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This week's to-do list

We are only having a three day school week, the local school’s are only doing a two day week, but since we are already about 6 weeks ahead of them so why not keep that up LOL.  Anyway due to the short week we are going to be able to hopefully get a lot done.

  • school, mainly concetrating on math
  • finish up Pilgrim lapbook
  • finish Kirsten Learns a Lesson lapnote section
  • finish getting hamper empty
  • file away rest of my papers
  • get rid of some miscell. books
  • read Kirsten’s Mystery and another Kirsten’s series book
  • help the children re-clean their room
  • go grocery shopping
  • meet with friend to get swaps
  • meet with another friend to let her borrow stamps/punches
  • get Christmas tree up
  • put Navitiy scenes up
  • clean off bookshelves
  • clean off computer desks
  • clean off kitchen table
  • sweep and vaccum
  • clean bathroom
  • plan menu for Thanksgiving (so far I have turkey, ham,homemade stuffing, sweet potatoe balls, veggie tray, homemade rolls, homemade mashed potatoes, apple butter pumpkin pie and maybe peanut butter fudge, broccoli, corn)  We are having quite a few over so we need enough food.
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Friday Fill-Ins 99

1. The last band I saw live was Jimmy Buffet.
2. What I look forward to most on Thanksgiving is Macy’s Day Parade, turkey and anything pumpkin. (if you don’t celebrate thanksgiving, insert your favorite holiday)
3. My Christmas/holiday shopping is almost done, most are handmade and finish up the children on Dec 5th.
4. Thoughts of making quilted pillows for my oldest and her dolls fill my head.
5. I wish I could wear cape dresses and Kapps.
6. Bagpipes are wonderful and I’d love to learn to play Amazing Grace on them.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to relaxing with my children, tomorrow my plans include Nutcracker practice, grocery shopping and Sunday, I want to go to church and choir practice,, Nutcracker practice, relaxing!

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UHU glue challenges

As if I don’t already have enough going on, but I really like UHU glue so I signed up for the November UHU Glue Challenge and I am going to be designing a card by Mary Anderson using Original UHU Glue Stick:

UHU Glue SticIt will go on purple but dry clear.  I like the glues that go on in color so you can see if you missed a spot that needs to be glued down.  To check out the Original UHU glue stick go here. 

So okay, this is Mary’s   first ever card sketch so I am happy to be in on this to help her out.  Here is what the challenge looks like:

Mary's November sample challenge sketch

Isn’t that neat looking?  I think so and I can only pray that God blesses me in that my card matches up to the other’s in talent 🙂  I will be updating this post so that you will be able to see my finished challenge along with what I thought about the UHU glue stick.  I hope to have it done this weekend while fitting in Nutcracker reheasals.  You can visit Mary’s blog here. 

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Head's UP!!!

I wanted to let my readers know this is my 495th post!!!!  Keep your eyes out in the next few days as I write a review about a Bible that I was given to review and also one to giveaway!!!!  Once I reach my 500th post and get my review written I will post a giveaway and the rules for that giveaway.  So this is just a head’s up 😀

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TEACH magazine Summer Issue

As you can tell from the title of this post I am a little bit late.  If you have seen my other two posts about TEACH magazine then you know how much I like this magazine.  TEACH stands for:

  • To
  • Encourage
  • And
  • Challenge
  • Homemakers

The summer issue’s theme (all issue’s have a theme) was The Art of Homemaking.  Yep, the art of homemaking.  Some would claim that homemaking isn’t an art, but it truly is!  I can attest to this, and it’s an art that I don’t do very well.  I am much better at quitling, scrapbooking, card making, etc than I am at making homemaking an art.  God definitely gives me the drive and desire to have a clean and uncluttered home, but for me to actually do it is a whole other issue.  I know He can give me that help as well.

One thing I really liked about this issue was the fact that Mrs. Lorrie Flem talked about enjoying what we get done.  So often we bask in the what ifs and what didn’t get done instead of focusing on what did get done.  So instead of lamenting on the fact that dishes get done, I will look at the corner I got decluttered and straightened up and realize that it make the living room a little homey.  So I will enjoy what I did get done instead of fretting over what didn’t, unless of course I know that my husband specifically asked for the dishes to be done and I didn’t do them – then that is a case of not being a studious wife. 

The summer issue also had homemade beauty recipes such as Peppermint Polish, Vanilla Coconut Body Butter and Lavendar Lemon Bath Salts.  Made from all natural products instead of chemical laden mixes we often find at stores.  Summer salads, if you purchase a Back Issue, try these out for a hint of summer while in the middle of a long winter.

This issue really made me want to embrace the art of homemaking and also to show to my children, not just my daughters, in the joy of caring for your house and belongings.  At our homeschool co-op stewardship was discussed in the Keepers/Contenders group and it tied in to this as I re-read my summer issue of TEACH Magazine because being a great homemaker also involves a stewardship of our time, belonging, well being as well as our relationships with our children.  I will pray that the Lord helps guide me so that my children see a joyful homemaker not someone brought down by the drudgery of housework.

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Homeschool Library Builder

homeschool books, homeschooling resources, home school library builder

I love inexpensive books!  As do most homeschoolers.  At Homeschool Library Builder you can find a variety of books, in print and out of print or OOP.  The prices are very good and right now they are having their Bin Sale where they have books for $1.00, $2.00, $3.00 and $5.00!!!!!  This bin sale runs through the end of November so hurry!  You may also become a Member which is free, with membership you get the following:

  • Earn HSLB book points.  For each $1.00 you spend in books you get a Book Point.  15 book points gives you $1.00 in your account, good toward a future book purchase. 
  • Participate in the HSLB share the savings program.  It’s simple if you tell your friends about them you can earn extra book points.  Learn More
  • It’s free.

