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Sad news

on January 23, 2009

Our country will now have even more blood on it’s hands!  The new President has quietly signed into effect a law reversing President Bush’s ban on tax payer supported places that perform, counsel or promote as a way of family planning, abortion.  That means every tax payer, wether pro-life, Christian, etc will be paying for women to have an abortion or recieve counseling for.  This is an abomination unto our Lord!!!!  Also soon to be signed is a bill lifting bans on using embryonic stem cells for research.  Which means now we will have to be even more careful as to what medicines and treatments we are given for the liklihood they could have been made or tested on killed babies (once the stem cells are removed from an embryo, which is a baby, the baby then dies).  Also expected soon is funding being given to  U.N.F.P.A. don’t know what that is, neither did I until I found their website.  It sounds good from the begining, make sure all men, women and children can live a life of health and equal oppurtunity.  Then one keeps reading!  Safe motherhood – great.  Free from HIV or AIDS – great.  Family planning – not great.  Apparently but not using a ‘family planning’ method a mother’s health is at risk.  Hhhmmm…call me odd but the risk of death, blood clots, murdering a baby, depression, cancer seems worse a risk than having children.  All these are risks associated with any form of chemical contreciptive.  Of course most dr’s won’t tell a woman that because most of their funding comes from the birth control makers and insurance companies that want their customers to buy birth control.  Apparently as well when parents (no where does the site say mom or dad or husband and wife) can choose the timing, spacing and number they can then be better parents and ensure more resources.  Yes, we need more teens with cell phones and designer clothes (insert sarcasim). 

I am saddened that our country doesn’t respect life, either the elderly nor the tiniest human being from conception.  The ones that need our protection don’t have it and I am scared for the future of my country.  I am scared for the future my children will have, will it come to a mandate like China?  I am scared.  We need to be on our knees and praying for our country and her leaders that the atrocitries will not continue.




3 responses to “Sad news

  1. Mariella1214 says:

    That is true, we should all be praying, and with great faith, our prayers will be answered.

    That said, will you join me in prayer for the first 100 days of Obama's presidency? I know this is kind of late, but it's never too late to pray. šŸ™‚ The details are here:

    The prayer will work together if we're all doing it as a family.
    Thanks. šŸ™‚

  2. momofsix says:

    So sad. I can't stand hearing people say that he is "Christian". If he can so easily murder then is is not a Christian. There will be many who say Lord, Lord and do not enter the kingdom of heaven. The Lord turns to them and says get away from me you doers of evil. I find that scripture of interest when I am so saddened by this awful legislation.

  3. Anonymous says:

    hate to add more bad news but he's also planning to legalize assisted suicide. it's on the agenda. God have mercy on us all.


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