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Constitution Party

There is a continuation of this please see the comments section.  Also I do reserve the right to delete any message that is derogatory towards my God, me,  my beliefs or my family

Voting for the lesser of the two evils is still voting for evil. Now I am not calling the person evil as that is God’s job but the viewpoints can be evil and for that Christians are called to call that evil out.  I saw this on a website and agree with it.  By voting the way everyone else who is a Republican would have me vote and following the flow, instead of following the way I feel lead to vote and who I think will do the best job in upholding the values I believe in and are listed in the Bible.  I simply cannot vote for either nominee as you noticed from my post below.  Also, I don’t want to upset anyone who reads my blog, our votes don’t count.  Yes, you read that right, our votes don’t count.  Before someone gets upset and tries to tell me I don’t know how our government works, please don’t, I have a college degree and was going to go into law before God pointed me to my real job, mom and wife.  If our votes actually counted why would we have an electoral college?  If more people voted for the 3rd party, more voices would be heard and then the government would hopefully listen to the people’s voices.  Our votes merely tell everyone where the popularity resides, with Obama, McCain or Baldwin.  Baldwin???  Yes, Baldwin!  Our votes don’t sit these men in the Presidency it merely says hey so many like him and so many don’t like him.  It’s the electoral votes that decide who will actually be President.  So all the fighting about ballots not being counted, is for a popularity contest, sounds kind of vain doesn’t it? 

So after doing reading I feel lead to vote for Baldwin/Castle of the Constitution Party.  If you see Baldwin/Castle recieving only 1 vote in November, it’s mine LOL.  I want a President who:

*upholds life begins at conception and will overturn Roe V Wade

*marriage is between a man and a woman

*education is the parent’s role and home education is a legal and available choice.  Federal government has no say what is taught or how children are taught. 

these are just the tip of the iceberg.  I am so happy when I read the statements regarding educaton at the website:  I included the IL website because it was the easiest to manuever.  Click on issues and then you can see the things they believe in.


Let’s give the 3rd party a chance at a voice and vote for Christian morals to be heard!



McCain picks his VP running mate

FYI: If you would like to comment please leave a name.  I am tired of those posting anon and then passing judgement by accusing me of judging.  The Bible warns us to look at the plank in our own eye.  I recognize I am a sinner, as all of us are, my point is a female being in this position.  Debra may have been appointed by God to be a judge in Israel but keep in mind judges in Israel were not a common occurance and was only done so God could appease His people and when there were no men able to take the place He appointed a woman, a woman who I believe (I could be wrong) had no children.  It is hard for me to believe that there are no men that able to lead this country in a Christ like fashion.  Yes God has His hand in it and whoever is in office will be done to His purpose but I believe also that unless there are no more Godly men alive then the women should let the men take office.  This is just my humble opinion.  Again please don’t post anon to come here and judge me or other commentors unless you are free from judgement.  This is America where we are free to form our own opinions and mine come from how I read the KJV of the Holy Word of God and God gave us free will.


If he hadn’t already lost, I think he just did, now where does the country turn?  I wasn’t planning on voting for him in the first place and of course I am not voting for the other guy, I won’t mention his name here.  I am shocked by the pick of McCain though, granted his pick is pro-life and a parent of 5 but I just don’t see this as a good thing.  So what happens now?  This is definitely a historic race for the presidency, I don’t need to list why, so anyway here is McCain’s pick:


A woman, whose name is Sarah Palin from Alaska.  The only way I would have voted for McCain every would have been if he had choosen Huckabee as his running mate but that has gone down the drain, now who do I vote for?  Off to check out the Constitutional Parties nominees.

My views are not up for discussion – while I am trying not to worry about the outcome because I know God already has it all laid out and knows what He is doing – I know this is just not a good direction for our country.


Homeschool Memoirs: Agendas

Here is the assignment for this week:

This week’s theme is about sharing your 2008-09 homeschool agendas and plans. You’ve been preparing your plans for sometime and you’re ready to go. Or you’re still in the planning-stage and need some inspiration or tips on what to use. Because many use different curriculum and methods there is always something new to be gleaned from other homeschoolers. It’s always fun and interesting to see what other’s are using and the WWWWH as Robin Sampson suggests. So this week I hope you will share what you’re doing this year for your homeschool agenda. Share the different curriculum you’re using. You can also include what age/grade you’re using it for, how long you’ve been using it, and why you like it.

Please share a Bible verse that has encouraged you or inspired you during this planning-process, and how.

We are ending our second week of school, by the time the public schools start here we will have three weeks in!  It’s great to know we are ahead of them, and this will allow us to take breaks as needed for field trips and daddy’s days off.

For Hannah who is 6 1/2 years old we are doing a mixture of 1st and 2nd grade and a very ecclectic curriculum LOL  For our main course of study we are using Five In A Row Volumes 1, 2 and 3 depending on what book we are rowing that week.  I also try to implement the Bible Supplement in there.  Feel free to leave me ideas on how to make sure we cover Bible and God’s Word every day as I have a hard time trying to fit it all in in our day 😦  We are finishing up Saxon Math 1 and then she will move on into Saxon Math 2, she enjoys Saxon and it seems to be sticking in her head.  Phonics is Alphabet Island Level 1B and then going into Level 2A and B, Hannah is reading and we hope to increase on that during the year to where she can begin reading American Girl and those kinds of books on her own.  I want to instill a love of reading in them.  For history and geography (FIAR provides this but I wanted a little more for Hannah) we are using Abeka’s My America My World Grade 1.  Then for science we are using Science in the Creation Week.  Handwriting will improve as we do more writing in her lapbooks and notebooks.

Bethanne will be 4 at the end of September and I am going to see how she is doing maturity wise but I do have Saxon Math K for her and then if she shows interest I may start her on Alphabet Island level 1A in January.  We are just playing it by ear at this point.