There are many ways to search for what you need:

The customer service is great!  I must admit before I could give the review about HSLB I wanted to actually use it.  The hardest part was which book to buy, since I only had money to purchase one.  I choose The Secret Garden, which we will be doing a unit study on in the next year.  After buying the book, one of the owners contacted me to check to make sure it would be okay if they sent out on the following Monday instead of right after I ordered it.  I felt that was great, I knew what was going on as my order went through and was happy to know that they asked instead of just assuming it could wait.  This is good for those who would need the book immediately and could know wether or not the book would be there in time. 

The website is easy to manuever and find what you are looking for.  I suggest you go over and check it out as it is worth it and if you don’t find what you want or need give it a few days and check back as they always get more arrivals in.  This company is owned and operated by two homeschool families, so they know what it is like to need something for your school and they do their best to make sure you recieve it. 




Friday Fill-Ins #98

Late again LOL.  To participate go over to:  Friday Fill-Ins

1. Please feel free to clean my bathroom.
2. When I have a clean head of hair on my child (thank you Amy) I can’t help sniffing it occasionally.
3. My favorite thing to cook is homemade pizza crust and all and homemade bread.
4. My children is something I can’t get enough of.
5. That’s the thing I love most about Friday.
6. My family (not my DH or DC) always makes me think to myself, what the heck?
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to relaxing, tomorrow my plans include 4 1/2 hours of Nutcracker rehearsal, working on Christmas projects and hopefully doing some Christmas shopping for the children and Sunday, I want to go to church, 1 1/2 hours of Nutcracker rehearsal and take clothes to Once Upon a Child!


Obama babies anyone?

Well apparently those of us who would like to become pregnant or have become pregnant since November 4th 2008 are having Obama Babies.  The Urban Dictionary has already coined this phrase, which means that some are expecting a rise in birth rates (not a bad thing overall) during Obama’s Presidency.  Ironic considering he is pro-abortion, pro-murder of innocent infants, but nothing wrong in his Presidency spuring a population boom.  I LOVE babies and want many more of my own and I am sure my readers know my views regarding letting God control fertility, but to link a President who supports a culture of death to such a wonderful event is outrageous!  I know that I will not be happy should someone assume that I am having an Obama baby, when and if God decides to bless my womb again.  There is no taking into account those of us who have babies who in no way shape or form do not support Obama.  Maybe I am reading to much into the article, but I really get heated when someone deems that just because of a date of concievement that a person is having an Obama baby.  Obama Babies article




UHU All Purpose Twist and Glue

I am so behind on my review for this product, I sinecerly apologize.  Life has been so busy here, with dr appts, specialist appts., other family things it’s just been busy!  Here it is though 🙂 finally.  I was given the UHU All Purpose Twist and Glue to try out and review, here are some things about the Twist and Glue:

UHU Twist & Glue

  • Dries strong and clear
  • Multiple angled tip for precise gluing
  • Ideal for paper, cardboard, wood, felt, fabrics and corks.
  • Can be used to glue these materials to metals, ceramics, glass, polystyrene, foam and many plastics.
  • Washable with soap and water
  • Acid free formula is solvent free and non toxic. 
  • Not damaged by freezing.
  • Certified safe

I really liked the concept of having a wide gluing base or having a precise tip for finer applications like the corners of paper.  It was hard to control the flow of glue though so it took some getting used to but once I got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing.  When I am making my cards, scrapbook pages or lapbooks I prefer that my paper not be lumpy or bending and I found that to be a problem with the Twist and Glue.  The pages and cards would be fine if left to dry between books but if not they tended to curl up.  I think this is because it’s a liquid glue instead of a solid adhesive like a tape roller.  Overall though the glue worked very well and did dry fast.  It does work well on all the above materials and is also very easy to clean up, which is nice when you have children who want to test it out as well.  If I had to buy it, I would, as it does have a strong hold and dries fast – which is a need when you are doing swaps at the last minute.

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Media Angels

I had the pleasure of reviewing the website and a book from Media Angels and if you know me then I will read whatever I can get my hands on, within reason of course.  You’re not going to find me reading Stephen King anytime soon.  Anyway I had the pleasure of reading a book written by a homeschool student and her mother, Christine and Felice Gerwitz.  I had to admit, what 12 year old (when she wrote the book) homeschool student could actually write a book?  Yes, yes, we are homeschoolers but I still doubt my daugher’s and i ability to write a book, let alone a series.  Yes, The Missing Link is a series!  I was so happy to see that it was a quick read but it was also well written.  Normally it wasn’t something I would read being it’s a young adult/child book but since my oldest wasn’t interested in it (until I told her it was REALLY good) I read it and am glad I did.  This book really showed how a child like faith can expand and reach others in the world, although not all the ‘bad’ guys realize they have done wrong some do and it’s so nice to see that some do realize they need Christ in their life.  I will warn there is some violence although a lot less than you would see in a normal TV newscast or even in a movie.  Overall the book was a good read and was Christ centered, the family in the book was always concerned about how something would look like to Christ wether it was their attitude or the discovery of the Missing Link


The other nice thing about Media Angels is their website.  When you enter the homepage of the site, it is a peaceful entering with a sky like background – to me, a blue sky is so peaceful.  There isn’t a lot of clutter making it hard to manuever and find your way around.  You can access and sign up for their Online Classes.  You can find more out about the Bumper Sticker for God Contest in which they are trying to have children help in refuting the claim by some that there is no God.  You can also access their store where you can The Missing Link book and more including curriculum for your homeschool.

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