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A great sale at Hands of a Child

If you love lapbooking or haven’t done one, then I have an offer for you!  Hands of a Child is having a sale on all their project pack kits.  I urge you to go to take a look and see if there is anything you can use in your homeschooling to compliment unit studies or just for fun or whatever!!

Here is what was sent to me by Hands of a Child:  (sorry, the formatting is working well, but you get the details)

Dear Valued Customers,

Due to the new CPSIA law In the Hands of a Child, for the time being, is discounting our Kit Pack inventory in order to lessen our possible loss in the event that an exemption is not granted.
While we are still praying for this situation to work out for all small businesses we feel that it is in our best interest to lessen our possible loss.  And what better way than to pass the savings on to you, our wonderful customers, who are praying with us through this difficult situation!!
Please help us clear our shelves and enjoy a 35% savings on all Kit Packs!!  Savings will be automatic!  Spread the word and help us empty the shelves!!
This sale will continue until our Kit Pack inventory has been exhausted, so purchases will be on a first-come-first-served basis.
Once they are gone, they are gone! 
In the event the law is modified, In the Hands of a Child reserves the right to bring back Kit Packs in the future at full price without any discount, implied or expressed, during this sale. 
Cannot be combined with any other offer, special, discount, coupon or sale.
Super Member discount DOES NOT apply to this sale.
Tax and Shipping not included in calculating discount price. 
Not valid toward prior purchases. 
No rainchecks.
Help us spread the word by posting the above notice on your blog.  Then place an order for at least 1 Kit Pack, email us the link to your blog where the notice is posted along with your order number and your choice of Kit Pack and we’ll add it to your order.            How easy is that?*

*Please note customer is responsible for shipping costs for free Kit Pack, shipping will be combined with original order if email is received same day as order is placed notifying us of blog posting.



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No oven, no problem!

Okay so last week our oven went out.  Kind of dissapointing if you want a Papa Murphy’s pizza LOL or have a casserole planned.  So what did I do with the chicken I had thawed out for our casserole before it went bad?  I improvised.  I had everything I needed for the casserole which was:

frozen broccoli florets

stuffing mix

cream of chicken soup

chicken breast/tenders



So you are supposed to combine all these things and bake, well that isn’t an option without an oven so……

I sprayed my skillet  with some cooking spray (just enough to brown the chicken and not have it stick)  placed the chicken in it  then sprinkled Mrs. Dash Italian seasoning on it.  Cook it through.  I steamed the broccoli in a saucepan with a little bit of butter and in another saucepan cooked up the stuffing.  After the chicken was al done I placed it back in the pan added the cream of chicken soup and added some milk and stirred it and heated it through.  Voila, dinner is served.  It was very good even if it wasn’t a casserole LOL


Homeschool Memoirs: Happy New Year

This homeschool memoir assignment was to write about what we did for New Year’s and our traditions.  We stay in.  If the children manage to stay awake until midnight they can go out and bang pans on the front porch.  We watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve.  We snack off and on.  We don’t watch a lof the Times Square stuff because it is inappropriate and has really gone downhill since I was a child.  New Year’s Day is our anniversary so we usually go out with our children and a nice linner (lunch and dinner together).  This year it’s to a great restaurant we like that has great Greek food and pastry shop called Tickets.  This is much the same way we did things when I was a child as well 🙂

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Another upcoming review


Just a head’s up and in addition to my other post here.  I will be reviewing Head’s Up Now 


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Do you want your child to learn basic music information?  I did.  I was able to try out Kinderbach or rather Hannah and Bethanne were able to try it out.  Hannah was quoted as saying "I liked it!"  I couldn’t get her to elaborate.  LOL.  Anyway Kinderbach is a great way to teach the basics of music in a fun way.  The creators use worksheets that can be printed off and colored in, games, songs as well as stuff that makes them get up and move!  The basic instrument you will need is a pot, pan or bowl and a spoon from your kitchen to a keyboard.  (We purchased our keyboard at a dollar store for around $10.00)   Everything is very colorful and lively, which only adds to the fun of learning.  I liked watching the videos as well.

