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Here are some pictures of Hannah during basketball.  I really need some culottes for her 🙂

Can you tell I have a new camera?  this one works much better and although it was only $60.00 at Wal-Mart and a generic brand it works fantastic!!!!  Thanks to my husband for letting me purchase it.  It also takes movies w/o sound but that is okay, you don’t really need sound to video tape bball or ballet LOL.  We bought it before the van broke down, but that is another praise story that I will share in another post.

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Another video

I found this on a blog of a fellow Crew member at Wisdom Begun. I have often wondered why I haven’t been pregnant since having my son in July of 2006 and I know God has knowledge that I don’t and He knows the reason and I have worked hard in resting in that, some days it is harder than others but I know He has a plan for us. So when I think of women going into abortion clinics and those precious babes making an early entrance into Heaven my heart aches, literally aches! How I would welcome these precious ones into my arms!!!! I wanted to share this video I found at Wisdom Begun that had me crying:




A special offer from TEACH magazine

If you are a reader you know how much I enjoy getting my issues of TEACH magazine, well they have a great special going on right now.  TEACH magazine is on sale for a limited time for only $20.09 per year!  This is a great savings!  When checking out please put my name in the Notes section (Sarah Bailey) so that they know you heard about it here. 

So hurry on over, this is a limited time offer, so hurry 🙂

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UHU December Sample

UHU-Perfect for Holiday Cards

As you can tell I am late on getting this review up.  I enjoy Glue With UHU monthly samples and challenges and December’s was no different!  My husband detests licking and sealing envelopes so he was happy that he had his own stick of envelope sealer to use. 

I on the other hand don’t mind sealing envelopes although I do wonder sometimes who licks on the other end when I recieve things.  For my glue stick of envelope sealer I used it to let my oldest daughter Hannah glue her mini books into her lapbook.  WOW!!!  The stick factor is great.  We didn’t have the problems of getting to much on or too little, just the right amount and it stuck and stayed in place.  There is nothing better than not having to keep re-sticking things into lapbooks. 

So wether you don’t like to lick envelopes, like my husband or are just looking for a non-messy way to glue in school work, then the UHU envelope sealer is for you!

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All About Spelling

Do you remember being taught about homophones is school?  Not me!  LOL!  I mean I do remember that there are words that sound alike but are not spelling alike such as bear and bare.  Guess what this a homophone!  Go figure.

I was given the digital version of All About Homophones by All About Spelling to review and I was impressed.  This is geared for grades 1st through 8th and is filled with activities and teacher helps and explanations.

In the 240 pages, don’t worry you don’t really need to print out every page, another plus in my book, you can find:  graphic organizers, record sheets, card games, homophone worksheets, crossword puzzles and much more. 

I cannot say what a great supplement this would be to use in your homeschool.  You could re-use this year after year and your child would never know with all the activities to use and learn from in this. 

All About Spelling has reduced the price of the e-book version to: $27.95 and you can purchase a printed version for $29.95 and right now AAS has given a special offer for my readers who would like to purchase this.  You can get $10.00 off ANY order at AAS not just the homophones book ($17.95 for the e-book and $19.95 for a real book).  When you check out enter code FUN in the customer code box during checkout.  This offer is only good for my readers through February 2, 2009.

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Molly's Money Saving Digest

E-Book: Molly’s Money-Saving Digest—January 2009

I don’t know about you but for us saving money is a must.  It’s not just about saving money, it’s looking for a creative way to use what we have and make it stretch and then when that use is done, think creatively for another use.  The days we are facing today makes me long for my Great-Grandma to still be here on earth (although I know she would disagree since she was and died a Christian, she is in the best place she could be) so that I could glean her knowledge of how to be able to live on less while having a larger family.  I will just have to settle for an e-book entitled Molly’s Money Saving Digest  (retails for $4.95), which gives pracitcal and useful information about how to save money and make do.

She tells what you can find on sale this month.  One of the things that she mentions is winter clothing and winter apparel.  When you have several children a good deal is always a good thing especially if you can make it last two, three or four children.  One hint I like to share is when we buy winter coats we buy them a size or two bigger – this way they last a couple years and by rolling up the sleeves the coat fits.

Another thing that makes me excited is the coupon organizing hints she gives.  I know I need to make more use out of the coupons my mom gives us.  She gives hints for:

  • coupon file box
  • coupon envelopes
  • coupon notebook/3 ring binder
  • coupon accordion folder

Other items of interest discussed is:

  • decorating frugally
  • special dates for January, February and March
  • gardening tips
  • recipes (ingredients are things you most likely have on hand, can find cheaply at a store or grow in your own garden)
  • a pot rack made from…….you’ll have to read the book if you want to know 🙂
  • how to make seed starting cups
  • cleaners and sprays

I really recommend that you buy this e-book.  For me it has some great ideas that I think I will be putting to work – if I already haven’t – with a house falling down around you (maybe not literally but is sure seems like it), no oven (we are making due with a crock pot, stove top and bread maker), among other things, saving money and cutting back is what it’s all about in this new economic age.  We can truly glean information from our Great-Grandparents and Grandparents as well as this e-book from Molly.  Also the link I provided above is for the January issue which also has some great info.  I am reviewing the February issue.

