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Hannah's skirt

Okay I got Hannah’s skirt finished.  This only took about 1/2 hour.  It has ballerina flannel fabric.  She would like a friend of mine to do some painting on it with a ballerina motif 🙂




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Remember those cute capri’s?  Well since we don’t actually wear capri’s or pants I finally got around to making them in skirts (well I got one finished)  Thanks to my friend Jamie helping me in cutting them – I worry a lot about making a mistake.  Which is why it took me 1 hour to make this one skirt – it also didn’t help that I sewed the um…..private part area back together LOL so I had to rip that out and re-sew.  I think it turned out okay though.  I was going to add some eyelet trim along the book but Bethanne said absolutely not.  So here it is……

I plan on making Hannah’s today, between school and yet another dr appt, she has a khaki colored capri which she has me adding a ballerina print flannel fabric.  I will post pictures as I get them done.  There will be pictures of them in them tomorrow at interest group.


Heads Up!

Do you have a struggling learning?  A child with sensory issues?  Autistic?  Then I may have just the right company for you, with products for children who have sensory issues/fidgeting, speech issues, autism and other special needs.  Heads Up motto is "Helping All Kinds of Special Kids". 

I was fortunate to recieve the following from Heads Up! to review as part of the TOS Crew:

  • Large Heads Up! Frames in six colors
  • Small Heads Up! Frames in six colors
  • Heads Up! Readers in six colors and a clear Reader
  • Heads Up! Double-Time in two colors
  • Heads Up! Top of the Line in two colors

What do they do?  It is a great concept which allows children who may have trouble focusing on what to read or a certain math problem, to focus.  They come in colors so that if your child is able to learn better from one color than another, it allows you to customize which colors you need. 

 As you can see the blocks allow you to focus on a certain area of a page while blocking out other areas.  The bigger the sized square the more your child can view.  While the Readers with a line of gray on the top and bottom allow one single line to be viewed and also allowing for neat underlining or highlighting.

My oldest Hannah, who is an avid reader and isn’t special needs didn’t see a need for them.  My middle daughter though will definitely benefit from them in the near future as she is one who seems to be easily distracted and fidgets a lot.  I think if I had had these when I was learning math – things would have gone much more smoothly – focusing on each problem at a time rather than the whole entire page of problems.  I will also be trying them out at night, I haven’t had a chance yet, when I read in bed.  I tend to drift off and lose my place so I will see if these will help with that.

This product was well made and can be a big help to those with children with special needs, or maybe not with special needs – maybe they just have a hard time focusing on school work with other siblings around.  At a price of just $1.00 from Heads Up! it is definitely worth an investment.

Also another nice thing about Heads Up! is there other line of products from math and phonics, timers, therapy balls and weighted animals to their speech therapy and books for parents, everything is well put together. 

UPDATE:  as I was writing my review, my daughter Hannah started going through them again and decided she does like them now.  She said she is excited to use them this time around.  I guess she just needed to warm up to the idea.

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Pro-life doesn't equal Christian

Did I get your attention?  I have been doing some thinking, especially after talking with my Sister-in-Law the other day.  She and some friends were asked to leave the Right to Life March in Washington because they weren’t Christian.  Being pro-life doesn’t equal Christian, being a Christian doesn’t automatically make one pro-life. 

My SIL is pagan (Wiccan), and while we don’t agree on matters of faith, we do agree that life is precious and must be protected.  She and I have sat together doing the RTL booth at the county fair – what an odd pair we must make.  She has always been staunchly pro-life, I didn’t become pro-life until after my husband and I lost our first baby in 2001.  Yes, I used to be pro-choice, I also used to be a feminist – please don’t hold that against me – we all make mistakes. 

Why do I feel the need to write this?  I feel like regardless of one’s faith, we are united in a cause to save innocent lives – and protect the women who seek abortions as well.  Do we care only if you are the right religion before we can say you are truly pro-life?  No.  There are Christians who are pro-choice (pro-aborton).  For example, Episcopal Church (USA), Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Presbyterian Church (USA) and the United Church of Christ are either very much in favor of a woman’s ‘right’ to choose or are eerily silent on the matter.  This is coming from the National level of the ruling/governing body of said church and may not hold true for the local bodies but keeping in mind that even the local bodies will at some time have to answer to the higher ups.  Shocking?  Yes!  Churches okaying murder of innocents?  We have to examine the local church to make sure they are in accordance with Biblical commands and specifically the one that says "thou shall not murder" comes strongly into play here.