There is the online Kinderbach Learning Center, which means all is done online via the internet you can be billed $14.95 a month or save 50% by paying a one time annual fee of  $85.95 which comes to just $7.16 a month.  There is the option to get a week free of the online option as well so you can try before you buy.  There is also a 30 day money back guarantee for all of Kinderbach’s products.  So you can try before you buy as well as a no risk buying option!  Not many businesses offer that.  There is also the Kinderbach At Home, which the site says is great for slower connections and your children view a DVD at home, there are several packages to choose from for this option.  There is also a Kinderbach for the traditional classroom. 

This was a great product and my children as well as I enjoyed it, so please go on over and check it out for yourself.

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Back to the Grindstone

Well tomorrow begins school again.  Wow!  It seems that time off for my husband and me went very fast this year.  We celebrated Christmas, saw in another New Year (with Hannah banging pans on the front porch), and celebrated another anniversary!!!  We are now looking forward to the rest of our school year, we do go year round for the basics like math and Hannah turning 7 next month.

As for what we have planned for the first week back to school:

  • Continuing on with Saxon Math 2
  • A unit/lapbook study on Kit’s Surprise; A Christmas Story (we couldn’t fit it in before Christmas)
  • Grammar work
  • try to delve back into Alphabet Island Level 2A
  • I think we will begin learning states and where they are located.

I want to take it slow and easy this week as we delve back into school and not burn oursevles out at the begining of the new year.  I’d also like to fit in a trip to the nearby Children’s Science Museum and the local art museum.

This week also sees us returning to AWANA’s.  Hannah begins ballet classes on Wednesday and Basketball on Saturday.  Co-op also starts up again with the following classes:  Elementary Art, Elementary Music/Recorder, Elementary Drama, Sewing (they are making a tote bag out of quilted place mats), and Keepers at Home group.  I will be arranging a time for Hannah to begin harp lessons, probably in February.  She also wants to rejoin the city rec for their soccer as well for the spring.  So it’s back to life as usual but I am doing what the Lord wants and enjoying it!!!!!  Being a mom can be tiring but it’s so much fun and seeing them grow in wisdom and in the Lord is great.!!!

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Upcoming Reviews

I have some great reviews that are coming up and after trying unsuccesfully to add them to my sidebar I am putting them in a post along with their links 🙂


Artistic Pursuits

Math Tutor DVD provides math help on DVD to students taking courses in Basic Math, all levels of Algebra, Trig, Calculus, Probability, and Physics.

Math Tutor DVD


Knowledge Quest Homeschooling ABCs


All About Spelling Homophones ebook

 World of People StoryBuilders (e-book)        World of Animals StoryBuilders (e-book)

Write Shop StoryBuilders


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Chronological Study Bible

I am just full of reviews tonight.  In fact I am behind in my reviews, with us going through strep, the Nutcracker, finishing up school before break, preparing for Christmas, then the new year and our anniversary things were busy without adding in the rest of stuff that comes with being a wife and mom.  So I am getting caught up and my next review is for the Chronological Study Bible published by Thomas Nelson.

Wow!!!  I have to admit I was not expecting what this Bible entailed!  In fact I barely touched the iceberg in relation to what is in this Bible but I have also wanted a chronological Bible and what better way than to review it?  I am very blessed to have had this opportunity.  This Bible is a hardcover with dust jacket and retails for around $44.00, a great value for this type of Bible. This Bible is a New King James Version. 