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Sad news

Our country will now have even more blood on it’s hands!  The new President has quietly signed into effect a law reversing President Bush’s ban on tax payer supported places that perform, counsel or promote as a way of family planning, abortion.  That means every tax payer, wether pro-life, Christian, etc will be paying for women to have an abortion or recieve counseling for.  This is an abomination unto our Lord!!!!  Also soon to be signed is a bill lifting bans on using embryonic stem cells for research.  Which means now we will have to be even more careful as to what medicines and treatments we are given for the liklihood they could have been made or tested on killed babies (once the stem cells are removed from an embryo, which is a baby, the baby then dies).  Also expected soon is funding being given to  U.N.F.P.A. don’t know what that is, neither did I until I found their website.  It sounds good from the begining, make sure all men, women and children can live a life of health and equal oppurtunity.  Then one keeps reading!  Safe motherhood – great.  Free from HIV or AIDS – great.  Family planning – not great.  Apparently but not using a ‘family planning’ method a mother’s health is at risk.  Hhhmmm…call me odd but the risk of death, blood clots, murdering a baby, depression, cancer seems worse a risk than having children.  All these are risks associated with any form of chemical contreciptive.  Of course most dr’s won’t tell a woman that because most of their funding comes from the birth control makers and insurance companies that want their customers to buy birth control.  Apparently as well when parents (no where does the site say mom or dad or husband and wife) can choose the timing, spacing and number they can then be better parents and ensure more resources.  Yes, we need more teens with cell phones and designer clothes (insert sarcasim). 

I am saddened that our country doesn’t respect life, either the elderly nor the tiniest human being from conception.  The ones that need our protection don’t have it and I am scared for the future of my country.  I am scared for the future my children will have, will it come to a mandate like China?  I am scared.  We need to be on our knees and praying for our country and her leaders that the atrocitries will not continue.





I truly enjoy musicals, I know that they are an acquired  taste for some but they are so much fun to watch and memorize the music.  My favorites are Oliver!, Fiddler on the Roof, My Fair Lady, Sound of Music and there are more – musicals have a way of transporting you in a way movies that are made today don’t.  The old musicals and movies (like Gone with the Wind, To Kill a Mockingbird) have a way of transporting you to that time.  Besides the music and story line there are oftentimes fantastic costumes! 

My mom entered a drawing and won 4 tickets to see a production of Oliver! near us and she gave me two tickets!!!!  My husband is not one to watch musicals and Hannah wasn’t interested so Bethanne said she would go with me.  It is next Sunday and I am looking forward to this time with my daughter.

Here are a couple of my favorite scenes, although I enjoy the whole movie.  I can’t wait to see what it will be like live!

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Felting Wool

Okay, as if I needed yet another craft to take up more time LOL  I already have a sampler I have been working slowly on for about 2 years (this is between doing bday and Christmas presents for others), Christian’s quilt is still a WIP among the other quilt tops I have that were given to me by my MIL from my DH’s Great (Great?) Grandma.  So yep I needed something else.  Oh, yeah and invites to make for Hannah’s birthday next month.  WOW.  So I found this neat sounding book at a local library:

Felted Wool Fashions: Making New Styles from Old Knits

You can find it Amazon here:  Felted Wool Fashions  It is so easy!  You find a 100% dry clean only wool sweater (I found mine at Good will) and you wash it on hot and then dry it in the dryer.  Then it’s just some simple cutting.  I am going to attempt to make a very pretty purse for Hannah’s birthday.  So that is what I am going to be doing while preparing dinner is washing my sweater and getting it ready to be a purse 🙂  The neat thing is the leftovers, like the sleeves you can save to make flowers and other small embellishments for other things you may want to make.


TEACH magazine: Winter

I had the pleasure of recieving and reading the Winter edition of TEACH magazine.  This season’s theme is The High Calling of Motherhood.  Each season, the magazine is printed 4 times a year, a one year subscription is $25.97 and a two year is $43.97 with a limited time offer of $200 in free gifts.  The price may seem steep at first but the magazine is totally worth it. 

This month’s theme is great because all moms sometimes need the assurance that we are doing the right thing for our families, ourselves and most importantly our Lord.  I know that there are times that I am questioned on being ‘just a mom’, not by myself, but by others sometimes it isn’t spoken but other times it is very vocal.  There are times when I can’t believe there are those out there who question my profession, when I don’t question their’s, but since I am homemaker aparently it is up for discussion even if it shouldn’t be.  When I opened this season’s TEACH magazine I felt a sense of belonging, a comfort, a sigh of release. 

While all the articles ‘speak’ to me in some way, two of them jumped out at me Lady in Waiting and the Greatest Ministry of All.  I want to bring my daughter’s up to be great wives worthy of their husband’s love and respect and eventually to be praised in the gates and blessed by their children.  There is so much pull even at the tender age of almost 7 and 4 to be questioned about what they want to be when they grow up and usually the answer mom or wife isn’t accepted but doctor, nurse or someother outside the home job or career is.  Don’t get me wrong I have no problem with a woman working, but when she is given a spouse by God her main focus should be on her husband, house and if God gives them, children. 

The other was seeing the ministry in being a wife, mom and homemaker.  My heart longs to do foreign and domestic mission work but right now I know that God’s calling for me is to be here.  I am happy here.  I truly love being a mom, somedays are rough and I do loose my patience but I love where I am.  Seeing my place right now as a mission helps to set my vision where it needs to be.

TEACH magazine again has done a wonderful job, from the articles, recipes and numerous reviews for mothering and homeschooling books.  So please don’t miss out on another great issue, go over and check it out for yourself.

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