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CT scan results

I recieved the call from our local and may I say great Children’s Hospital.  Hannah had her CT scan done on Monday (fast considering her appt was just last Thursday) so I was glad to also get the results in fast.  While I already knew the liklihood of a tumor causing the migraines was slim to nill, since she passed the neruological exam and given the fact that myself, my mom, my brother, my SIL, my grandma all get migraines it was likely only genetics.  So it was.  The scan results detected nothing abnormal.  We go back  in February to see if the neuro will put her on meds.  I don’t want her on any profilatics (AKA anti-depressants, anti-seizure/convulsants, etc) on a regular basis.  To mood altering not to mention the side effects on her other organs.  We are trying to only give her pain medication like Motrin when the pain is severe enough for her not to function, we are trying to stave off any rebound migraines, which in some cases can be worse than the actual migraine.  Bethanne is complaining of headaches as well but I will give it time before we know if it’s sympathy or truly headaches.  I wouldn’t be surprised though because out of my two brothers from my mom and dad, two of us out of the three recieved the genetic gene for migraines.  There are much worse things to have though so I am thankful that if all I have to do is suffer a migraine a few times a month at least I know I will recover and live to see my children and husband the next day.  Don’t ask me about in the middle of the attack as I won’t sound as sure on being thankful, I am just saying I know there are some people out there with incurable diseases who won’t see their children grow so if all I have to deal with or my children have to deal with is the occassional migraine then Praise the Lord!

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Time 4 Learning-1st Entry

We recieved the wonderful opputurnity to review Time 4 Learning through being part of the TOS review Crew.  This has been a very exciting week for us as Hannah and Bethanne began using it last week and continue to use it.  I cannot say enough about how easy it was to get through the registration and also how simple it is for the children to log into their own accounts, saves mom time 🙂  Time 4 Learning walks you step by step through the sign up process which helps if you are unsure as to how to go about signing up and getting started.  The sign up process also asks you some simple questions regarding the children you want to ‘enroll’ in the online ‘classes’ so that placement can be made in the correct grade.  If by some chance the placement that is choosen is too high or to low for your child Time 4 Learning will work with you to better place them where they should be.  I liked the fact that I could increase or decrease the amount of time my children did the studies or are allowed on the Playground.  Please keep a look out for another entry in the next week or so about how my children are continuing to use the Time 4 Learning for some of our lessons.  I have to make sure that my children don’t become to reliant in their computer usage so as to not make them want to their other work, nothing against Time 4 Learning, I am just saying who would choose boring worksheets over doing a fun computer, learning event?

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Roll over, play dead – good dog

Okay, I know I said no more political postings but I have to get this off my self before I go crazy.  I have voiced the same opinion to my husband and he agrees with me.  Okay Obama is now the President elect, great for him, bad for Christians, homeschoolers, pro-lifers, traditional marriage, etc.  My annoyance is that everyone who was against him during the election campaign is now rolling over and playing dead.  Saying things like we need to support him, we need to respect him, come on!!!!  Support him????  Why????  How can you be against him but the minute he wins roll over and act like everything he stands for is okay even if it goes against what you believe?  People that I had respected are saying these things.  Yes, he will be President, do I have to respect him?  Only as God would have us do, not because I agree with him or his family or his ideas (supporting US subsidies for those who help facilitate forced abortions in China?) .  Do I support him?  NO!!!!  I don’t support him because doing so would be rolling over just so I can get a pat on the head and told "good girl".  Nope, not going to do it!  I am an outspoken person and even God tells us to call evil, evil.  Sugar coating it doesn’t make it any less evil or accepted in God’s eyes.  All of his ideas, socialized medicine, ‘spreading the wealth’ etc goes against everything I stand for!   Will I pray for him, sure.  I will pray that the Lord opens his eyes and allows him to see the Truth and become a Believer.  I know, I have already been told I can’t question his Christian status because that is between him and God, but why can’t I question his sincerity?  God gaves us Biblical mandates to not allow a person in church who will disrupt the family of God, we should not allow a church member to remain a member who keeps acting in blatant sin.  I doubt him being Christian (sure he may be baptized in one of the most liberal churches in America, but baptism does not make a Christian) because he believes in the very thing that God told us about.  Murder, racism, etc, isn’t thou shall not murder one of the 10 Commandments?  Yep, pretty sure it is, at least in my Bible.  His support of abortion and letting infants born alive to die is being an accomplice to the murder of innocent life.  I shudder at the thought if he thinks supporting forced abortions in China, does he think this is a good thing?  Will he eventually think it ‘s a great thing for America to do?  So yes, I am calling sin, sin.  For those who will come here and say well your a sinner and look at your own plank.  Don’t.  Stop.  I know I am a sinner, even though I have accepted Christ’s gift and am a Christian, I am still a sinner and will never be perfect on earth.  I know there are churches who profess that once you accept Christ you can never ever sin again and are pefect, that isn’t true.  I know when I sin and I seek forgiveness and repentance when my soul has been convicted on it.  I seek forgiveness from my children when I loose my patience, I seek forgiveness from my husband when I am not as submissive as I can be.  I am not perfect and I know no one is, including Obama – but to profess Christianity and then go on delving and supporting in sin for all to see is not a life for a Christian to live.  So yes, pray for Obama to change and come to see the Light of the Son who came to this world to save us all, but support him, no, we as Christians cannot support him.  We are called to obey our leaders only until they ask or tell us to sin against our God and then we are told to not follow them.  What will you do when Obama’s law tells us we can no longer homeschool?  What happens if he institutes forced abortions in the US?  What do we do when a child is left to die?  What do we do when socialized medicine is enacted and elderly and children who are deemed ‘not normal’ start disappearing?  What will we as Christians and as God’s Church do?  Fall to our knees and cry out to our Lord to come soon and repent so we can live with Him in our Heavenly mansion! 