Christian is only 2 so nothing planned for him.

I’d like to implement the MOTH schedule for us at least for times that dad isn’t here, so that we can get school and stuff done without feeling like we haven’t done anything all day.  Of course along with the stuff above we go to the children’s science museum, the local art museum, field trips by our homeschool groups, co-op classes, living history days, soccer and basketball teams, ballet classes, communtiy performances,  among all other things that we can do since we are homeschooling 🙂

As for the verse I love Jermiah 29:11 it tells me that no matter how bad things can get in my mind God know His plans and that He doesn’t intend for me to have a bad end come 🙂

God bless.


Friday Five

The Friday Five

How many times a day do you…

  1. Brush your teeth?  two
  2. Shower?  once
  3. Check your E-mail?  many, many, too many times a day
  4. Check LJ?  I have no idea what LJ is
  5. Eat?  3 to 6 times, depending on bloog sugar levels.

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Friday Fill-Ins # 87

Woohoo it’s Friday, and guess what that means?  A three day weekend with my DH 🙂  Join me over at Friday Fill-Ins and celebrate that today is Friday!!!


1. When I’m sick I’m usually down for the count.

2. When I take a walk, I think about how awesome God’s creation is.

3. Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy Stampin UP products.

4. Cotton makes me cool and leather makes me sweaty.

5.  Well since my blog is a family centered, Christ honoring I choose not to put this question on my blog. 

6. My favorite color these days is blue because it’s always been my favorite color.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to getting my daughter’s cleats and shin guards, tomorrow my plans include going to DD’s soccer game and more decluttering and Sunday, I want to go to the Fair at New Boston!

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Booking Through Thursday meme

Here is what is being dicussed for Booking Through Thursday

Quote "If you’re anything like me, one of your favorite reasons to read is for the story. Not for the character development and interaction. Not because of the descriptive, emotive powers of the writer. Not because of deep, literary meaning hidden beneath layers of metaphor. (Even though those are all good things.) No … it’s because you want to know what happens next?

Or, um, is it just me?" End Quote

No it’s not.  I know I am probably echoing the opinion of the others participating in this.  Reading is for the pure pleasure of the story.  I tend to stick to Christian fiction and non-fiction, but there are times that call for another type of secular read.  One is to dicover the riches of classic works with a supberb story line as well as characters, plot twists and whatever else the author can conjure up.  I am a sucker for historical novels (any time frame of history), especially historical novels that are fiction but the history is true.  Then of course my all time favoirte is Gone With the Wind and To Kill a Mockingbird along with Les Miserables and War and Peace!  But there comes a time when a heavy read needs to be accompanied by a lighter fare like Beverly Lewis or Wanda Brunstetter and those I relish for the story as well as plot development and character developement. Eventually I’d like to read Jane Austin more for the historical content, dressing and language of a time gone by.   

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The Friday Five

Another meme for Friday:  The Friday Five


1. What is your favorite song right now? Why?  Amazing Grace, it’s a timeless classic that always tells of how far from grace we have fallen but with Christ we can live.
2. What genre of music makes you the happiest?  Gospel, hyms
3. What would you name your band and what kind of music would you play?  Souled out Sisters, Gospel and hymns
4. What is your favorite lyric of all time? Why?  Again "Amazing Grace how sweet the sound" it tells of how my Christ loved us to save us.
5. What band/artist could you never live without? Why?  I’d have to say MercyMe and Randy Travis their music is inspiring and isn’t some bubble gum Gospel – they seem to believe in what they preach.

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Friday Fill Ins #86

Come on over to Friday Fill-Ins and join in the fun:  (If anyone can tell me how to make the picture link show up in my post I’d appreciate it)

1. Dancing to the WOW Gospel while cleaning house makes me get things done faster.

2. The last time I rode a roller coaster I nearly fainted.

3. When I drive I sing, talk to my children and yell at other drivers.

4. I saw Don standing on the sidewalk gathering the trashcans.

5. Give me my Faith, give me my Lord and Savior, give me my family.

6. Next week I am looking forward to our second week of school.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to getting my daughter’s recorder and mailing swaps, tomorrow my plans include Hannah’s first soccer game and Sunday, I want to go to church!


Booking Through Thursday meme

In my search for meme’s I found this one 🙂  If you are a friend then you know I LOVE books, if I don’t have a book with me, it can mean only one thing, I am sick and you need to get me to a doctor ASAP.  Almost kidding LOL.  So head over to Booking Through Thursday and check out their book meme blog.  What could be better than a blog with a meme for books?  Well except for my friend Amy’s papercrafting meme blog for Sundays!!!

Here is the question:  What is your earliest memory of a library? Who took you? Do you have you any funny/odd memories of the library?

My earliest memory of the library is when I could first sign up for the Summer Reading Program, yep I have been participating in these things for 30 years 🙂  I loved going and sometimes my mom would have to take me twice a week and maybe three times.  I devoured books, granted they were shorter books than I read now but I still couldn’t put them down.  I especially liked the books on American Indians and biographies.  I love the library,some of the librarians could use a dose of friendly, but I could loose myself in the library.  Now my memories include my children and us using the library for our homeschooling, Five In A Row, relaxing and SRP needs.


Homekeeper's Journal Challenge

I am on a Christian, women’s message board dedicated to keeping with the Titus 2 philosophy and with that comes a lot of Godly advice and encouragement so in light of that I am going to try to join in weekly for the homekeepers journal challenge over at The Christian Homekeeper  It starts on the 25th and it sounds like it be a time of fellowship as well as delving into His Word.  Don’t click on the picture above it’s copied and pasted so it won’t take you anywhere 😦

God bless,

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