I love my KJV and how it has all the books laid out in easy to memorize version but I have wondered which books come with which books in the time they were written.  Like what books were going on simultaneously.  This is great.  Let me list some of the things that are included inside this great study Bible.  This list is taken from inside of the flap of the dust jacket:

  • Full color illustrations of places, artifacts, and cultural phenomena that give you a vivid experience of life in the Bible
  • Daily Life Notes that tell how people lived in Bible times
  • Time Panels and Charts that show you the flow of Bible history
  • Epoch Introductions and Historical Overviews that describe the chronological context
  • In-text and full-page color maps of the world of the Bible
  • and much, more more (my side note)

You may be wondering what an Epoch is?  An Epoch is a period of time that is characterized by peculiar features or events.  What this means is you won’t find all the books in their regular order like, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Romans and so on.  What you will find is Psalm 51:1 alongside 2 Samuel 12:17 as something in these books happened together or had similarities.  I hope that makes sense.  So if you flip to the New Testament you will find Matthew 14:1 beside Mark 6:24.  Genesis is all together and Exodous comes after since they happened at different times but you will find them in Epoch 1.  There are a total of 9 Epochs.  The Epochs are seperated into by times so you have Before the Patriarchs and Creation all the way through to Epoch 9 which consists of the Church Age, Gospel to the Jews, Gospel to the Christians up to the Apocalyptic Writings and the End Times. 

I enjoy history and learning more about Biblical history and the history of our Faith in Christ is so fascinating especially when accompanied by maps, facts about their lives in Biblical times like the food they ate and other lifestyle facts of living back then.

There is a website if you’d like to look at some sample maps, illustrations, time charts and panels, articles, daily life notes and a list of those who contributed to the Bible.  There is also a video and a reading plan.  If you are interested you can visit Chronological Study Bible website.

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Handwriting – Peterson Directed Handwriting

I was given the chance to review the 1st grade writing kit from Peterson Directed Handwriting and I must say I wasn’t impressed.  Don’t get me wrong this is a great curriculum, if you begin with it.  I had Hannah try it and she fought me on it and after a week of fighting, I admit I gave up.  The teacher’s manual was easy to understand and the lessons simple to prepare for so it wasn’t that it was hard or took a lot of time to prepare, it’s just that she already learned how to write and while her handwriting is legible it’s not pretty so I was hoping to improve on it.  I guess it will come with time at this point.  I do think I will order the Kindergarten level for Bethanne next year though with the thought that if we start with it then it will work.

The 1st grade kit came with the Teacher Handbook, Pupil workbook, Try-Rex pencils and position guide.  I also recieved the animated letter cards CD-Rom and handwriting songs audio CD with my kit.  For the homeschool version like the one I recieved the cost is $38.55.  It is worth it, like I said if you begin with it.  The animated letters cards and songs were fun and neat to watch and listen to while providing educational material.

Rand Nelson, whose company this is, does a great job in making sure the kit you recieve for your child is unique to him or her – not a standardized curriculum.  He makes time to talk with you one on one by email, chat room or phone to help you with any questions or even to give you techniques to help teach the handwriting curriculum.  He is a man who wants his curriculum to succeed as well as see your child succeed in their handwriting endeavors. 

I tried to follow some of the rules and found it hard myself to follow, but then again I have been writing for way longer than Hannah and old, old habits are hard to break.  Overall I felt this program is great and for all that is included, a very good price as well.  I will definitely be trying it later for my other children.  So please take a look on your own and even talk with Mr. Nelson to get a feel for the program.

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As I was typing up a review this evening Christian had laid down on our living room chair and got caught by a nail and cut his knee.  I thought it might need stitches but our ped office was closed and our co-pay for the E.R. is $100 so the next closest thing is to call my mom who is in the last stages of completing her Advanced Nurse Practitioner or PA (can’t remember which, sorry Mom) who came over to take a look.  She said it wasn’t deep enough to go through the turmoil of having put on a board for stitches so off we went to Walgreens.  We bought butterfly bandages, gauze pads and a self adhesive bandage wrap.  The hard part is keeping it dry and on the next 4 to 5 days.  Please pray that it heals fast and well and that he leaves it alone long enough to let it heal.


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