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Looking Toward Next Year.

Wow!  Is it possible another school year has almost come to an end?  We do math and grammer/phonics/reading year round but other than that we put aside other school work and enjoy ourselves.  I am begining to line up what we will be doing for the 2009-2010 school year.  I have recieved the letter from our school board notifying me of submitting my paperwork (which isn’t really due until the day before school actually starts) and I have my assessor lined up and just have to make the appointment.  So here is what I am leaning towards for this year:

Math: (Hannah) finishing up whatever Saxon Math 2 that doesn’t get finished between now and ‘school’ starting   and then continuin on with Saxon Math 3 (Bethanne) begin working on Saxon Math K (Christian) working on some basic counting and number recognition

Science: (Hannah and Bethanne) continue reading through Apologia Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day and do lapbooking, Hannah only, to go along with it.  (All) general science with exploring nature and all of God’s creation.

Phonics/Grammar: (Hannah) complete Alphabet Island Level 2A and 2B and do Simply Grammar by Karen Andreola (Bethanne) she has said she wants to start reading so she will begin Alphabet Island Level 1

Literature: (mainly Hannah) We will be using unit studies for a lot of our other subjects like history, geography, reading, etc using unit studies like HSS (homeschool share), Portraits of American Girlhood, and Five in a Row (Bethanne and Christian) I would like to do some general work with them using Before Five in a Row.

Classical Studies:  I’d also like to implement classical studies (not to many) but something like continuing with Latin.

Of course, there will be our usual stockpile of lapbooks, interest co-op groups, ballet, soccer, bball and field trips.  I think we will slow down some next  year with trying to do two children at once but I am thinking of signing up to teach a class or two (I’d love to do Keepers At Home for our co-op) for our homeschool co-op.  Most of the activities we do are family centered so we already spend a lot of time together but I definitely want to make sure nothing comes between family time.  We may be continuing on with AWANA as well.



Christianity in Crisis: 21st Century by Hank Hanegraaff

All I can say is Wow! I choose Christianity in Crisis: 21st Century by Hank Hanegraaff because I wanted to see what he had to say about the sad state of our churches in America today. I am so saddened over the infighting amongst those who proclaim to be Christians and even sadder for those who are misled because of unBiblical teachings from those who claim to be men of God, women of God or even go so far as calling themselves Prophets!

With sound Scriptural back up, Hank Hanegraaff tells the readers why Faith teachers that are VERY well known are wolves in sheeps clothing. He also explains why the Christian can’t sit back and just let them continue on in their anti-God rhetoric – because we are called by God to let the Truth be known! The writing was very well researched with documented quotes but Faith teachers claiming God is a failure or even that we are little gods.

I have been waiting for someone else to see the error with these teachers. I am so glad that Mr. Hanegraaff has re-written this book for the 21st century so that hopefully those who blindly follow such ‘teachers’ can be awakened with the Holy Spirit and learn what they really teach. This book was an excellent read and I would recommend it to those who enjoy, buy or watch any of these Faith teachers items. Even if you know these people are teaching false doctrine this book will help you minister to those who may have been hurt by the Word of Faith movement.

You can find more about this book here:

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Schleich S

I had a great time getting to review some Schleich-S  figures, well my children probably had more fun – it’s a toss up.  We recieved five animal figures, the lion, horse, monkey, rabbit and pig.  We also have a cat figure that we bought when we were in Amish country and they have had that for several years.

The animals were well packaged and came with a wonderful catalog so we could see what other ones are offered.  There is an amazing selection, cowboys, American Indians, prairie people, wild life, elves, knights (you can even get a castle), dragons and dinosaurs are just some of the amazing, high quality figures that are offered.  

I must say I was suprised by the price listed though as the quality of these toys are amazing and the prices were cheap.  I think it said the horse was $3.25!  If you could see the horse in person you would see what I mean, the horse is heavy and made well for lots of play.  These toys are also handpainted so that they can even more represent the world around us.  I just cannot say enough about the quality of these toys!  You can go to the Schleich website to find a retailer near you as well.  There is also a playground on the site so that you can learn more about the worlds they have been created.  You may also order online if there are no stores near you.

Settler, mother


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Memoria Press

Memoria Press

Soon I expect to have a big package from  Memoria Press through the TOS Crew reviewer program, which scares me but also is very exciting!  If you read my blog you know that I am not a Classical educator, I tend to use unit studies and supplement our math as well as other subjects with lapbooks.  I am willing to try it and so is my oldest.  We will be giving Latin a chance along with their Christian Studies I and Famous Men of Rome books.  I think this will be a great chance and I will get to see if Latin is for us. 

