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So busy

on July 22, 2008


I feel like I have been so busy, even though we haven’t really gone anywhere 🙂

I took Hannah to the ped yesterday as her headaches are getting more frequent and are now being accompanied with nausea.  The ped feels given my history of migraines and her becoming nauseous that she does have migraines.  I am to give her a 1/2 a tablet of 25mg Topamax which is supposed to help prevent the headaches/migraines from occuring.

Today we another appt. which I am not going to go into great detail about.

Tommorow is Cloverbud 4H Show and Tell!!!!  Hannah will take her potted planted in the planter she decorated and tell the ‘judges’ about it.  They are non-competitive at this point, which is nice.  Every child gets a ribbon and a good bag.  It is also child’s day at the fair so all children get in free so I may take them around to see the animals and a church we visited is giving away free water and has a craft for the children.  It is sad as some other churches are out there collecting money – how sad and no wonder so many see Christians as greedy people.  This church is offering everything for free, no strings attached.  Of course they will share the Good News if someone is interested 🙂

Thursday is my day to work a 2 hour shift with my friend at the Right to Life booth, this is my 2nd year.  Hannah will be accompanying me there as well.  I really enjoy doing the RTL booth – I hope that many people who are working the Democrat booth will stop by and see us 🙂

Friday is thankfully a bit of down time, although I may go to the library and turn in the last of the children’s entry into the summer reading program.  I’d love to win the $100 B&N GC that is the grand prize for the children’s department as it would bring in a nice addition to our FIAR titles and some other school book needs.

Saturday is the big 2 for Christian.  My little man is getting so big and is so destructive exploratory!  He is all boy, which is how it should be.  I went out yesterday to the Evil Empire and bought him a Little Tykes drum, his first remote control car, some Crayola lit’ stampers and a pad of paper.  I am making him a cake and will be topping it with dinosaurs.  He enjoys growling and acting like a dinosaur.

So that is our going ons for now.  I will try to post pictures after tomorrow’s show and tell and on Saturday.


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