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I have music

I did it, I added a playlist to my blog, so turn on your speakers and get ready to enjoy a little Christmas.  If you don’t want the music on, feel free to stop it by scrolling down and finding the play on the right and clicking on the button to stop, you have to rollover to see the controls.

Notice my turkey???

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Can math be fun?

E-Book: Amusing Mathematics Module - November 2008 Issue

I didn’t use to think so but after getting the chance to review the November module for the Old Schoolhouse Planner. Go to TOS November Module  to view the module it is $7.95 for a ebook download, and I must say it is worth it.

Some of the great things about this ebook module:

  • Fantastic number tricks sure to surprise everyone you try them on, your very own set of printable tangram puzzle pieces, printable pattern blocks and so much more! Our “hands-on” approach gives you more than just facts to make your kids memorize; we provide you with tools to help them demonstrate their proficiency at math.
  • Great math jokes and riddles that are sure to amuse everyone.
  • Activity pages (with answers) to take the knowledge one step further. Try our “math minute” pages, make a clock, work a word search and more! Coloring pages made just for this module!
  • Copywork pages covering time, money, calendars and numbers created by Virginia Donahue from Proverbs 22:6 Academy.
  • Along with some great sounding, recipes.  I LOVE new recipes.

There seems to be something for every age including coloring pages for those children who aren’t really old enough for school, this way they can feel part of things while coloring and taking a part in something most children enjoy. I was amazed at the neat activities and such that utilize math, if math had been presented this way in my public school education I probably wouldn’t have been told "you can’t go to college, you can’t do math" by a high school teacher! For me, math needs to be fun and have a distinct why or a way to use it relative to the day’s world and this really seems to make the math relative to schooling and the world around us. Just in case for some reason you aren’t satisfied, but I don’t see a reason why you wouldn’t be, The Old Schoolhouse gives every ebook a money back guarantee. So I would say to go over take a look and see what this module is all about.

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Homeschool Memoirs #12: Let's Play a Game

I will admit I don’t really have a lot of educational games and so we don’t do a lot of games for school, although that will be changing since I found the site dedicated to file folder games.  File folder games are awesome, they are transportable and easy to bring along for a car ride.  If you get really fancy you could even make them magnetic, but a plastic locking baggie will work for us.  My children do like to play games though, duck duck goose, chutes and ladders, candy land, elephun, lucky ducks and such although we don’t play near enough of those either but we are trying to change that.  Some of my best childhood memories are those of my family playing a board game with T.V. off and just being a family.

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Friday Fill-In #97

1. My blueprint for success includes my faith and prayer.
2. Hershey Kisses was the last candy I ate.
3. The best facial moisturizer I’ve ever used is nothing, I have tried several but never liked any and now I just don’t use any.
4. Reading and cuddling with your child can be good therapy.
5. I’d like to tell you about how much trouble we will be in come 1-20-09.
6. Being outspoken is my strongest characteristic.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to having the children’s picture taken, tomorrow my plans include Nutcracker rehearsal from 1-5 and Sunday, I want to go to church and back for more Nutcracker rehearsal!

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I am in mourning for our country, The United States of America.  Obama seems to have effectively won the election and while I know it is all in God’s hands, one cannot help but worry about what will  happen with him in office.  I cannot support him or his beliefs in anyway but I will pray that he seeks the One, True God and chooses to follow Him.


Scrappin Sunday #51

Well it’s been awhile since I have participated because I have been busy hosting swaps. Here are two swaps I just got done and Hannah helped me. The one with Cinnamon-Raisin Oatmeal is for a vegetarian swap I am doing/hosting on SCS and the Gravy and Biscuits is for a recipe swap I am doing/hosting on T2CHK board. Yes, the layout is the same just different recipes on different color cardstock. I had to make 8 for each, that includes the extras I made for the girls’ and a couple other Christmas’ presents 🙂 so a total of 16.   This fun meme can be found at my friend, Amy’s blog


I do have two more to show you but right now I need to start school so after that I will scan, upload and add them here 🙂


Skin MD Naturals

I had the chance to recieve some samples from Skin MD Natural.  I like lotions that don’t have a lot of chemicals or fragrances.  With my history of migraines a lot of fragrance can trigger a migraine so I have to play it be ear on what fragrances I wear and at what time.  Fortunately after reading a friend’s blog I found Skin MD Natural to give it a try.

Here is what the website says regarding their product:

  • No animal products or testing
  • Dermatology tested
  • Fragrance and colorant free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Paraben free
  • Non-comedogenic

I like knowing that I using something that won’t cause cancer down the road and also won’t give me an immediate migraine upon using it.  I must say it works great!  I used it mainly on my hands because as a mom, my hands are constantly being washed.  I also used it sometimes on my legs, especially after shaving, and it also helped with any dryness associated with shaving and the drying chemicals in the shaving cream.  This is a quality product and I would recommend it.  There was no greasy residue either and it didn’t ruin my wedding band when I would rub it in with the ring on.  I like not having a greasy ‘glove’ on after applying lotion.  I want something that is natural, light, and fixes and repairs dry skin and Skin MD Natural fits those qualities.

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