So far, though, the customer service has been GREAT!  They have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we get what we need for our children and if something isn’t a good fit or is still in the re-writing phase I was told that up front.  I am so excited to get a chance to review this for my readers and fellow homeschoolers.


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A new Church experience

For those who know me I am interested in the the Anabaptist Faith and have stayed with a New Order Amish family as well as attending their church service.  In one of our homeschool groups we have several Old German Baptist families and I was recently invited to go to their church.  I was finally able to make it today.

It was a wonderfully peaceful experience.  The church is an older white building and has out houses for the facilities.  Women still sit on one side and men on the other, although I was told that if it’s a new family visiting, newlyweds or those young people who are dating they will sit together.  We started out by singing a hymn – they have hymnals but there are no musical instruments and one of the Bishops lead the singing.  It sounds wonderful – but then again I like a capella music.  Another Bishop then read read from Isaiah 40, another hymn, some more Scripture reading, another hymn and then we kneeled at the pews for prayer.  I was unprepared for this part LOL.  Then came the regular sermon which was a wonderful lesson on training your children but still treasuring them as Jesus does.  There was then another hymn, another Scripture reading and then another kneeling prayer.

Everyone was very welcoming.  If you are a member you do recieve the Holy Kiss – this can be odd to witness if you have never seen it before.  The pews do not have soft coverings so it did become uncomfortable a little ways in but it wasn’t unbearable.  I wasn’t singeled out for wearing a covering, which was nice.  Hannah did very well and she wants to go back, which I think we will.  Next time I’d like to take Bethanne but will make sure to sit on the aisle as I know we will make frequent trips outside LOL. 

I was very blessed by the sermon today and look forward to visiting again.


Spring Reading Thing 2009

Well I signed up for the winter reading challenge and well that fell by the wayside so here it is spring and I am almost done with my reviewing for the TOS crew and we are looking toward finishing up full-time school for the year so I can do more reading!  Hop on over to Callapidder Days Spring Reading Thing 2009 to get all the details!  For now, here is my list of books I’d like to read from now until June 20th.

Spring Reading Thing 2009

Reading List:

1.  Christianity in Crisis 21st Century by Hank Hanegraaff

2.  Shadows of Lancaster County by Mindy Starns Clark

3.  The Amish Cook at Home by Lovina Eicher

4.  Miserly Moms (4th edition) by Jonni McCoy (review book for Bethany House)

5.  Love is a Verb by Gary Chapman (review book for Bethany House)

6.  How Sweet It Is by Alice J. Wisler (review book for Bethany House)

7.  A Time to Live by Jerry S. Eicher

8.  A Cousin’s Promise by Wanda E. Brunstetter

9.  A Vote of Confidence by Robin Lee Hatcher (review book for Zondervan)

10.  This Side of Heaven by Karen Kingsbury

11.   The Secret by Beverly Lewis (#30 on library wait list)

12.  A Love to Last Forever Book 2 by Tracie Peterson (review book)

13.  A Promise to Believe In Book 1 by Tracie Peterson (review book)

14.  Beyond the Moment #2 by Tamera Alexander (review book)

15.  Book #1 in the series above by Tamera Alexander (review book)

16.  A Claim of Her Own by Stephanie Grace Whitson (review book)

17.  Uncompromised Faith by S. Michael Craven (review book)

18. Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver 

19. The Noticer by Andy Andrews (review book for Thomas Nelson)

20.  What Does the Bible Say About That? by Carolyn Larson (review book for Crossway)

21.   Higher Hope by Robert Whitlow (review book for Thomas Nelson)

22.   Sublime Stitching : hundreds of hip embroidery patterns and how-to

23.  Sew Easy Homestyle by Tone Finnager

24.  Sewing Basics by Wendy Gardiner

25.  Easy Home Organizer by Vicki Payne

 26.  Veiled Freedom by J.M. Windle (review book)

27.  When Love Blooms by Robin Lee Hatcher (review book for Zondervan)

28.  Exposure by Brandilyn Collins (review book for Zondervan)



Contest WINNER!!

I am an hour early but I only had two entrants into my Head’s Up! reading frames contest, and they are both my friends and Sisters in Christ so……after polling my children they choose commentor #1 (without knowing who commented for which number. 

