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UHU All Purpose Twist and Glue

on November 13, 2008

I am so behind on my review for this product, I sinecerly apologize.  Life has been so busy here, with dr appts, specialist appts., other family things it’s just been busy!  Here it is though 🙂 finally.  I was given the UHU All Purpose Twist and Glue to try out and review, here are some things about the Twist and Glue:

UHU Twist & Glue

  • Dries strong and clear
  • Multiple angled tip for precise gluing
  • Ideal for paper, cardboard, wood, felt, fabrics and corks.
  • Can be used to glue these materials to metals, ceramics, glass, polystyrene, foam and many plastics.
  • Washable with soap and water
  • Acid free formula is solvent free and non toxic. 
  • Not damaged by freezing.
  • Certified safe

I really liked the concept of having a wide gluing base or having a precise tip for finer applications like the corners of paper.  It was hard to control the flow of glue though so it took some getting used to but once I got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing.  When I am making my cards, scrapbook pages or lapbooks I prefer that my paper not be lumpy or bending and I found that to be a problem with the Twist and Glue.  The pages and cards would be fine if left to dry between books but if not they tended to curl up.  I think this is because it’s a liquid glue instead of a solid adhesive like a tape roller.  Overall though the glue worked very well and did dry fast.  It does work well on all the above materials and is also very easy to clean up, which is nice when you have children who want to test it out as well.  If I had to buy it, I would, as it does have a strong hold and dries fast – which is a need when you are doing swaps at the last minute.


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