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Craft Camp

on June 25, 2008

I will update each day with her new crafts as she completes them 🙂


Our local craft store, Crafts 2000, has a week long craft camp every summer.  This year’s theme is under the sea.  For $2.00 per day each child gets to make two to three crafts per day plus a snack.  Parents can stay, a definite plus.  In our case my MIL takes Hannah since Christian and Bethanne won’t sit in a store for 2 hours.  Bethanne could have participated but we felt she needed to mature a little bit, so maybe next year.  So far here is what Hannah has made, minus the t-shirt (it’s in the hamper) and her sea horse riding stick (I will try to post that tomorrow).

Day 1:  This is a  plastic bucket and inside is mixed sand and decoupage glue and then they put sea shells in it.  Left to dry it looks like she went sea shell hunting at the beach, very cool looking in person.  They also made the tshirt and made a fish pole with fishes on it but her brother and sister got ahold of them before I could take pictures 😦  I will post her tshirt here tomorrow as well.

Day 2:  Here is a shark visor and a whale that is made out of a terra cotta planter:  They also drew a under sea picture.  I will scan it tomorrow and add it as well.  Hannah loves to draw.

Here is a lobster visor, a lobster cork board (unfortunately my husband says it looks like Mr. Crab from a cartoon that will remain un-named), this will be where the sea horse riding stick goes.


2 responses to “Craft Camp

  1. Pam5 says:

    Great job Hannah!! All of your projects look so good!!

    THANK YOU PAM.Edited by OhioSarah on Jun. 29, 2008 at 3:55 PM

  2. Amy says:

    Oh how neat! I wish we lived closer, M would love to do that with Hannah!

    YES IT IS A GREAT ACTIVITY. THAT WOULD BE FUN FOR THEM TO DO TOGETHER 🙂Edited by OhioSarah on Jun. 29, 2008 at 3:56 PM

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