculum.  It’s so much fun getting the curriculum and shopping for the best deals.

Today marks one year since my Grandpa passed and my brother, children and I are going to stop by the cemetary today.

Thank you to all who left comments regarding my Grandma.  My brothers and I have been told that we are not invited to her memorial service, so while it hurts to be told that by our Aunts, we will stay away.  My mom is not attending either since we are not welcome.  I don’t know why families feel the need to tear each other apart for?

Well I think that is it.  I will update as I can.

God bless.

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Watching this case.

I have been watching this case on the FLDS and the removal of children from their parents since it broke in the news.  I am in no way affiliated with the FLDS or even just regular Mormons but I do worry about these children and these moms in this case.  Over 400 were herded from the only home they knew, that was surrounded by family, including numerous siblings and half siblings, dad and moms.  While I in no way recognize polygamy as a way of life and I am not here to berate that belief, even if I do disagree strongly 🙂  I must say I disagree in the way that CPS and the legal system handled this.  I have a distrust of CPS even before I became a mom and that is because my major in college was social work and we learned about CPS.  While I know there are caring and loving CPS workers there are those who are overworked, burned out and no longer live for the people they are supposed to protect, the children.   I understand that  yes the children need protection but what about investigating first before removing over 400 children from their homes?  Doesn’t the CPS usually investigate a case before removing other children from the house?  Usually, yes.  I really think this is a case of these people living a life different from the world and someone who doesn’t like them making false claims.  Many homeschooling, Christian families have been on the other end of false claims so this is nothing new.  I say false claims because there is no sign of the girl who alledgely made the claim that set of this fire storm.  Where is she?  Surely she would have been removed along with the rest of the children since CPS removed all children 18 years and younger.  Did she exist at all?  These children are now awaiting a court trial  to decide where they will be living.  They are not taking the cases one by one but as a group – what’s good for one is good for all apparently.  Will they be put with families who will do even more harm?  Could happen.  Will they be put with people who don’t share any similarity in faith, wether it’s of God, modest dressing, etc?  Definitely.  I doubt the judges or CPS workers will take into account wether these children will be allowed to follow their faith in God, be allowed to dress how they are used to among other things.  Not to mention as a mom I would be furious if my children were ripped from me – nursing infants included – and the court were to decide where they are too live.  I fear that this will send off a tidal wave that will reach to Bible believing Christians and have wide reaching effects for those of us who do seperate ourselves from the world.  Just like the California case has blown open the world of home schooling this will blow open those of us who feel the need to seperate ourselves from the worldly word for the sake of our Saviour.

May God bless you.


Sads news from yesterday

Hello.  My mom called yesterday after I arrived home from church to tell me my Grandma had passed away.  This is my mom’s mom.  It was not sudden but it was expected either.  I haven’t talked to her since about 5 years ago unless you count the time a couple months ago that I called the hospital to leave a message for her, specifically that we love her.  I think my mom told me she was 75 years old.  She was living in Florida.  Once her obituary is posted I will leave it here.  This was almost a year to the day we lost my Grandpa (my dad’s dad) who died April 30, 2007.  Please pray for my mom, my two aunts and uncle.


Also I was told on Sunday that a man that I graduated high school with was killed while leaving a bar with his brother.  I was never friends with this man but he was always nice enough and everyone who saw him would says he always had a smile.  I hadn’t seen him but once since graduation and that was only from a distance.  His dad had me for my sophmore CP English class, and was always a very kind and caring teacher.  The authorities are treating this like a murder and are looking for information.  The link to the story is here: Newspaper article


AWANA Awards Sunday

Clip Art - Cubbie walk  Sunday was the 3rd quarter awards for AWANA

and we went  to the awards ceremony.  The church was

very nice, we hadn’t been there before except for AWANA.  Bethanne is

a Cubby and Hannah is a Sparky.  They have both been working very

hard on their verses and it has paid off.  Not only do they have Scripture memorized  Sparks Update Banner

both have finished their main books, had perfect attendance and were

named Cubby and Sparky of the quarter.  Bethanne recieved a new Max Lucado Hermie

and Friends movie called Milo the Mantis who Couldn’t Pray  (very good) and Hannah was given

a button that recites the verse John 3:16 along with their ‘jewels’ and other patches.  I wasn’t able to take

pictures 😦 .

Images were copied from the website.

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Easter Pictures

Here are the pictures from Easter.  Well the night before Easter 🙂

The first ones are the girls making and preparing our Ressurection Rolls.  Christian was already asleep while making these.

These are the rolls ready to go in the oven.

Finished rolls and upclose of finished rolls


Here are the finished Resurrection Cookies:

Both of these were hollow when finished baking, the Resurrection rolls went over better but the cookies are something we have done for two years now and the girls have enjoyed doing them.