We are striving for the same goal, to end an American atrocity.  We need to come together and fight for the same cause.  Being pro-life isn’t about being a Christian, it is about ending murder on the very least of these.  This is why those who are in the pro-choice movement can use the argument that pro-lifers are religious fanatics and such, it’s because they see Christians on this side and all others on the other side.  If we want to be taken seriously then we all need to band together for the same cause.  I am not saying we have to agree with a person’s belief system, but we do need to realize that a bigger impact will be made once others realize being pro-life is not just a Christian idea – it is for all of us, Christian, Wicca, Hindu, anyone of any faith or lack thereof – to come together and end murder. 

Jesus ate with prostitutes, tax collectors, the least of them and He dined with them, talked with them and LOVED them.  Would He turn away from standing beside others of different beliefs simply because they didn’t follow Him?  I would have doubt, He would show them love and in effect by showing them love turn their hearts toward Him.  I don’t want you to think I presume to know what our Lord thinks, far be it, I fall short of His grace everyday.  From reading His story though I can see how He loved without conditions and loved genuinely.

So if you are ever at my local county fair and you see a dresses-only long haired woman with a dark, short haired-goth chic make sure to say hi!

God bless.


UHU January Sample

Well this is going to be my first official review on this blog! I was given a free UHU Stic, which is glue for crafters or whoever else needs glue, in stick form. I love glue and use it a lot. With three children, homeschooling, crafting, etc there is a need for glue in my home, so getting a free glue stick is great.

I didn’t use my glue though on a card or scrapbook page, I used it on another review I am preparing for, it’s a lapbook that my daughter will begin this week on the New Testament. I used it to attach the cover scroll to the front of the lapbook. Usually we have trouble getting the cover images to stick and stay. Some of our images on her lapbooks curl up and begin to peel off. With the UHU stick I didn’t get that. Once I applied it and stuck the cover pieces to the folder it was on and it stayed. I don’t see these curling up before I get a chance to laminate it which is great because if you know lapbooks, they get A LOT of use!

So my overall approval rating of the UHU stic is excellent! It was easy to use and you can see where you apply it because it goes on purple. No worries, it dries clear. The only drawback is there is only one size for the applicator so you have to accomodate for narrow or small areas to be glued. I did this by simply rolling the glue on by turning the stick on it’s side. Worked great and no issues on getting the glue in other areas besides where I need it!

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a reviewer for UHU products hop on over to: and check out the blog and other projects that some others have done with their UHU glues. This is not the only glue by UHU, there are several others and they are just as good. You can find my other UHU glue reviews by going to and checking out my links on the right side bar.

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This week

This is going to be an odd week for our school, Hannah will be going with Don and his parents while his dad undergoes hip replacement and then on Friday we have our homeschool interest group meeting.  This week also has a lot of reviews I need to start preparing to get up and posted so I will also be working on those as well, so I have opted for a somewhat laid back approach to this week.  I will be sending along school work for Hannah to do while she is at the hospital.

So it will look something like this:

 Okay, here is what things look like after I write them down on paper:

Monday: Saxon Math 2 Lesson 36; Math Mammoth money worksheets (review)

                History: discuss Moses, mummies (lapbook minit book), Vocabulary (lapbook minit book)

                Spelling:  go over spelling bee words

                 work on Amelia and New Testament lapbooks

Tuesday:  Saxon Math 2 Lesson 37; Math Mammoth review money worksheets

                   Art:  making a mosaic

                   History: Moses, Pyramids (lapbook minit book), Vocabulary (minit book;if not finished Monday)

                   Spelling: go over spelling bee words

                   work on Amelia and New Testament lapbooks

Wednesday:  Going to hospital with dad.

