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Christians and boycotting

on April 2, 2008

I haven’t really posted anything of value lately, well yes my children are valuable, but in terms of giving someone something to think about.  I really enjoy getting the updates from the AFA or American Family Association so I can learn about what is going on from a Christian perspective but I can’t say I agree with every email (this goes for any Christian org. that sends outs these emails) such as calling for boycotting of companies because they support non-Christian ideals.  I’d love to boycott Proctor and Gamble (but they do make a superior product and switching to a store brand personal hygiene product isn’t good because they are made inferior to P&G’s product), Walmart (if only the tennis shoes weren’t $10 and soccer shin gaurds were $9.00, Target (not allowing Salvation Army ringers), Ford (that is easy because it’s not like I am buying a new van every couple weeks and we will never own another Ford anyway), and now it’s McDonalds!  If I had to boycott every store and manufacturer that went against Christian values I’d have to move to a homestead have a garden, my husband would hunt our meat, I would be growing cotton and sheep for clothing, we would be living from the land and be self sufficient.  We are the reason to blame for some many corporations embracing un-Christian values-we let non-Christians get elected into office instead of electing only Christian men to offices and allowing men with integrity to run a business we have become over run with non-Christian values.  Yes, I agree if we could boycott every non-Christian company it would send a message but how do we do it?  Until we start living and holding people accountable for their un-Christian actions and beliefs we won’t get back to a Christian society.  Should we look to our ancestors, the Puritans, Pligrims, etc to see that if one did not attend church on a Sunday except for major exceptions they were punished.  Patrons would not support a non-Christian place of business thereby forcing them out of business.  This is the same as the Bible command that any who cannot abide will not be allowed within the community until repentance is made and if needed and applicable restitution.  I will have to find the exact Scripture later.  I already boycott the Girl Scout cookie sales and that is hard in and of itself, small step but I also don’t depend on the Girl Scouts to supply my family cookies either.  So if you feel led by the Spirit to boycott said stores then praise the Lord!  Great.  I’d love to know how to boycott all these stores but still be able to live in a city where one cannot be self sufficient like, for the sake of example, the Ingalls family.  No, they weren’t totally self sufficient but by some meaure the Olsen’s were Christian (if you get away from Harriet’s gossipyness and anger and bossing her DH) so by buying a tea kettle from their store  you weren’t actually supporting the devil himself.  The Amish buy at Walmart, they are just as far in this as we are.  Walmart has almost rid the cities of small homegrown honest business people, but we need them, or do we?  My DH and I went almost 3 months not shopping at Wally world but they had the best prices on tennis shoes and shin gaurds.  I HATE going into a store that I know supports un-Christian causes, the inner turmoil that exists in me when I step into any of these stores is so great it could make one sick.  How do we boycott and still get a quality product.  If we boycott one then we need to boycott all.  What do stores like Kroger, Meijer, Jo Ann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, Bed Bath and Beyond and other support?  What do restaurants like your local Chinese buffet, local Indian buffet, White Castle, Olive Garden, etc support?  If anyone has any idea how I can boycott stores, restaurants, businesses etc and still be able to get needed items for living I would be interested in hearing them.  I would need cotton for clothing, water (see utitlity company), seeds (which are usually bought from a store) among other things to be a homesteader.  How does one not support those who support euthanasia, abortion, birth control devices, gay ‘right’s, terrorism, etc?  I am signing off and opening this up for comments and probably a lot of nasty comments, those will be deleted though 🙂

God bless.

2 responses to “Christians and boycotting

  1. MamaArcher says:

    well apparently McDonald's is not openly and with lots of money supporting the gay agenda. Good thing we never ate there much to begin with.

    We do love Chick-Fil-A! They are closed on Sundays so that their employee's can go to worship!

  2. Suzanne says:

    I know how you feel. I am all for taking a stand, be we have to be selective, follow our conscience and the leading of the Holy Spirit to help with that selection.
    Sometimes I get so overwhelmed from pleas to call my senator, for example, that I begin to feel like the government is on my shoulders; like if I don't write or call, America will go down the toilet and it will all be my fault.

    But I have to remind myself that my shoulders were not designed to carry the government. I do vote, and I have sent letters at times. But when I begin to feel the pressure that it all hinges on just little ol' me, I have to take a step back. I like AFA too, but sometimes they burden me unnecessarily. Nice to hear I'm not alone.

    Suzanne @ The Beauty of It All

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