Pam is the Winner!

and since I still have a couple extra frames, I will give 2 to



I will get these both to you as soon as I can.  I pray that these will be a help to you in your homeschooling!

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Giveaway – ENDED

Did you see my post below, regarding the company Heads Up!?  If not please scroll down and read my review. 

I would like to give another family a chance to use these.  I am going to give away 4 of the frames/readers.  These four have not been used and still have their protective covering on them – you can choose to peel off or leave it on.

You will get:

  • One Heads Up! Double Time in yellow
  • One Heads Up! Reader in yello
  • One Large Heads Up! Frame in orange
  • One Small Heads Up! Frame in orange

To enter:

  1. Read my review below (I am trusting you)
  2. Visit Heads Up! and look around.
  3. Leave a comment on THIS post (not the review post, it won’t count)  telling me what one product you would most like to have from Heads Up!
  4. If you blog about this on your blog come back and tell me in a seperate comment for an extra chance to win.
  5. Open to U.S. residents only – sorry, the cost to ship overseas is too much. 

REMEMBER!!!!  To leave contact info, either a blog that I can contact you through, and email address, something – if I can’t contact you then you can’t win.

Contest ends:  March 20th at 12 noon EST.


Update on Illness

Our appointment with the ENT went well.  Hannah is scheduled for her tonsilectomy and adnoidectomy April 16th so she has to remain strep free for 14 days prior.  We will be watching how much interaction we have with others, including no Easter visiting with our families as there are too many little cousins who are in the public schools and are more prone to picking up illnesses and spreading them.  We haven’t decided if this means she needs to stay out of interest group meetings or not but her ped. said it should be fine for her to continue ballet as long as there is no physical contact.

I did take her into the ped. again today given the ENT didn’t have the ability at his satellite office to run a mono test.  Her belly continues to hurt along with her throat and back.  The ped finally agreed to do a mono test and the rapid one came back negative.  Her strep test also came back negative, so those are both being sent to the lab for the regular testing to ensure the correct results.  This leaves at a loss for the reason why she continues to be in pain.  They did run another test for CMV (cyto meglio virus – I am more than likely spelling it wrong but I am too tired to look it up) we should know by Tuesday what the results are for that. 

I have her scheduled to see my dr, who is a family dr, the first week of April.  I will have her do her surgical physical and we will continue to make the adjustment to a new dr for all three of the little ones.  I am a little scared at this prospect, as we have been going to the same ped for over 7 years now but we feel this change is long overdue.  I don’t feel like my or my husband’s opinion is respected and that we aren’t taken seriously and are open to constant scrunity based on our beliefs – which is apparent when they use scare tactics regarding selectively vaccinating or questioning how things need to be done.  My dr is a fellow Christian, very nice and a mother herself so I pray this is a sound move in switching our children’s dr.s.




"How Can a Good God Let Bad Things Happen?"

I had the chance to read and review a book written by Mark Tabb titled How Can a Good God Let Bad Things Happen? I thought this book was fitting for this time in my life and was glad that I requested this book from NavPress.

Mr. Tabb uses the book of Job to help the reader understand that bad things, terrible circumstances in our lives aren’t from God and we need to continue to praise Him even if we think we will never get through it. Through Mark Tabb’s book I saw that what I see as trials in my life aren’t as bad as they could be. I still have a house, two vehicles, a husband, my three children are alive and healthy, even if our house isn’t big enough, our van is constantly breaking down, our house needs a lot of repairs – our circumstances could be much, much worse.

Reading this book helped me understand God a little more. The evil in the world is the result of the first sin, and Satan is alive and well in this world. While I never doubt and I do my best to never blame God for the bad things in my life – I am not sure how I would react if my children were to die, we were to lose our house, etc. Could I continue giving God praise? I would like to think so. Would I want to hear empty words from friends and family? Definitely not. I heard the empty platitudes when we lost our first baby, “oh it’s God’s way of taking care of it now” and so on. This isn’t what grieving and hurting people need to hear. Mark Tabb does a great job of getting this point across without belittling anyone or hurting anyone’s feelings. He does it with grace and maturity and in the end, his book is well written and gives sound Scriptural basis for his findings.

The only thing I could find wrong in the book, and it could just be personal preference, is that when Mr. Tabb refered to God or Christ as “him” it was a lower case ‘h’. I was always told that it’s a sign of respect to use a capital ‘H’ when refering to the Lord. Like I said it could just be a personal preference, but even with that pet peeve of mine the book was very enjoyable.

Please visit NavPress to see their other books and even place an order.

God bless

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