                   Math Mammoth worksheets on clocks

                   Science:  Read pages 1-4 in Apologia stopping at Latin.  Fill in minit books for lapbook

                   Spelling:  go over spelling bee words

                    work on Amelia and New Testament lapbooks

Thursday:  Saxon Math 2 Lesson 38; Math Mammoth review money worksheets

                    Art: making cloth art using fabric and oil pastels.

                    History:  Moses, Pharoahs (lapbook), Vocabulary (if not finished from Monday or Tuesday)

                    Spelling:  go over spelling bee words

                    work on Amelia and New Testament lapbooks.

Friday:  interest group:  elementary art, elementary drama, elementary music (recorder), lunch, character builders/community helpers, sewing.

As you may have noticed we do not do every subject every day.  It is too hard, I’ve tried it and it gets us all frustrated and I am not a school teacher.  I don’t run our homeschool like a public or private school.  We focus on what needs focusing on for each day.  We do math and grammar everday though.  The reason why grammar is not listed above is because the website I use for that is down right now 😦 praying it comes back up soon.  Hannah LOVES art so I don’t mind to much letting her do two days a week of that, but I have tried doing that every day as well and it just doesn’t happen.  You may also notice LOTS of lapbooking going on.  Currently we have 4 lapbooks going!  We love lapbooking and it is a great way to document what we do over the year!   So this is what our week looks like.  As for Wednesday she can get done what she can, but I won’t let her go bored besides she has good incentive – I told her I’d put a movie on my MP3 player and when she gets done she can watch it!

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New blog

I just wanted to say that my new blog, An Ohio Reviewing Mom , is up and running.  This new blog is going to be used for my reviews, so I don’t overtake my homeschooling blog with more and more reviews.  I will be linking to my new reviews on the right side bar, you can view the new reviews simply by clicking on the links.  So far the only review up is for my January sample of UHU glue.  I will still be posting my reviews for the TOS Crew at this location but all other reviews will be posted at, An Ohio Reviewing Mom.  Please feel free to stop by and leave a comment.  I hope to have giveaways as I recieve items and the finances to do so.  If you can think of a catchier title for the blog, please let me know LOL

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Pro-lifer's UNITE

I just saw this at Bethany’s Happy to be called "Mommy" blog and she saw it at Char’s Home(school) Where We Belong blog 

There is a call to mail red evelopes to the President, here is the info: 

Hi, I was wanting to email you, but I didnt know how, so I thought I’d
leave you a message on your blog. and if your interested in participating you
could put it on the main page so others can see it and participate. I plan to
put it on my blog as well, but its a new blog I just started a week or two ago,
and have very few people who see it, so I would like to get this out to friends
who have blogs that are viewed more who might pass it along.I am involved in a
campaign that I was wondering if you would like to participate in. As many as we
can involve, we are sending empty red envelopes to President Barack Obama–you
can buy them at Kinkos or party supply stores. On the front, address it to:
President Barack Obama The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, D.C.
On the back write: "This envelope represents one child who died in abortion. It
is empty because that life was unable to offer anything to the world.
Responsibility begins with conception." We are mailing them the weekend of
February 28th. We are hoping for 50 million red envelopes, one for every child
who died before having a chance to live. Cathi Smith Salt Lake Christian Center

If you are pro-life please participate.  It seems like a good thing to get the word to the President that we aren’t going to take the disrespect for ALL human life laying down.  Plus it’s a peaceful way to show our pro-life stance.


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Homeschool Memoirs #22: ABC's Describing Me

Don’t forget to scroll down for my new posts from this evening 🙂  I’ve been a busy little blogger tonight.



















Social Work


Unit studies






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Homeschool Memoirs #19: Making a List

Okay so I am way behind on my homeschool memoirs and want to try to play catch up and so here is my making a list for 2009:

My list of goals for 2009 look something like this:

  • declutter my craft supplies, books, unessentials, etc
  • work on my patience level
  • make skirts for my daughters out of pants
  • learn to actually sew from a pattern
  • get on some of kind of schedule for school
  • finish WIP’s
  • actually finish a Bible study (The Excellent Wife)
  • Nothing to much more or I won’t do them 🙂
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