God bless.

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The Saturday Special

Well I have just a moment to write off another meme.  We are going to have a busy Saturday and try to get the dying bushes out of our front yard along with the decorative white rocks that aren’t so decorative anymore so we can put some flowers out and make the yard look nicer 🙂

So here is my Saturday Special.

Senses Favorites~
1. Favorite Smell?:  Flowers I love the soft scent

of flowers and of course a new born baby is a wonderful smell too.

2. Favorite Landscape View?:  Country, I am not a beach person,

I’d love to have a country scene with an old barn and farm house with trees.

3. Favorite Taste?:  It depends, I do like sweets but I also like sours.
Can you say Salt and Vinegar chips LOL!  I like Sour Patch Kids candy.
I like chocolate and I really like steak make with onion soup mix and mushrooms
and onions with cheese melted over it.  YUMMY!
4. Favorite Sound?:  The sound of my children playing peacefully,
the sound of my DH’s car pulling up for the weekend off, the sound of birds,
the sound of a baby’s heartbeat within the mommy, my children telling me
something new they learned and I taught, my children’s laughter.
Have a blessed day!!!!

Christians and boycotting

I haven’t really posted anything of value lately, well yes my children are valuable, but in terms of giving someone something to think about.  I really enjoy getting the updates from the AFA or American Family Association so I can learn about what is going on from a Christian perspective but I can’t say I agree with every email (this goes for any Christian org. that sends outs these emails) such as calling for boycotting of companies because they support non-Christian ideals.  I’d love to boycott Proctor and Gamble (but they do make a superior product and switching to a store brand personal hygiene product isn’t good because they are made inferior to P&G’s product), Walmart (if only the tennis shoes weren’t $10 and soccer shin gaurds were $9.00, Target (not allowing Salvation Army ringers), Ford (that is easy because it’s not like I am buying a new van every couple weeks and we will never own another Ford anyway), and now it’s McDonalds!  If I had to boycott every store and manufacturer that went against Christian values I’d have to move to a homestead have a garden, my husband would hunt our meat, I would be growing cotton and sheep for clothing, we would be living from the land and be self sufficient.  We are the reason to blame for some many corporations embracing un-Christian values-we let non-Christians get elected into office instead of electing only Christian men to offices and allowing men with integrity to run a business we have become over run with non-Christian values.  Yes, I agree if we could boycott every non-Christian company it would send a message but how do we do it?  Until we start living and holding people accountable for their un-Christian actions and beliefs we won’t get back to a Christian society.  Should we look to our ancestors, the Puritans, Pligrims, etc to see that if one did not attend church on a Sunday except for major exceptions they were punished.  Patrons would not support a non-Christian place of business thereby forcing them out of business.  This is the same as the Bible command that any who cannot abide will not be allowed within the community until repentance is made and if needed and applicable restitution.  I will have to find the exact Scripture later.  I already boycott the Girl Scout cookie sales and that is hard in and of itself, small step but I also don’t depend on the Girl Scouts to supply my family cookies either.  So if you feel led by the Spirit to boycott said stores then praise the Lord!  Great.  I’d love to know how to boycott all these stores but still be able to live in a city where one cannot be self sufficient like, for the sake of example, the Ingalls family.  No, they weren’t totally self sufficient but by some meaure the Olsen’s were Christian (if you get away from Harriet’s gossipyness and anger and bossing her DH) so by buying a tea kettle from their store  you weren’t actually supporting the devil himself.  The Amish buy at Walmart, they are just as far in this as we are.  Walmart has almost rid the cities of small homegrown honest business people, but we need them, or do we?  My DH and I went almost 3 months not shopping at Wally world but they had the best prices on tennis shoes and shin gaurds.  I HATE going into a store that I know supports un-Christian causes, the inner turmoil that exists in me when I step into any of these stores is so great it could make one sick.  How do we boycott and still get a quality product.  If we boycott one then we need to boycott all.  What do stores like Kroger, Meijer, Jo Ann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, Bed Bath and Beyond and other support?  What do restaurants like your local Chinese buffet, local Indian buffet, White Castle, Olive Garden, etc support?  If anyone has any idea how I can boycott stores, restaurants, businesses etc and still be able to get needed items for living I would be interested in hearing them.  I would need cotton for clothing, water (see utitlity company), seeds (which are usually bought from a store) among other things to be a homesteader.  How does one not support those who support euthanasia, abortion, birth control devices, gay ‘right’s, terrorism, etc?  I am signing off and opening this up for comments and probably a lot of nasty comments, those will be deleted though 🙂

God bless.


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